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RinbowRay Review Rio Looks like a fun movie to watch and I would recommend it as fun falimy fare. I love the music they use and the colours as well (kids enjoy bright colours and you can reinforce concept colours as welll using this movie). Being in 3D is okay, but I think there are so many of them that it's kind of hard to keep track. The movie's premise I find to be original as well. RainbowRay bags of popcorn out of 5RainbowRay Review: Scream 4. This trailer makes the movie to be suspenseful and gripping, but judging from the dialogue, thsi one seems to have a weak script. I've seen only the first one (I am a Courtney Cox fan . Anyone seen Cougar Town?) and hated it because of that reasn. Whatever happened to movies like Whena Stranger Calls and : Secret Window ? Now, those were gripping movies, but this is one man's opinion. RainbowRay out of 5 bags of popcorn.From peanuts to popcorn, I remain your reviewer, RainbowRay.RainbowRay?????? 

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