Ian James Corlett

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Other works
actor, writer, producer
Jerry J. Todd, Ian Corlett
Date of Birth
29. August 1962, Virgo, 58 years
Burnau, British Columbia, Canada


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00-Johnny/Johnny of the Jungle 2007
101 Johnnies/Johnny Zombie Tea Party 2007
A Battle Beyond Imagination: Son Goku vs. Vegeta 1989
A Berry Scary Night 2013
A Better Mousetrap 1996
A Birthday Wish 1999
A Black Day for Planet Earth 1997
A Bully for Bugs/The Wheel Deal 2005
A Christmas Fix 2017
A Distant Shore 2013
A Few Good Boyzzs
A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles! 1997
A Fish Tale 2000
A Full Moon: The Secret of Gohan's Power 1989
A Gift for Frenzy
A Glimpse of the Son
A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle 1999
A Holly Johnny Christmas/Johnny's Snow Ball 2011
A Little Help/Tell Tale Tummy 2007
A Lot Like Lola/Mother's Day Madness 2002
A Matter of Principals 2008
A New Enemy in the Universe: Evil Lord Freeza 1990
A New Goal... Namek! 1997
A Renewed Sense of Magic 2014
A Sheltered Boy: My Name Is Gohan 1989
A Surprise Attack! The Target Is the Scouter 1990
A Tale of Two Dogs 1991
A Tale of Two Paradims
A Tale of Two Wades 1999
A Tree Grows in Mynaville 2001
A Turtle Named Myrtle/There's Nothing Like a Good Book 2005
A Visit from Uncle Zucchini 2016
A Wolf in the Fold 2000
Acting Out 2008
Action Dad 2012
Action Gramps 2012
Action Man 2000
Adios... ZZ
Aftermath 1997
Agents of MEH 2012
Ain't No Justice 2005
Air Battle/Shark Castle 2010
Aldo the Duck/Chasing Andy
Alice in Wonderland 1995
Alien Racers 2005
Aliens on the Fast Track 2008
All a Bored/Club Fed
All or Nothing 2000
All the Dragonballs Are Found: Mr. Piccolo Can Be Resurrected 1990
All Washed Up/Did Not! Did Too! 2002
All You Can Eat 2013
All You Need Is.../Gobblebugs 2007
Altitude 2010
Always 2000
Ambitious Vegeta: I'm the Greatest Warrior! 1990
Animal Island 2017
Appear Shenlon! Saiyans Are About to Arrive 1989
Are We There Yet?/Save Our Cinnamon 2005
Armored Like an Ankylosaurus/Campout! 2009
Army of Wayne 2003
Art of Destruction 2000
Artifact 1999
Assault on Bunker 435
Attack of the Killer Bees
Attack on Pinball Fortress 1993
Baboon Castle/Folk Game Competition 2010
Baby Sitter Jitters 1993
Baby-Witching 2014
Bad Spark 1998
Ballroom Blitz 2015
Band Together/War of the Weirds 2002
Barbie as Rapunzel 2002
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper 2004
Barbie in the Nutcracker 2001
Barbie of Swan Lake 2003
Bartleby the Prisoner 2000
Baseball - Bah, Humbug! 2000
Bat in the Belfry
Battle of the Bands 2008
Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls 1991
Battle Power Tenfold! Vegeta's Great Transformation 1990
Beach Blanket Traffic Jam 2000
Beast Machines: Transformers 1999
Beast Wars: Part 1 1996
Beast Wars: Part 2 1996
Beast Wars: Transformers 1996
Beating the Heat/Flowers for Mom
Before the Storm 1997
Beggars Can't Be Cruisers/Voyage of the Edam-ed
Beginnings (Origins: Part 1) 1999
Belly Ball/Bubbles 2007
Belly Blanked/All Give and No Take 2008
Bend It Like Petunia/Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It! 2005
Beneath the City 2010
Bentley's Bones 2015
Best Friends Fighting 2013
Best Hedgehog 1993
Betrayus Turns the Heat Up 2013
Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place 1997
Beware of Frogs 2008
Big Daddy Robotnik 1993
Bilge Rat Zombies/Ghost of Ships Passed
Bird Is the Word/Best Behavior 1989
Birth o' Da Birds 2000
Birth of a Salesman 1993
Black Beauty 1995
Black-Eyed Babysitters 1999
Blackbot the Pirate 1993
Blast Off Bugs/Baby Brouhaha 2005
Blaze and the Monster Machines 2014
Blind Date
Blitzy's BattleBots Brigade
Block 93
Blunder Down Under/Engaged in Battle
Bob the Brave 2015
Bob the Builder 1999
Bobby and His Bots
Boogey-Mania 1993
Booty Camp/Put Another Captain's Log on the Fire
Booty Nights/Fountain of Misspent Youth
Born to Be Wild/Bill Hatches an Egg
Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch 2001
Boy vs. Machine 2000
Bring the Boyzzs Down
Bruce Bunny/Leader of the Pack 2002
Bug! 2000
Building Eight
Bully for Wayne/Agent W 2004
Bumpity and Tweazle/Here Comes McKenna 2008
Bumpy Dog's Day
Call of the Wild 1997
Call to Arms 1993
