Robert Tinkler

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The Bobroom, Rob Tinkler


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A Bug Responsibilty 2000
A Change of Art 2005
A Charmed Life 1995
A Curried Favor 1995
A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory? 2002
A Spot of Trouble 1999
A Tough Test/The First Pyramid/The Big Date
A Trip Back in Time/Home Sweet Home/P.S. Pig's Special Friend 1996
Act to the Future/Guess Who's Coming to Lunch 2011
Agony of Default 2011
Air Bud: Spikes Back 2003
All Dog No Danger/Cowboy Cabana 2011
All You Need Is Love
Almost Mudpit 2011
Almost Naked Animals 2011
And Justice-Five for All 2003
Androcles and the Lion 1999
Angela Anaconda 1999
Animal Style 2007
Arashi no batoru roiyaru 2010
Art Attack 2002
AssPocalypse Now 2010
Ayashiki Paishîzu 2009
Aye Robots/Where No Buddy Has Gone Before 2008
Bad Booch Rising
Bad Day on the Moon 1997
Badge to the Bone 2017
Bak 2 School 2013
Bakuten shoot beyblade 2002
Bananas the Magician/The First Horseless Carriage/Princess Hilda 1996
Banned on the Run
Batman of Borneo 2005
Batoru buredâzu e no michi 2009
Be Good to Bugs... and Frogs 2006
Beat the Drum, Catboy/Blame It on the Train, Owlette! 2015
Bega on the Rise 2005
Best Ed 2008
Beybattle for the Ages 2005
Beyblade: Metal Masters 2009
Billy Dog Gets Glasses/Cordelia's Debut/Lowly Joins the Circus
Bishôjo senshi Serâ Mun supâ S - Serâ nain senshi shuuketsu! Black-Dream-Hole no kiseki 1995
Blaster's Universe 1999
Body Eclectic 1999
Bottle of Mud 2011
Brain Flu 2013
Brainlings on Ice 2013
Brainlings on Parade 2013
Bro the Switch 2011
Brooklyn's Back! 2003
Brotherly Love 1998
Bucking Monster Mayhem 2012
Bug Hunt 2011
Buster Come Home/Mr. Nice Guy 2005
Busytown Regatta/Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian/Busytown Soap Box Derby 1994
Captain Petard 2009
Care Bears: Big Wish Movie 2005
Catboy & Master Fang's Sword/Catboy & the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino 2016
Catboy & the Lunar Dome/Owlette's New Trick 2016
Catboy & the Sticky Splat Slingshot/Gekko Floats 2016
Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade/Gekko's Nice Ice Plan 2016
Catboy Squared/Slowdown Catboy 2016
Catboy vs Robo-Cat/Gekko Saves Christmas 2016
Catboy's Flying Fiasco/Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder 2016
Catboy's Tricky Ticket/Clumsy Catboy
Catboy, Gekko & the Robot Rampage/Owlette & the Battling Headquarters 2016
Catch the Grabber Truck/Ice Block Bash 2015
Chain Gang of Fools 2012
Chamele-Ed/Camp Camaraderie 2008
Charge! Hades City
Checkmate 1995
Chef Shakes 2013
Chinese Please/The Unhappy Sandals 2008
Coopers' Camera 2008
Count on Us!/The First Easter Egg Ever/Be My Valentine 1997
Crazy Canucks 2004
Crossing Dogs/Squeals on the Bus 2008
Cruising for a Bruising 2002
Cyberchase 2002
Dad's Neat Job/The Discovery of America/Mr Gronkle's Friends
Daisan no otoko 2010
Dâku Kyansâ no kanikani daisakusen 2009
Dan the Man 2013
Darkness at the End of the Tunnel... 2002
Daylight Savings Time/The Pickle Car Wash
Delilah & Julius 2005
Delilah Identity
Densetsu o motomete 2010
Denys at Camp/Peasant Pig's Gifts/Little Fixit
Dinner Party/Dress Code 2005
Dot and the Whale 1986
Driver's Ed/Go Cart Go 2008
Drunks 2001
Ed & Breakfast/Tooth or Consequences 2008
Ed for Sale/Rope-A-Dopes 2008
Eight Legs Up: Spider Mom 2006
El Misterio Galíndez 2003
Emperor for a Day 2013
Employee of the Month for Life/Saliva Drive 2011
Enemies No More 1995
Episode #1.10
Episode #1.11
Episode #1.12
Episode #1.14
Episode #1.15
Episode #1.25 2009
Episode #1.29
Episode #1.35
Episode #1.6
Episode #1.7
Episode #1.8
Episode #1.9
