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A Couple of Coo-Coos/The Cloneheads/Nothing But the Tooth 1986
A Froggy Day/Loch Ness Mess/Box Office Smash 1988
A Meeting in Time 1986
A Visit to Wonderland 1986
A Visitor from Outer Space/Train That Boy/Genie Madness 1986
Alice in Wonderland 2010
Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016
All the President's Menace/The Love Rowboat/Wilson the Menace 1986
Arctic Tale 2007
Attack of the Giant Tomatoes/The Dinosaur Doozy/Funhouse Grouch 1986
Beauty and the Beast 1991
Bowling for Dennis/Dennis Conquers the Navy/The Longest Half-Yard 1986
Building a Better Dog House/Dennis and the Dragon/Hic! 1986
Cheer Up/Ghostblusters/The Life You Save 1986
Chitty Chitty Moon Walk/Wet 'N Wild/Dennis at the Movies 1986
Clip-Joint Capers/Tanks for the Memory/Second Honeymoon 1986
Crummy Mummy/Swiss Family Mitchell/Pie in the Eye 1988
Crunch the Rockdog: Part 1 1986
Crunch the Rockdog: Part 2 1986
Dennis and the Deep/K-9 Kollege/Housepests 1986
Dennis Destroys Dallas/Black & Blue Hawaii/Oil's Well That Ends Well 1986
Dennis Rocks Out/Deserted with Dennis/Fashionable Menace 1986
Dennis the Businessman/Soccer It to Me, Dennis/Camp Over Here-Over There 1986
Dennis the Menace 1986
Dennis' Yard Sale/The Abominable Snow Menace/It Came from the Planet Dennis 1986
Diary of a Mad Werewolf 1987
Door to Door Bore/Dennis in Venice/Young Sherlock Dennis 1986
Double Dennis/Timber Wolves/Help Not Wanted 1986
Dragons of Dar-Shan 1986
Drool, the Dog Faced Goblin 1987
Frankenstymied/Space Race/The Incredible Shrinking Dennis 1988
Garbage Pail Kids 1989
Give a Little Whistle/Charmed I'm Sure/After Hours 1986
Here, Kitty!/Circus Berserkus/The Monster of Mudville Flats 1986
High Steel/Bicycle Mania/Little Dogs Lost 1986
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 1993
Hopping Mad/Mayan Mayhem/The Big Power Trip 1986
Househusband Henry/Wheeling & Double-Dealing/Stop That Car 1986
Howlin' Cousins 1987
Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash/Justin Cleans Up 2006
It's a Ruff Life/Professor Myron Mentalapse/Dennis Race 2000 1986
It's Magic Time/Dennis in Wonderland/Water on the Brain 1988
King for a Day 1986
Kooked Goose/Pell Mell Hotel/The Old Ball Game 1988
Laundry Business/Journey to the Center of Uncle Charlie's Farm/Dennis Springs into Action 1986
Maleficent 2014
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 2019
Medieval Evil/Beaver-Mania/Say Uncle 1986
Menaced Marriage/Dennis of the Yukon/Seal of Approval 1988
Million Dollar Dennis/3-D and Me/Barber Shop Disharmony 1986
Mulan 1998
Mummy's Little Boy/Horsing Around/Dennis Plasters Pamplona 1986
My Fair Dennis/A Good Knight's Work/Life in the Fast Lane 1986
My Little Pony 'n Friends 1986
Once and Future Queen 1986
Pool Haul/Fool for Gold/Nothin' to Be Afraid Of 1986
Quiet Riot/The Magic Pen/A Feeling for Stealing 1986
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees 1988
Ride'Em Cowboy/Tenting Tonight/A Hair Raising Tale 1986
Risky Beesness 1989
Ruff's Hat Trick/A Moving Experience/Lemon-Aid 1986
Ruff's Masterpiece/Going to the Dogs/Big Baby 1986
Secret of the Sinti Magic 1986
Shark Treatment/Jungle Bungle/Racetrack Menace 1986
Shopworn Wolf 1986
Snow Wars/The Moroccan Pigeon/Dennis of the Jungle 1988
Snowman Madness/The Invisible Kid/Home Destruction 1986
So Long, Old Paint/Trembly Assembly/Private I 1986
So Sorry/Shock Therapy/Yard Wars 1986
Spa Blahs/Whale of a Tale/Disaster on the Green 1986
Strangers in the Night 1986
Strike Up the Band/Queen of Chinatown/Tale of a Tux 1986
Strong Medicine/Gold Strike/Lights! Camera! Mud! 1986
Surf's Up/Yo Ho Ho/The Karate Kiddie 1986
Teen Wolf 1986
Teen Wolf Punks Out 1986
Teen Wolf, Come Home 1987
The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy 1988
The All-American Werewolf 1986
The Bicycle Thief/Menace of the Mine Shaft/Margaret's Birthday Party 1986
The Highway Man 1986
The Lion King 2019
The Lion King 1994
The Name Is the Game 1986
The Ogre's Bride 1986
The Pixie Painters 1986
The Price of Stardom/Space Menace/The Magic Flute 1986
The Real Ghost Busters 1986
The Snow Queen 2012
The Supermarket/The Big Candied Apple/The Defective Detector 1986
The Unmeationables/Heartless Hal 2006
Toot Toot, Tut Tut and All That Rot 1987
Tunnel Vision/Super Duper Dennis/Ice Show Show-Off 1988
Up Up and Oh Boy!/The Company Picnic/Aw Nuts! 1986
Vampire Scare/Give Me Liberty or Give Me Dennis/Wilson for Mayor 1986
Wanted: Scarface Wilson/Ruff Come Home/10-4 Dennis 1986
Where Dreams Come From 1986
Wildfire 1986
Wildfire: King of the Horses 1986
Wolf of My Dreams 1986
Yankee Doodle Dennis/Dennis the Barnstormer/Trial & Error 1986

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