Camel Castle II/Turtle Cannon Competition II 2010
Camp Candy 1989
Camp Cuisine/Take the Compass and Run 1990
Camping Out 2008
Candy Springs 1990
Candyland: Great Lollipop Adventure 2005
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 1990
Captain N: The Game Master 1989
Car Wash 2015
Care Bears to the Rescue 2010
Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot 2007
Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! 2007
Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie
Care-Ful Bear/A Case of the Grumpies 2007
Careful What You Witch For 2014
Casper's Haunted Christmas 2000
Cat Castle/Cheetah Castle 2010
Cat-Taz-Trophy/Duck! Monster! Duck! 2002
Catch a Falling Star
Catch Bubbles! The Struggle with Gravity 1989
Chain of Command 1996
Chain Reaction 2000
Chameleon Castle/Bald Eagle Castle 2010
Changing of the Guard 1998
Cheer, There and Everywhere/Twinklet 2007
Child's Play 2012
Christmas in July 1989
Cinderella 1994
Climb the Mountain
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind 1993
Close Encounters of the Green Kind/Gonna Getcha Gator 2003
Co-Pilot 2000
Code of Hero 1998
Codename: Arcturus 2014
Come Out Wherever You Are 1999
Comfort Level/Like a Duck to Water 2002
Comic Book Heroes 2008
Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1 1997
Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2 1997
Coming to a Johnny Near You/When Johnny Comes Marching Home 2007
Commander in Stripes/Ellen vs Slug/An Egg-cellent Question 2007
Compsognathus/Buddy and Tiny's Feet 2017
Cool for Cats/Time Out! 2002
Cora Ceratosaurus/Quicksand Pit 2017
Count Crampula/Naughty Nuptails 2004
Country Crisis 2000
Crab Castle/Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies 2010
Crash Course 2001
Creatures and Caves 2013
Cross Nodes 2001
Crossfire at Barge 2000
Crossing the Rubicon 1999
Curly: The Littlest Puppy 1995
Curse World: Part 2 2015
Cutting Edge 1998
D'Myna Leagues 2000
Daddy Dismissed 1999
Daemon Rising 2001
Daffy Did It!/Pig Who Cried Wolf 2002
Daj of Undertown 1994
Dance Pants/Bestest Brother 2004
Dances with Werewolves 2013
Dare Bears/Battle of the Bands 2008
Daredevil 2000
Dark Alliance
Dark Designs 1996
Dark Voyage 1997
Darkness Shall Rise 2011
Darkstalkers 1995
Dear Diary/Monster and Commander 2014
Dear Mom and Dad 1990
Deep Metal 1998
Deep Sea Johnny/Johnny and the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack 2005
Deer Castle/Porcupine Castle 2010
Derek the Deinonychus/Don's Dragonfly 2009
Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks/Good Knight Bedtime 2008
Diary of a Mad Sister 1999
Dig This 2015
Dino Park 2015
Dinos A to Z: Part 1 - The Big Idea/Dinos A to Z: Part 2 - Spread the Word 2012
Dinosaur Big City Part 3/Dinosaur Big City Part 4 2011
Dinosaur Camouflage/Family Scavenger Hunt 2010
Dinosaur Pee/Tar Pit 2017
Dinosaur Train 2009
Dinosaur Train 2009
Dog Castle/Rhino Castle 2010
Dog Daze 2008
Dome-Headed Dinosaur/Treasure Hunt 2012
Don't Cry! Gohan's First Battle 1989
Don't Die Dad! Gohan's Inner Power 1990
Don't It Make My Blues Eyes Green 2001
Doom Claw 1994
Double Dinobot 1996
Double Dragon 1993
Double Jeopardy 1996
Double Trouble 2012
Double-Crested Trouble/Erma and the Conductor 2012
Doublr Agent, Double Date 2012
Downhill Johnny/Johnny Meets the Porkness Monster 2007
Dr. Dimensionpants
Dragon Ball 1986
Dragon Ball Z 1989
Dragon Ball Z 1989
Dragon Hunt 1993
Duck Lover/Outback Quack 2003
Duck Out of the Way 2000
Duck Unlimited 2001
Duckbill Castle/Ostrich Castle 2010
Dudley the Manservant/The Cure for the Common Nerd 2014
Dunes Day 2000
Dunes Day 2000
Eclipsed: Part 1 2003
Edgar & Ellen 2007
Egret Ox Castle/Firework Festival at East Citadel 2010
El Dorado 2001
Elephant Castle II/Peacock Castle 2010
End Prog 1998
Endgame I: Downward Spiral 2000
Endgame III: Seeds of the Future 2000
Endgame Part 2: When Legends Fall 2000
Enter the Digiverse 2014
Enter the Ninjzz
Enter the Octogod/Dead Men Wear Plaid
Episode #2.4
Episode #2.9
Equal Measures 1996
Erased/Unbearable 2007
Escape from Dodoria 1997
Escape from Piccolo 1996
Escape from Piccolo! Gohan and the Storm 1989
Ethel's New Friend/Vicky Sprocket 2007
Every Man for Itself 2000
Evil Boyfriend 2002
Explosive Dodoria and the Fearsome Shock of Vegeta! 1990
Eye! Eye! Eye!/Stan by Me 2014