Fairly Odd Monsters/Captain Kookamunga 2005
Fashion Crimes 2010
Fear and Dusting/Yukon Winchell 2005
Fenikkusu no chikai 2009
Final Showdown 2003
Financial Aid 2001
Finders of the Lost Toy Box 2005
Fire in the Sky 2002
First Temptation of Mudpit 2011
Fix That Crane/Meet the Space Truck 2015
Follow the Yeeder/Come Fly with Yee 2008
Food Fighters/Sludge Monkeys
Fragment of the Star 2011
Free Gorthax 2013
Friendtruck Day 2015
Fun for All 2005
Fun-Time Riddle Race/The First Balloon/Billy Dog's Space Rock
Fur-Vivor 2016
Futago no Jemiosu 2009
Future Fear 1998
Future Shocked 1998
Gekko & the Snore-a-Saurus/Catboy & the Great Birthday Cake Rescue 2016
Gekko Has The Stay-At-Home Sneezes/Catboy Takes Control 2016
Gift for Gabby/Jack's Truckstop 2015
Gigi 2005
Gillygalloo/Buttering Bread 2005
Go Farts 2013
Gokkan no chi Roshia 2010
Gramps in a Pickle 1995
Grandpa Ghost 2013
Gym Nausium 1999
Ha Ha Hamsters 2016
Hackerized 2010
Hakugin no Pegashisu 2009
Ham & Cheese 2004
Happy Bounciversary 2016
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle / Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies 2004
Has Anyone Seen My Book?/PJ Pig's Brave Day/Vanderbuilt's New Shoes
Help Want-Ed/Screaming Yee-Bees 2008
Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow 1999
Holiday Heap 2015
Huckle's Feathery Friends/The First Valentine Ever/The Sleepover 1997
I Am Booch
I Spy, You Smash/Pete's Tooth 2015
Ice, Ice, Baby
Identity Crisis 2001
Idol Time at the Mall 2005
If Wishes Were Rainbows 2017
Incredible Shrinking Woody 2010
Inventor of the Year/Macaroni Polo
It's a Viking Thing! & Follow Those Chickens!
It's Alive 1993
It's My Party/One Star Hotel 2011
Jack's Birthday Spotlight 2015
Janitor Day 2016
Jerks 2001
Justin Time 2011
Kagayake Birugo! 2009
Kaimaku! Sabaibaru batoru 2009
Kaimaku! Sekai taikai 2010
King 2003
King and Queen for a Day/The Piggy Express/Practice Makes Perfect 1997
King of Stink/Shoo Fly 2005
King Tut Tut's Nut/Gym Dandy! 2008
Kiss My Act / The Last Laugh 2001
Kotou no senshitachi 2009
Kung Fu Magoo 2010
Last Tangle in Paris 2002
Legend Blader 2011
Leprechaun Interrupted 2010
Let's Dry Dan/Power Truck Challenge 2015
Let's Go to the Sandpit/Who's Got the Power 2015
Local Zeroes/Outside Inmates 2008
London Calling 2002
Looking After Gekko/Catboy's Great Gig 2016
Lost Ed Found/Peddle Me Nuts 2008
Lost in Place/Scouts Dishonour 2008
Lost My Marbles 2002
Makin' Movies 2013
Max to the Max 2003
Max's Big Day 1997
Mayans Ruined 2005
Mayor of Mischief City/Dizzyland 2005
Me Cube, You Lint/Beast in Show
Memor-Yee Loss/Long Bark of the Law 2008
Midori no jigoku 2009
Million Dollar Baby 2007
Mind Over Manners 1999
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 2004
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids 2003
Missing Mittens Mission/Talking Ed 2008
Monster Island/Peas in Space 2005
Monster Math Squad 2012
Monster Pound/It Aint Easy Staying Green
Monsters at Play 2012
Morphing Is Soooo 1987 2004
Moudoku Esukorupio 2009
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr Gronkle Won't Mind
Mr. Fixit's Magnet Machine/Sneef and Sniff at the Opera/Mr. Gronkle Won't Mind 1996
Mr. Fixit's Super Submarine/Cahuchu's Magic Tree/Mr Bean's Restaurant
Mr. Frumble's Brother/Viking Pigs/The Perfect Wedding
Mr. Gronkle Moves Away/Counting Chickens/The Spelling Bee 1997
Mr. Raccoon's Different Day/Mario, the Venetian Gondolier/The Best Babysitter Ever 1994
Mr. Ratburn's Secret Identity/Besties 2015
Mudpit 2011
Mudpit Will Rock You
Muzika's Most Wanted 2011
MXP: Most Xtreme Primate / MVP 3 2003
My Fair Laddies/Confined to Ed 2008
My Fair Ladying 2013
Naughty N' Nice 1995
Nazo no hyouma 2010
