Sheila McCarthy

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Date of Birth
1. January 1956, Capricorn, 64 years
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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A Bill of Divorcement 2000
A Child Shall Lead Them 1998
A Fall from Grace 1999
A Fighting Man 2014
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mercy 2008
A Good Life 1989
A Hard Day's Fight 2008
A Holiday Story 2010
A Lease Too Far 2010
A Man May Work from Sun to Sun But Woman's Work Is Never Done 1999
A Private Matter 1992
A Rash of Rashes 2001
A Seller of Dreams 2000
A Shadow in His Dream 1998
A Time to Heal 1998
A Tough Test/The First Pyramid/The Big Date
A Trip Back in Time/Home Sweet Home/P.S. Pig's Special Friend 1996
A Weaver of Dreams 1999
A Winter's Tale 1998
Algonquin 2013
Amaar at the Bat 2008
Amaar's Well That Ends Well 2011
An Arranged Marriage 2011
Analysis 2005
And So Shall They Reap 1998
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series 2000
Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies 1999
Away 2000
Baber Is from Mars, Vegans Are from Vegus 2009
Baber Makes an Entrance 2009
Back to the Beanstalk 1990
Bad Dog 1998
Bad Dogs and Englishmen 1999
Bad Night at the Opera 1998
Bailey's Billion$ 2005
Ban the Burka 2007
Bananas the Magician/The First Horseless Carriage/Princess Hilda 1996
Beautiful Dreamers 1990
Beethoven Lives Upstairs 1992
Being Julia / Csodálatos Júlia 2004
Best Intentions 2007
Big Boys Don't Cry 2009
Billy Dog Gets Glasses/Cordelia's Debut/Lowly Joins the Circus
Bookaboo 2009
Break and Enter 2009
Breakfast with Scot 2007
Breathless 2014
Bred in the Bone 1999
Bridge of Dreams: Part 2 1999
Bright Angel 1991
Bromancing the Imam 2011
Brother from the Same Mother 2015
Brother, Can You Spare a Mosque? 2011
Brotherly Love 2012
Busytown Regatta/Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian/Busytown Soap Box Derby 1994
By the Rivers of Babylon 1998
Bye Bye Yasir 2010
Can I Get a Witness? 2009
Cardinal 2017
Colour Me Excited 2009
Command Performance
Command Performance 1999
Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 2015
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2004
Considering Love and Other Magic 2016
Conviction 2016
Count on Us!/The First Easter Egg Ever/Be My Valentine 1997
Cow Belles / Dairy Girls 2006
Crown of Thorns 1998
Crush 2008
Cuddles the Artist 2005
Custody of the Heart 2000
Dad's Neat Job/The Discovery of America/Mr Gronkle's Friends
Damon and Pythias 1999
Dan Redican Comedy Hour 1994
Daylight Savings Time/The Pickle Car Wash
Dead Husbands / Last Man on the List 1998
Death by Chocolate 2009
Denys at Camp/Peasant Pig's Gifts/Little Fixit
Destination Chicken 2012
Die Hard 2 / Die Hard 2: Die Harder 1990
Ding Dong, Bad Dog Calling 1998
Disobedience School: Part 1/Disobedience School: Part 2 1998
Doggy Detective 1998
Double Troubles 2009
Duct Tape Forever 2002
Ear for Trouble 2008
Earth Dog 1998
Eddy's Job/Elephants Almost Never Forget 2000
Eid 2007
Eid's a Wonderful Life 2007
Emily of New Moon 1998
Episode #1.14
Episode #1.15
Episode #1.5 2009
Episode #2.11 2005
Episode #3.10 2011
Episode #9.2 2001
Every Thorne Has Its Rose 2011
Eye of Heaven 1998
Falling Angels 1998
Farewell to Amaars 2010
Finders Weepers 2012
Five Year Plan 2007
For Art's Sake 1989
Free Willy 1994
Friends, Lovers, & Lunatics 1989
Full-Court Miracle 2003
Fun-Time Riddle Race/The First Balloon/Billy Dog's Space Rock
George's Island 1989
Geraldine's Fortune 2004
Gloves Will Keep Us Together 2009
Grave Concern 2007
Had a Wife and Couldn't Keep Her 1999
Handle with Care 2009
Has Anyone Seen My Book?/PJ Pig's Brave Day/Vanderbuilt's New Shoes
Haunted Mosque on the Prairie 2012
Haven 2001
Heart of Saturday Night 1995
Holly Go Quickly 2010
Home Again 2012
House Arrest 1996
Huckle's Feathery Friends/The First Valentine Ever/The Sleepover 1997
I Was a Rat / Un Bon petit rat 2001
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing 1987
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing 2006
Ice Girls 2016
If You Leave Me Now 2011
In the Valley of the Shadow of Death 1999
Inventor of the Year/Macaroni Polo
Islam on Tap 2008
Jihad on Ice 2008
Keeping the Faith 2010
Kept Imam 2011
King and Queen for a Day/The Piggy Express/Practice Makes Perfect 1997
King of the Great White Way 1996
Lathe of Heaven 2002
Let Prairie Dogs Lie 2008
Little Mosque 2007
Little Mosque on the Prairie 2007
Loose Lips 2011
Lord of the Ring 2008
Love at First Fight 2011
Love Knots 1999
Love Thy Neighbour 2009
Lovers in a Murderous Time 2013
Lucky Day 2007
Marriage Minded 2008
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse 2000
Meet J.J. 2008