Fab Rick/Inside the Box 2014
Face-Off on Namek 1997
Faking Up Is Hard to Do 2013
Fallen Comrades 1996
Fallout 2000
Family Fuel 1999
Family Von Dash 2012
Fast and Easy 1993
Fast Friends/T.Rex Teeth 2009
Father Time/Manure Overload
Feather Island/King of the Bongos 2003
Feeding Frenzy/Bev's Big Day 2001
Feet of Fortune/Great Scooter Race
Feral Scream: Part 1 1999
Feral Scream: Part 2 1999
Fine Feathered Fiend/Lumber Jerk
Fire Chief Dinah
Fires of the Past 1999
Fitness Frenzy 2015
Flag Bearer 2000
Flower King 2008
Flower Power/Lightning Bugs Sylvester 2002
Flower Power/Maiden Cheena Is Missing 2014
Flowers for... ZZ
Flush Hour/I Strain 2002
Fly Me to the Moon
Flying Fortress: Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 1 2000
Flying Fortress: Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 1 2000
Fools Gold 1989
For Whom the Toll Calls/Cereal Boxing 2002
Forbidden Fruit 1999
Forget It/Gone 2008
Franken-Nerd/Monstergeist 2014
Fred's Fever/You're Grounded
Fred's Secret/Aldo's Uncle Artie
Free as a Bird/Fowl Weather Feathers
Friend or Foe! Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship 1990
Friendly Enemy
Friendly Frenzy
Friends in Deed
Friends or Foes? 1997
Frog Castle/Cheetah Castle II 2010
Full-Tilt Tails 1993
Fungus Humongous 2005
Future Imperfect 2006
Future Johnny/Dukey See Johnny Do 2013
G.I. Joe 1990
G.I. Joe Extreme 1995
Gadget and the Gadgetinis 2001
Gadget Boy and Heather 1995
Gadget Goes on Location 2003
Gameboy 1990
Gator in the Mask/Lotta Gelata
General Blitzy
Germ Wars 1990
Geronimo Stilton 2009
Get Kraken/Grill of My Dreams
Getting Over Davey 1999
Getting Schooled 2012
Getting to Know You (Origins: Part 2)
Go with the Flow 1999
Goblin Good Deed Day
Gods and Monster Trucks 1999
Gohan Is in Danger! The Death Warrior Dodoria 1990
Gohan Makes a Friend 1996
Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs 1989
Gohan's Hidden Powers 1996
Gohan's Metamorphosis 1996
Goku Strikes Back 1997
Goku vs. Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel! 1997
Goku's Unusual Journey 1996
Gonna Getcha Gator/Close Encounters of the Green Kind 2003
Goodbye Tien... Chauzu's Sacrifice 1989
Googleberry Moon
Gopher Broke
Gordon's Fish Tale/Love on the Rocks
Gorilla Warfare 1996
Grand Theft Weird-Oh 1999
Grasp for Power
Greeced Lightning/The Godd Couple
Grizzle-ized/Share and Share Alike 2008
Grounder the Genius 1993
Growing Pains/King Grumpy 2007
Guys and Dolls/Heat Wave 2014
Guys and Dolls/Heat Wave 2014
Hair Cut-Ups/A Clean Sweep 2002
Haircraft in Space 2000
Happy Birthday, Megaman 1989
Harmony or Something (Origins: Part 3)
Harmony Unplugged/King of the Gobblebugs 2008
Having a Ball 1990
Head Games 2000
Head Gasket of the Class 2000
Headlocks for Homework 1999
Healer 2000
Heart of the Matter 1993
Hedgehog of the Round Table 1993
Heebo-Skeebo 2013
Hercules 1995
Here Comes the Sun 2003
Hero of the Year 1993
Hero: 108 2010
Heroes 1999
Hey... Bill's on the News/Got Milk 2001
Hic Hic Boom 2013
Hic Hic Hooray/Ducks for Hire
High Stakes Sonic 1993
Hijack 1992
History's Strongest Warrior Is Goku's Older Brother 1989
Hit Him, Kuririn! The Energy Ball of Everyone's Prayers 1990
Hoist the Johnny Roger/Johnny's Turbo Toy Force 2006
Holding Pen 13/Daredevil Ducks 2003
Home 2011
Home for Infinite Losers 1996
Home Soil 2000
Home Sweet Home 2014
Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man 2015
Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog 1993
Hootin' Hadrosaurs!/Hatching Party 2010
Hostage 2001
How to Train Your Johnny/Johnny & Clyde 2013
How's Bayou 1989
Hunt for a Dragonball 1997
Hurricanes 1993
Hurry Scurry 2014
I Do? 1999
I Wish I Was a Wombatman
I Wish I Was a Wombatman 1990
I'm a T.Rex!/Ned the Quadruped 2009
I'm with the Band
Ice Creamed/Heatwave 2007
Ice Giant for Tea 2013
Ice Giant for Tea 2013
Iced Duck/Duck Footed
Icons 1997
In Darkest Knight 2000
In Search of the King 1989
Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime 2013
Invasion of the Pointy Heads 2013
Is Zit You or Is Zit Me? 2013
Island of Darkness 2012
Island Ploy
It's a Wonderful Fruitcake
It's All Relative Johnny/Johnny Rich 2011
Jake's on You 2000
Jinxed 2013
Johnny & the Beanstalk/Johnny & Bling Bling Bond Bond 2013
Johnny Cart Racing/Johnny Smells Good 2008