Nervous Rex 2005
New Friends 2001
No Boys 2013
No Buddy's Hero/An Arm Yee of One 2008
No-See-Um Is Believin'!: A Little Bug Music 2005
Notes from the Underbelly 2007
Now You're Making Me Mad 2003
Nowhere to Hide 1999
Numb Chucks 2014
Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion 2013
Oil Shake Shack/Build a Junk Castle 2015
Olympia Challenge 2002
Operation Dress Up 2013
Out of Their League 2003
Owlette & the Flash Flip Trip/Cowboy & the Pogo Dozer
Owlette & the Moon Ball/Catboy & the Shrinker 2016
Owlette & The Owletteenies/Gekko & the Mayhem at the Museum 2016
Owlette of a Kind/Gekko's Special Rock 2016
Owlette the Winner/Gekko and the Super-Ninjalinos 2016
Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble/Catboy's Cloudy Crisis 2016
Owlette's Two Wrongs/Gekko & the Mighty Moon Problem 2016
Party 2001
Party at the G&G
Patti 2002
Paws for Alarm/Send in the Klownmans 2008
Peep and the Big Wide World 2004
Perfect-O/Sleep Wrecker 2008
Peter's Visit/The First Skis Ever/Stage Fright
Pinball Blizzard/Flush-a-by-baby
PJ Masks 2016
Play Mudpit for Me 2013
Pop Goes the Brainling 2013
Possessed 2000
Prediction of Doom 1995
Pressure Drop
Project Greenthumb 2005
Pros and Ex-Cons 2003
Racheruta no ishi 2010
Ramparama/Stunt Trucks 2015
Ranger Rob
Rannyuu! Charenji macchi 2009
Rasho Mudpit
Rhyme and Punishment 2011
Ribura shutsujin! 2010
Rise of the Machines/Dream Machine
Risk 2001
Rivalries 2001
Robofolks 2013
Roman Racers & Show and Tell
Roommates 2001
Rough Trade 2006
Rub My Ed for Luck 2009
Rub My Ed for Luck/Best Ediquette 2008
Rubeus Evens the Score 1998
Rubeus Strikes Out 1998
Sailor Mercury Moving On? 1995
Sailor Moon 1995
Scaredy Monsters/Treehouse Follies 2005
Scarey Scaley Tale: A Bug-A-Boo Day Play 2004
Scoop's Scoop 2013
Screw Week 2001
Seeing Straight: Stumped! 2006
Senritsu no ribera 2010
Serena Times Two 1995
Shinobiyoru yami 2010
Sibling Rivalry 1995
Siren Song 2011
Sixteen Candles 1999
Skate-lebrity 2016
SketchCom 1998
Slide Ride/Toss the Box 2015
Slowpoke Gekko/Super-Sized Gekko 2016
Smarti Pants/Sock It to Him 2008
Smarty Pants/Winchell Vision
Snow Jump/Spin That Load 2015
Sore Winner/Being Mr. Cube 2005
Souzetsu! Kanaami desumacchi! 2010
Space Ramp 2013
Speak Up, Gekko!/Owlette & the Giving Owl 2016
Spontaneous Skidmark 2010
Spring Break-up 2008
Squirrel's Gone Wild/Ed Waiter 2008
Sue Ellen Adds It Up/Wish You Were Here 2015
Sugar Crash/Cra-Z-Boy
Super Juice/Fun Day
Super Jumbo Ninja 2013
SuperSonic Owlette/Gekko's Blame Campaign 2016
Superstitious Bananas/Pépé le Gangstaire/Drive-Through Movie 1997
Surprise 2007
Taggu batoru o kouryakuseyo! 2009
Talking out the Trash/Tick Tock Times Four 2005
Ted's Going Away Party/The Jack, Dan and Max Big Dig 2015
Teenage Zombies in Love 2011
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police 1997
The Amazing Maze/Build a Batterball Fence 2015
The Avatarts 2012
The Band Whisperer
The Beet Party 2012
The Bega Challenge 2003
The Best Amusement Park Ever/The First Bridge/Say Cheese Please! 1996
The Best Birthday Party Ever/Martha's First Book/Locked Out
The Best Birthday Present Ever/Patrick Pig Learns to Talk/Grouchy Mr. Gronkle 1994
The Best Car Trip Ever/Earnest's Dish You Can Eat/Cousin Ross 1996
The Best Mistake Ever/Sneef, the Best Detective in Europe/Camping Out 1994
The Beyblading Spirit 2003
The Big Dare/Oliver's Sandwich/Pig Will Won't
The Blackout 2007
The Bobroom 1999
The Bobroom 2000
The Bobroom 2004
The Bug Flu: A Time Telling Tale 2005
The Busiest Firefighters Ever/Manuel of Mexico/The Biggest Catch Ever 1994
The Busy World of Richard Scarry 1993
The Cosmetics Caper 1995
The Dating Guy 2009
The Day My Butt Went Psycho!