Meet the Jaffers 2009
Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills 1994
Mercy Beet 2007
Mercy Dot Com 2008
Montréal vu par... / Montreal Sextet / Six variations sur un thème 1991
Mosque of Dreams 2012
Mother's Little Burden 2016
Mother-in-Law 2007
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr Gronkle Won't Mind
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr. Gronkle Won't Mind 1996
Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine/Cahuchu's Magic Tree/Mr Bean's Restaurant
Mr. Frumble's Brother/Viking Pigs/The Perfect Wedding
Mr. Gronkle Moves Away/Counting Chickens/The Spelling Bee 1997
Mr. Raccoon's Different Day/Mario, the Venetian Gondolier/The Best Babysitter Ever 1994
My Romance 1996
My Shariah 2009
No Fly List 2007
Pacific Heights 1990
Pants on Fire 2010
Paradise 1991
Paradise Lost 1998
Parenthood 2013
Peter's Visit/The First Skis Ever/Stage Fright
Picket Fences 1992
Pins and Needles, Needles and Pins, When a Man Gets Married, His Trouble Begins 1998
Playing with Fire 2007
Public Access 2007
Radio Silence 2010
Raised Expectations 2009
Rare Birds 2001
Really Weird Tales 1987
Reap the Whirlwind 1995
Recipe for Disaster 2009
Resonance 1998
Rites of Passage 2000
Rival Imam 2007
Rogue in the Bathroom 1991
Roomies 2011
Roxana 2006
Royal Canadian Air Farce 1993
Rules R Rules 2008
Safari Dog 2000
Saving Sarah Hamoudi 2009
Security Alert 2008
Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework 1997
Sheila McCarthy 2012
Short Fuse 2012
Smiles 1983
Smooth Hate Criminal 2011
Spy Something or Get Out 2007
Star Trek: Discovery 2017
Steel Magnolias 1990
Stepping Out 1991
Storms of the Heart 1998
Stung 2011
Summer of Sorrows 1998
Super Rupert 2001
Superstitious Bananas/Pépé le Gangstaire/Drive-Through Movie 1997
Sweet Sixteen 2008
Swimming Up Stream 2007
The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon 1994
The Archdeacon Cometh 2007
The Awakening 1993
The Bachelor Party 2011
The Barrier 2007
The Bequest 1999
The Best Amusement Park Ever/The First Bridge/Say Cheese Please! 1996
The Best Birthday Party Ever/Martha's First Book/Locked Out
The Best Birthday Present Ever/Patrick Pig Learns to Talk/Grouchy Mr. Gronkle 1994
The Best Car Trip Ever/Earnest's Dish You Can Eat/Cousin Ross 1996
The Best Mistake Ever/Sneef, the Best Detective in Europe/Camping Out 1994
The Best of Times 2012
The Bid 2009
The Big Dare/Oliver's Sandwich/Pig Will Won't
The Book of Hours 1999
The Book of Yesterday 1998
The Busiest Firefighters Ever/Manuel of Mexico/The Biggest Catch Ever 1994
The Busy World of Richard Scarry 1993
The Care and Handling of Roses 1996
The Casting Room 2011
The Convert 2007
The Curse of the Poppett 1998
The Dating Game 2012
The Day After Tomorrow 2004
The Devil's Punchbowl 1998
The Disapppointed House 1998
The Enchanted Doll 1998
The Ghost of Whyther Grange 1998
The Great Indoors 2010
The Knights of Busytown/Cave Pigs/Play It Safe!
The Letter 2010
The Lonely One 1992
The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's Too Scared to Masquerade? 1997
The New Neighbors/The First Halloween Ever/Now I Know My One, Two, Threes! 1997
The Open House 2007
The Perfect Gentleman/The Best Painter Ever/The Best Day for Dennis 1996
The Possession of Michael D. / Legacy of Evil 1995
The Princess and the Pea 1982
The Proposal 2011
The Psychic 1990
The Rats 2002
The Return of Maida Flynn 1999
The Return of Malcolm Murray 1999
The Ron James Show 2009
The School Dance/The First Olympics/Hilda for President
The Sound of Silence 1998
The Stone Angel 2007
The Tale of Duncan McHugh 1998
The Talking Bread/Couscous, the North African Detective/The Three Fishermen 1994
The Taming of Ilse Burnley 2000
The Ties That Blind 2008
The Week of Dying Dangerously 2009
The Wild Rover 1998
The Worst of Times 2012
Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar: Part 1 1984
Three Monkeys of Bah Roghar: Part 2 1984
Three Weddings and a Meltdown 1996
Till Death Us Do Part 1990
Today's Special 1981
Too Close to the Sun 2000
Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke 1999
True Bro-mance 2009
Trying Times 1987
Under the Wishing Moon: Part 1 1999
Walter and the No Need to Worry Suit 2013
Weight of the World 2000
Welcome to Mercy 2008
What's in a Name? 2012
What's Yours Is Mine 2009
Whatever, Linda 2015
Wheat Week 2008
When the Bough Breaks 1998
Where Angels Fear to Tread 1998
Where There Are Trees Standing in the Water 2015
White Room 1990
Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse?/Hold Your Breath!/Pumpkin Heads 1996
You Know My Name / Bill Tilghman 1998
Young Vikings/Sneef Saves the Queen/Hilda the Director 1995

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