Johnny Fu/Johnny Escape from Bling-Bling Island 2007
Johnny Goes Camping/Johnny's World Prank Wars 1 2011
Johnny Hollywood/Johnny's Turbo Time Rewinder 2005
Johnny Long Legs/Johnny Test in Outer Space 2008
Johnny Opposite/Johnny on the Job 2013
Johnny Swellville/Johnny Irresistible 2011
Johnny Test 2005
Johnny Test in Black & White/Johnny the Kid 2007
Johnny Test: Party Monster/Johnny Test: Extreme Crime Stopper 2005
Johnny vs. Bling-Bling 3/Stinkin' Johnny 2007
Johnny vs. Smash Badger 3/Johnny Bee Good 2007
Johnny vs. The Dukenator/Johnny's Petting Zoo Posse 2013
Johnny X & the Attack of the Snowmen/Johnny vs. Dukey 2007
Johnny X Strikes Back/Johnny vs. Super Soaking Cyborgs 2007
Johnny'mon/Bath Time for Johnny 2007
Johnny's Extreme Game Controller/Li'l Johnny 2006
Johnny's Got Talent/Johnny's Rough Around the Hedges 2013
Johnny's Keys to Success/Johnny's Winter Jacket 2011
Johnny's Monkey Business/Johnny Bench 2008
Johnny's World Record/Mush, Johnny, Mush 2011
Johnnyitis/Johnny Mustache 2007
Johnnyland/Johnny's Got a Brand New Dad 2006
Journey to Namek 1997
JTV!/Johnny vs. Bling Bling 2 2006
Judgement Day 1993
Jungle Book 1995
Jungle Booty Part 1/Jungle Booty Part 2
Jungle Sharks
Jurassic Pac 2013
Just Desserts/Pirate Pants 2005
Justice League 2001
JX5: A New Beginning/JX5: The Final Ending 2008
Keep Your Hands Off! Enma's Secret Fruit 1989
Kevin in Videoland 1989
Key: The Metal Idol 1996
Killer McB, I Set You Free 1999
King Cryolophosaurus/Buddy the Tracker 2010
Kitchen Whizz 2015
Last Chance 2001
Laura the Giganotosaurus/Dinosaur Poop! 2009
Law of the Jungle 1997
Lawn Gone Johnny/Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse 2011
Leap Into Space! The Planet of Hope Is Piccolo's Home 1990
Leap of Faith 2014
Leave It to Me: Gohan's Explosion of Anger 1989
Legend of the Phantom Racer 2000
Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle 1994
Lice-ence to Kill/Army of Wayne 2004
Licence to Thrill/Beast in Show
License to Scoot/The Old Duck and the Sea 2001
Life's a Glitch 2001
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted 1993
Liger Castle/Camel Castle 2010
Lights! Camera! Tweety!/Backstage Bugs 2005
Lights, Camera, Traction 1999
Lion Castle/Crocodile Castle 2010
Little Big Man/Flag Boy 2004
Little Miss Swordshine/Ship Wretched
Little Red Riding Hood 1995
Little Watchers 2004
Little Watchers/Egg Bound 2004
Littlest Pet Shop 1995
Log Cabin Fever/A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream 2005
Loose Change/Act Your Age 2002
Lovesick Sonic 1993
Luck 'O Oopsy/Rudemate
MacHopper 1993
Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior 1993
Madeline 1993
Madeline and the Costume Party 1994
Madeline and the Dog Show 1993
Madeline and the Easter Bonnet 1993
Madeline and the Forty Thieves 1993
Madeline and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Hats 1994
Madeline and the Missing Clown 1993
Madeline and the New House 1993
Madeline and the Old Violin 1994
Madeline and the Pirates 1993
Madeline and the Singing Dog 1993
Madeline and the Soccer Star 1993
Madeline and the Talking Parrot 1994
Madeline and the Toy Factory 1993
Madeline at Cooking School 1993
Madeline at the Ballet 1993
Madeline at the Louvre 1993
Madeline in Hollywood 1993
Madeline in New York 1994
Madeline's Birthday at the Zoo 1993
Madeline's Winter Vacation 1993
Magic Gift of the Snowman 1995
Magic Johnny/Dolly Johnny 2012
Maid of Dishonor
Maiden Cheena Lays an Eggie/Hero Zeros 2014
Maiden Cheena Lays an Eggie/Hero Zeros 2014
Make Way for Noddy 2001
Malaise of the One Eye/The Future Is Now
Mann's Best Friend
Marathon Span 2015
Master Blaster 1999
Master of the House 1999
May the Best Parents Win 1989
Mega Trouble for Megaland 1989
Megaframe 1998
Melissa the Hero/Trouble with Larry 2002
Mercenary Pursuits 1999
Metroid Sweet Metroid 1989
Mind Gamez
Mind Over Mallard/The Fly Who Loved Me 2001
Mind Over Matter/The Brat Pact 1989
Mind Your Manners/Petunia the Piggy Bank 2002
Mindreader 2008
Mine!/Sylvester the Pester 2002
Misadventures in Babysitting 1990
Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods 1991
Mission ImPacable! 2013
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 2000
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1995
Mobodoon 1999
Molting Day/Zanti-Clops 2014
Mom's Mistake