The Gekko-Mobile Is Missing/Owlette's Feathered Friend 2016
The Halloween Howl 2006
The Key to Mischief City/No Fleas, Please
The Knights of Busytown/Cave Pigs/Play It Safe!
The List 2008
The Loser 2000
The Lost Resort/Space Race
The Moving of Sophia Myles 2000
The Mystery of the Stone Circle/The Big Apple Christmas Caper/Who's Too Scared to Masquerade? 1997
The New Neighbors/The First Halloween Ever/Now I Know My One, Two, Threes! 1997
The Night Before Hoppenscotch/Yeederhosers 2008
The No-Kart Race 2016
The Nut Job 2014
The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature 2017
The Os-Barnes
The Perfect Gentleman/The Best Painter Ever/The Best Day for Dennis 1996
The Poddleville Case 2002
The Return of Kai 2003
The Royal Flush 2013
The School Dance/The First Olympics/Hilda for President
The Search for the Golden Tire/Trucktown Haulers 2015
The Second Show Ever 1997
The Secret of the Luna Sphere 1998
The Show Must Go On 2012
The Spandexter 2013
The Stache 2013
The Switcheroo 2013
The Talking Bread/Couscous, the North African Detective/The Three Fishermen 1994
The Tattletale Frog/D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose 2014
The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It 1997
The Tuxedo 2002
The Whale 2005
The Winchell Factor/Quest for Cube
The Zero Hour
There Are No Small Parts/Keep on Monster Truckin' 2011
They Came from Out There 1997
Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2000
To Yee or Not to Yee/The Mighty Measle Role 2008
Tobey Maguire vs. Jake Gyllenhaal 2007
Towering Towers 2015
Track'em Down Truckriders/Cross the River 2015
Traditions 2001
Travellin' Band
Trouble Comes Thundering Down 1995
Truck Buddy Games/Catch the Batterball 2015
Truck Sliding/Pipe Games 2015
Truckasaurus Wrecks/Convoy 2015
Trucktown Run Go, Go, Go! 2015
Turn It Down 2013
Two Heads Are Better/Scavenger Hunt
Uncle Joe's Cartoon Playhouse 2006
Uncommon Scents/A Pox on Thee Now 2008
Uncool Copycat 1999
Undergrads 2001
Unitron 2013
Utsukushiki Akuira 2009
Video Killed the Muzika Star 2012
Viraling Out of Control
Virgins 2001
We Don't Need No Shreducation 2012
Welcome to My Nightmare! 2005
Werevambies 2013
What Would Batty Do?/Duck Vinci Code 2011
When in Rome... Beyblade! 2002
When You Wish Upon a Star 2003
Who Rules? 1995
Who's Afraid of the Big Eclipse?/Hold Your Breath!/Pumpkin Heads 1996
Wiggle's Squiggles: Basketberry Blues 2004
Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong
Yami ni mau tsubasa 2009
You're History 1999
Young Vikings/Sneef Saves the Queen/Hilda the Director 1995
Zhu Years Eve 2017
Zhu Zhu 2016

20,000 Fans Under the Sea 2006
A Hero Among Us 2006
All Dog No Danger/Cowboy Cabana 2011
Almost Naked Animals 2011
Beyond the Sea 2006
Big Fish 2006
Club Parasites 2006
Comedy Now! 1997
Down, Up and Out 2006
Ear Wax Elf/Stunter's Block 2011
Employee of the Month for Life/Saliva Drive 2011
Endangered Species 2014
Episode #1.24
Episode #1.25
Grossology 2006
Has Bean 2007
If a Tree Falls in the Forest 2006
It's My Party/One Star Hotel 2011
Mascot Madness/He Is It 2007
Oh, Brother
Panda Go-go 2006
Pandalian 2006
Pandas on Ice 2006
Pandemonium in Pandasia! 2006
Raiders of the Lost Throne Room 2014
Ranger Rob
Reversal of Fortune Cookie! 2006
School Daze/Bad-O-Meter 2009
Scoop of the Century 2006
Showdown in Chowville 2006
SketchCom 1998
The Applicant 2006
The Big Bug Breakout 2006
The Big Recap Show 2006
The Bobroom 1999
The Bobroom 2004
The Bobroom 2000
The Danger Down Deep 2006
The League of Super Evil 2009
There Are No Small Parts/Keep on Monster Truckin' 2011
Veggie Beast/Hurricane Seasoning 2011
What Lies Bean-neath 2006
What Would Batty Do?/Duck Vinci Code 2011
Who Da Panda? He Da Panda! 2006

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