Momma Robotnik Returns 1993
Momma Robotnik's Birthday 1993
Mommy, Dearest 2001
Monster Beaters 2008
Monster Buster Club 2008
Monster Mash 2000
Monster Movie/Springing Lyle 2014
Monstervision/The Squider Whisperer 2014
Mousetrap 1997
Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain 1989
Mr. McStuffles/Picture This! 2002
Mr. Sparks and the Broken Clock
Mummy Dearest 2000
Mungomania 2001
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby 1993
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2010
My Two Bobs 2001
Nappa... The Invincible? 1997
Napping on the Path of Snake: Son Goku Falls Off! 1989
NASCAR Racers 1999
NASCAR Racers: The Movie 1999
Nemesis: Part 1 1999
Nemesis: Part 2 1999
Nerds and Monsters 2014
Never Say Try/Pair O'Dice Lost 2002
New Cat in Town/Magic of Spring 2002
New Echidna in Town: Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 3 2000
Nice Guys Are Finished 2003
Night of the Geminis/Ships and Salsa
Night Pests 2013
Night Shift/No Snow Day 2008
Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street 1989
Ninjaball Run 2012
Ninjago 2019
Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu 2011
No Bat Is an Island
No Brainer 2003
No Hedgehog Is an Island: Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 2 2000
No Means Yes/Spy's Pies
No Pets Allowed... Especially Monsters: Part 1 2013
No Pets Allowed... Especially Monsters: Part 2 2013
No Sea for Old Salts/Sealed Fate
No Such Things as Ghosts 2003
Nobody Knows 2013
Noddy and the Criss-Cross Cups
Noddy and the Funny Pictures
Noddy and the Treasure Map
Noddy Needs Some Medicine
Noddy's Car Trouble
Not Black and White
Not Without My Gator 1999
Nothing But the Truth/Duck and Cover
Now Goku! The Last Great Effort 1989
Now with Feathers!/A Frill a Minute 2009
Now You See It... 2014
Null-Bot of the Bride 2001
Number 7 1997
Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou?/Flu the Coop 2005
Oh Brother/The Comic or The Girl 2014
Old Agents 2012
On the Road 2000
Once Upon a Time Machine 1990
One Big Dinosaur/Play Date with Annie 2009
One Small Dinosaur/T.Rex Migration 2009
One Smart Dinosaur/Petey the Peteinosaurus 2009
One Too Many Gadgets 2003
One Week Later 2007
Oolong the Terrible 2001
Opposites Ahoy/Udder Chaos
Optimal Situation 1998
Other Victories 1999
Other Visits, Part One 1998
Other Visits, Part Two 1998
Other Voices: Part 1 1997
Other Voices: Part 2 1997
Out of Key/Thumb Wars
Outcracker's Badland Galaxy Tour 2008
Over the Hill Hero 1993
Over the Line 1993
Pac to the Future 2013
Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins 2013
Pac-Mania 2014
Pac-Pong Fever 2013
Pack to the Future 1997
PacLantis 2013
Pandaffe Castle/Eagle Castle 2010
Parrot Castle II/Folk Game Competition II 2010
Parrot Castle/Turtle Cannon Competition 2010
Pastime for Petunia/Pouting Match 2002
Payday 2000
Peace Without Slime: Part I 2015
Peeking Duck/Fred's Meltdown
Penguin Law/Shop 'til You Drop Anchor
Pest of a Guest/Getting Away from It All
Pet Peeved/No Pranks to You 2014
Photo Finish
Piccolo's Plan 1996
Piccolo's Secret Ace! Gohan the Crybaby 1989
Pick Up a Penguin 2015
Pif and Hercules 1989
Pigeon Court
Pillow Squawk 1998
Pipe Dreams 2008
Pirate Express 2014
Pirates vs. Ninja 2012
Pitched Battle of the Air Force 2010
Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train 2010
Pitched Battle of the Navies 2010
Pitched Battle of the Tank Army 2010
Planet Freeza No. 79: Vegeta Recovers 1990
Planet Pac vs. The Ghosteroid 2013
Pocahontas 1994
Pocket Dragon Adventures 1998
Popular Kids 2008
Poseidon or Bust/Finders Keepers
Possession 1997
Power Surge 1996
Pranks for the Memories 1999
Prehistoric Sonic 1993
Present Tense/Neat and Sloppy 2002
President Possessed! 2013
Princess Snake's Hospitality 1996
Project A-Ko 4: Final 1989
Prometheus Unbound 2000
Proving Ground 1999
Pseudo Sonic 1993
Psych Out 2000
Pulp Faction 2000
Pursuit of the Magic Hoop 1991
Queen of the Apes 1990
Quest for the Potion of Power 1990
Quest for Zhu 2011
R.I.P. Off Wade 1999
Rabbit Castle/Elephant Castle 2010
Rainshine Meadows/Oopsy the Hero 2007
Ranma 1: Chugoku Nekonron daikessen! Okite yaburi no gekitô hen 1991
Ratchet and Clank 2016
Ready Jet Go! 2016
Really? That's the Planet of Hope, Nameck? 1990
Rebel Without a Ride 1999
Rebirth 1993
ReBoot 1994
ReBoot: Daemon Rising 2001
ReBoot: My Two Bobs 2001
Rebooted/Flower Power 2008
Red Flag 2000
Remember the Alamosaurus/Sunrise, Sunset 2012
Reptiles in the Rose Garden 1990
Return of Johnny X/Sonic Johnny 2005
Return of Johnny'mon/Johnny Dukey Doo 2008
Return of the Crimson Binome 1997
Return of the Overlord 2012
Return to Castlevania 1991
Reunions 1996
Revelations I: The Key 1999
Revelations II: Descent 1999
Revelations Part 3: Apocalypse 1999
Rick Gets the Picture/Poor Little Rich Girl 1989
Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy 2007
Rise of the Spinjitzu Master 2012
River of Tears 1993
Road Hog 1993
Robin's Ark 1990
Robo Woes 2013
Robo-Camp/The Glasnost Menagerie 1990
Robo-Ninjas 1993
Robolympics 1993
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme 1993
Robotnik's Rival 1993
Robotnik, Jr. 1993
Robotnikland 1993
Rock the Corp
Rock-A-Bye Voltar/iDestruct 2009
Rockets Under the Stars 2015
RPM 1994
Rumble 2000
Rumble: Part 1
Rumble: Part 2
Run Gohan! Back to Mt. Paozu Where Chichi Waits 1989
Runaway 2001
Running Ducks/Duck Naked 2001
Sabrina the Troll Princess 2013
Sabrina the Troll Princess 2014
Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch 2013
Sacrifice 2001
Saiyans: Greatest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken 1989
Salty's Lighthouse 1997
Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny/Johnny Mint Chip 2006
Sausage Party 2016
Savage Noble 2000
School Daze/Things That Go Bug in the Night 2002
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? 2019
Scoop's Big Break 2015
Scoop's Pet Shark 2015
Scream It with Flowers 2013
Second Chance 2000
Secret Santa 2008
Secrets 2013
Secrets Revealed 1997
See No Sabrina, Hear No Sabrina 2013
Seems Like Old Times 2013
Shadow Claw 1994
Shadow Conned 1994
Shadow Khan 1994
Shadow of a Doubt/Christmas in July 2002
Shark Quake
Shark-apolypse Now! 1995
Sharkotic Reaction
Sheep Castle/Penguin Castle 2010
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century 1999
Shock Rock 2013
Shock Rock 2013
Showbiz Unicorn/My Pet Human 2014
Showdown 1998
Showdown in the Past 1996
Shrieking Violet/Starboard Struck
Silverwing 2003
Simon the Ape-Man 1989
Sitting Ducks 2001
Six Is a Crowd 2000
Sky-High Scoop 2015
Sleepers 2000
Sleeping Beauty 1995
Slowwww Going 1993
Slugterra 2012
Small Foot, Big Trouble 1989
Snack Time 2008
Snake Castle/Octopus Castle 2010
Sno Problem 1993
Snow White 1995
So Long Sucker!!! 1993
Somethin' Stinks 2001
Son Goku's Power Is Restored! Six Days to the Milkway 1990
Sonia's Choice 2000
Sonic Breakout 1993
Sonic Gets Thrashed 1993
Sonic Is Running 1993
Sonic the Matchmaker 1993
Sonic Tonic 2000
Sonic Underground 1999
Sonic's Song 1993
Sonically Ever After 1993
Sorry Mr. Robot: The Tears That Disappeared in the Desert 1989
Spaceman Sonic 1993
Spark of Darkness 2000
Sparkwar War I: The Strike 2000
Sparkwar War II: The Search 2000
Sparkwar War III: The Seige 2000
Spella! 2013
Spellbound 2015
Spin Out/Snow Day 2002
Spirit in the Sword 1994
Spy for a Spy 2015
Stand by Your Pac-Man 2013
Stand Up and Deliver/Ruthless Campers 1990
Statue of Limitations 2008
Stay Brony My Friends 2012
Sticks and Stones 2001
Stone Protectors 1996
Stop and Smell Up the Flowers/Firehouse Frolics 2005
Stop in the Name of Johnny/Johnny's Head in the Clouds 2013
Stop That Bot
Stop Vegeta Now! 1997
Strange Batfellows
Street Sense 1999
Street Sharks 1994
Sub Sandwich/The Dorkathalon 2014
Submerged Sonic 1993
Subterranean Sonic 1993
Suite and Sour/Back in Black 2017
Super Robotnik 1993
Super Saiyan, Son Goku: Performs a Mircale! 1990
Super Shark
Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad 1993
Super-Brina 2013
Superhighway Warriors 1994
Superman: Unbound 2013
Surprise Day/Tempus Fugit 2008
Survivor 1999
Swampless/Mummy Mania 2004
Sweet Seduction: The Snake Princess' Hospitality 1989
System Crash 1998
Table Soccer Competition/Groundhog Castle 2010
Tails in Charge 1993
Tails Prevails 1993
Tails' New Home 1993
Tails' Tale 1993
Take off for Nameck! The Terror That Awaits 1990
Take Us Out to the Ball Game/Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind 2005
Takers Keepers/To Tell the Tooth 2002
Tangled Web 1997
Taz in Toyland/A Secret Tweet 2002
Tea & Basketball/Taz You Like It 2002
Techno-Organic War I: The Key 1999
Techno-Organic War II: The Catalyst 1999
Techno-Organic War III: End of the Line 1999
Tell-A-Photo/Move It! 2002
Tenshihan's Final Scream! His Last Energy Beam 1989
That's Ridiculous! The Saiba Men Sprout from the Ground 1989
The Abyss 1993
The Adventure Begins Part 1 2013
The Adventure Begins Part 2 2013
The Adventure of the Empty House 1999
The Adventures of Kid Danger 2018
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 1993
The Adventures of T-Rex 1995
The Agenda: Part 1 1998
The Agenda: Part 2 1998
The Agenda: Part III 1998
The Ancients Arise 1994
The Appointment
The Arrival of Raditz 1996
The Bad Boyzzs Are Among Us
The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You? 1997
The Battle Ends 1997
The Big Game 1990
The Big Melt 2000
The Blue N' Marooned 2000
The Bots in the Booth
The Bots Master 1993
The Brave Little Tweety/The Puddle Olympics 2002
The Bride of Grinder 2015
The Bugaboos 2008
The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus/Triceratops for Lunch 2009
The Carnotaurus Catastrophie 2013
The Case of the Missing Ball
The Coachnik 1993
The Corridor of Elders 2015
The Cramp Twins 2001
The Creature from the Chocolate Chip/Card Bored Box 2002
The Crime Machine 1999
The Curse of the Golden Master 2014
The Cycle of No Escape 1999
The Day Ninjago Stood Still 2012
The Day of the Dragon 2015
The Death of Son Goku 1989
The Deepest Fear 1999
The Dolly Vanishes/Duck Reflucks 2005
The Duel
The End of Everything: Part 1 2008
The End of Everything: Part 2 2008
The End of Snake Way 1997
The End of the Path of Snake 1989
The Ever-Spending Story 1999
The Eye of the Dragon 1993
The Feud of Faxanadu 1990
The Forest's Prime Evil 1989
The Forget-Me-Stone 2008
The Forgotten Element 2015
The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N 1991
The Gift
The Golden Boy 2000
The Good Mom 2010
The Good, the Bad and the Johnny/Rock-a-Bye Johnny 2007
The Great Animal Crown 2017
The Great Chase! 2013
The Greatest Fear of All 2015
The Hard Part 2013
The Harder They Fall/Business as Usual 2002
The Host with the Moats/Monster Ball 2014
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996
The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers 1990
The Invitation 2015
The Katchatoree Creature 1989
The Kind Aliens... A Dragonball Suddenly Appears 1990
The King Is Shocked: Fighting Is His Netherworld? 1989
The Last Hope 2012
The Last Resort 1993
The Last Resort 1999
The Last Voyage 2012
The League of Super Evil 2009
The Legend Continues 1993
The Legend of Big Toes
The Legend of Saiyans: Son Goku's Roots 1989
The Legend of the Saiyans 1997
The Listening Game
The Little Merhog 1993
The Littlest Tweety/In Bugs We Trust 2002
The Lizard of Odds 2005
The Lost City of Kongoland 1990
The Loud House 2016
The Low Road 1997
The Magic Hassle 1993
The Magnificent Sonic 1993
The Marriage Ref/Kaboom with a View 2014
The Marriage Ref/Kaboom with a View 2014
The Mighty Kong 1998
The Mission 2000
The Mistress of Chi 1993
The Mobius 5000 1993
The Most Dangerous Game Master 1989
The Mysterious Yunzabit: Find God's Spaceship 1990
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops 1993
The Nameks Versus Frieza 1997
The New Threat 1996
The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi 2001
The Nutcracker 1995
The Old Spinosaurus & the Sea/A Spikey Tail Tale 2010
The Patrix 2003
The Pendant 1999
The Price of Freedom 1999
The Price of Oblivion 1993
The Probe 1996
The Real Thing 1999
The Reformatting 1999
The Return of Goku 1997
The Return of the Shadowmonster 1994
The Revenge of Johnny X/The Enchanted Land of Johnnia 2007
The Road to Victory Is Long 1989
The Robot's Robot 1993
The Robotnik Express 1993
The Ruthless Frieza 1997
The Saibamen Strike 1997
The Sandman Is Coming/Some Assembly Required 2002
The Savagery of Saiyan! God and Piccolo Die 1989
The Scared Saurolophus 2013
The Setting Sun
The Shadow Falls 1993
The Shooting Star She Saw 2000
The Sight of Freedom 1994
The Spark 1996
The Spy Who Slimed Me 2013
The Stakes 1999
The Stone Army 2012
The Sunken Gallery 2016
The Titanium Ninja 2014
The Tome of the Doom
The Tree of Might: Part 1 1997
The Tree of Might: Part 2 1997
The Tree of Might: Part 3 1997
The Trigger: Part 1 1996
The Trigger: Part 2 1996
The Trojan Dragon 1990
The Trouble with Tetris 1990
The Trouble with Troublemaking 2008
The Ultimate Doom: Part 1
The Ultimate Doom: Part 2
The Void 2014
The Wacky World of Tex Avery 1997
The Walls Came Tumblin' Down
The Weak Component 1999
The Weapon
The Web 1996
The Wild Blue 2001
The Wizard of Odd 2015
The World's Strongest Team 1996
The Zulander Scanner
There's No Business Like Dragon Business
These Little Piggies Went to Market/Now Museum, Now You Don't 2005
This Is It! The World's Strongest Pair 1989
This Land Is My Land
Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me 2004
Three Hedgehogs and a Baby 2000
Three Men and a Dragon 1989
Tien Goes All Out!! 1997
Time and Time Again/May the Best Taz Win 2002
Time's Up! 1997
Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale 2007
Too Many Noddies 2001
Too Tall Tails 1993
Totally Spies! 2001
Totally Tetrisized 1991
Toucan Do It! 2017
Touchdown on Namek 1997
Tough as Nayles 1989
Tour de Farce/Bad News 2008
Toxic 2000
Trail of the Missing Tails 1993
Trail of the Missing Tails 1993
Transmutate 1998
Trick or Treat... or Alien? 2008
Trouble on Arlia 1996
True Heart's Big Trip/Bumbleberry Jammed 2008
Turbocharged Theatrical Tragedy 1999
Turkey Leg of Doom/Hair of the God
Turtle Cannon Competition III/Scorpion Castle 2010
Twin Studies/Birthday Blues
Two Buff Chuck 2012
Two of a Kind/Stand Up and Cheer 2008
Underground Masquerade 1999
Undertown 1994
Unlikely Alliance 1996
Untouchable Sonic 1993
Valley of the Stygimolochs/Tiny Loves Fish 2009
Vampirina 2017
Vegeta... Saiyan Style! 1997
Versus 2015
Victory 1996
Videolympics 1989
Virtual Danger 2004
Virtual Reality Bytes 1994
Waiting Patiently for 3 Hours: The Candy Cloud Flies 1989
War World: Part 1 2002
War World: Part 2 2002
Web Riders on the Storm 1997
Webcam Wayne/Swamp Curse 2004
Wedding Bell Blues 2000
Wedding Bell Blues 1999
Weepy Wayne/First Crusher 2004
Weird-Ohs 1999
Wendy House/Cramp vs. Cramp 2004
Wendy Wear/Homeless Joe 2004
What a Ride 2014
What Do You Mean Little?/No Starch Please 1995
What's Love Got to Do with It? 2001
What's Mine Is Mine/The Wind Beneath My Wings 2014
When in Rome 2000
When in Rome 2000
Where No Sprite Has Gone Before 1997
White Wedding/Saltiest Dogs
Who Do Voodoo? 2001
Who Do You Think You Are 1999
Who Do You Think You Are? 1999
Who Let the Cat Out? 2014
Who Said That?/Let Them Eat Cake 2002
Who's Who?! 1997
Who's Your Granny?/Tattletale 2002
Whose Friend Is Who?/Present and Accounted For 2008
Winner Fakes All 1999
Winner Take All
Wise Quacker/Yours, Mine... and Mine, Mine! 2002
Wishful Thinking 1989
Workshop Makeover 2015
World of Workcraft 2012
World's Toughest Kid 2008
Wow Dad! Kaio's Killer Technique 1989
Wrestle in Peace 2003
Wrong Number 2008
Wrong Place, Wrong Time 2012
Wrong!/Win, Lose or Daffy 2005
Y2 Chaos 1999
Yamucha Dies! The Frightening Saiba Men 1989
Yoke's on You/Baby Gate 2002
You Can Bank on It
Zevo-3 2010
Zoobotnik 1993
ZZ and the Law
ZZ Come Back

5 O'Clock Snooze 2006
A Polie Family Frolic 2004
Animal House 2005
Behind Bars 2006
Blast from the Past 2003
Cutie Go Bye-Bye
Dicey Situation
Doofus 2006
Dork Busters 2006
Dummy Up 2006
Everykid 13 2008
Gone Screwy 2003
Gordon's Fish Tale/Love on the Rocks
Gumming Up the Works 2003
Health Nut 2005
Home Alone 2006
Home Sick
I Find Rock
Itty Bitty Baby Starry
Jingle Jangle Day's Eve
Kelly vs. Kelly 2005
Leaf Me Alone
Let's Make History
Mission Invisible
Morning Zoo 2005
O Brother Where Art Thou? 2005
Out of Focus Group 2006
Pecky Head 2005
Penguin Law/Shop 'til You Drop Anchor
Pirate Express 2014
Polie Poppin' Day
Poseidon or Bust/Finders Keepers
Rain, Rain Go Away
Rescue Heroes 2000
Rolie Polie Olie 1998
Scool Unfair 2007
Shake Up in the Jungle/Lights, Camera, Destruction! 2002
Shrieking Violet/Starboard Struck
Spells Like Teen Spirit 2006
Square and Round and Square We Go
Square Plane in a Round Hole
Starry, Starry Night
The Coochie Coochie Coo Blues 2003
The Fifth and a Half Sense 2006
The Good Egg 2006
The Great Escape 2006
The Great Manner Hunt 2003
The Secret Life of Babies
Up, Up and Uh-Oh/Fiery Differences 2002
Visibly Invisible
Where's Pappy?
Y-2 Pappy
Zoe Do, Olie Too
Zowie in the Middle 2003
Zowie's School Daze 2003

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