Gene Barry

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actor, producer
First name
Eugene Klass
Date of Birth
14. June 1919, Gemini, 102 years
New York, New York, USA
1.83 m


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A Capitol Affair 1971
A Cry for Love 1980
A Gathering of Guns 1989
A Grave Situation 1960
A Lesson in Violence 1961
A Little Gift for Cairo
A Love to Remember 1970
A Matter of Honor 1959
A Noose Fits Anybody 1958
A Personal Matter 1959
A Picture of Death 1960
A Place on the Bay 1956
A Sister from Napoli 1971
A Time to Die 1960
A Very Important Russian Is Missing
Acting Director 1956
Action! 1972
Ain't No Time for Glory 1957
Alaska Seas 1954
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1955
All the Old Familiar Faces 1970
Amalgamation 1956
Amos Burke, Secret Agent 1963
An Agent for the Plaintiff 1969
Angels in the Wings 1977
Anything for Money 1951
Appointment in Palermo 1971
Aquarius Descending 1970
Back from Eternity 1956
Balance of Terror
Barbary Castle 1960
Bat Masterson 1958
Bat Plays a Dead Man's Hand 1959
Bat Trap 1960
Battle of the Pass 1959
Bear Bait 1958
Blood on the Money 1960
Brunette Bombshell 1959
Buffalo Kill 1959
Bullwhacker's Bounty 1961
Burke's Law 1994
Catching Up/Warbling Out to You/Black Day at Black Rock 1981
Cattle and Cane 1960
Chevron Hall of Stars 1956
Cheyenne Club 1958
China Gate 1957
Collector's Edition 1968
Come Out Fighting 1960
Counterstrike 1972
Crossed Wires 1961
Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon 1970
Dagger Dance 1961
Dakota Showdown 1960
Dead Man's Claim 1961
Dead Men Don't Pay Debts 1959
Deadlier Than the Male
Deadline 1959
Deadlock 1972
Deadly Diamonds 1960
Dear Uncle George 1963
Death and Taxes 1959
Death by Decree 1960
Death by the Half Dozen 1960
Debt of Honor 1960
Do You Take This Stranger? 1971
Double Exposure 1973
Double Showdown 1958
Double Trouble in Trinidad 1959
Dude's Folly 1958
Dynamite Blows Two Ways 1958
Election Day 1959
End of the Line 1961
Episode #1.1 1970
Episode #1.23 1964
Episode #1.69 1967
Episode #1.70 1967
Episode #1.71 1967
Episode #1.72 1967
Episode #1.73 1967
Episode #10.33 1965
Episode #11.25 1959
Episode #14.31
Episode #2.16 1965
Episode #2.3 1950
Episode #2.7 1964
Episode #2.7 1959
Episode #20.22
Episode #3.13 1965
Episode #3.28 1966
Episode #3.31 1959
Episode #4.13 1959
Episode #4.30 1967
Episode #4.9 1959
Episode dated 3 May 1960 1960
Episode dated 30 March 1967 1967
Episode dated 5 August 1974 1974
Episode in Eden 1961
Farmer with a Badge 1961
Fear of High Places 1968
Flume to the Mother Lode 1960
Flying High 1951
Forty Guns 1957
Fox and the Wolf 1986
Full Fathom Five 1972
Garrison Finish 1959
General Sherman's March Through Dodge City 1958
Going, Going... 1973
Gold Is Where You Steal It 1960
Good-bye Harry 1969
Greatest Heroes of the Bible 1978
Guyana: Crime of the Century 1979
Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly? 1972
High Card 1969
High Card Loses 1960
High on a Rainbow 1968
Hong Kong Confidential 1958
Hula Angels 1981
I'll Get There Sometime 1973
Icons Are Forever 1973
Incident at Fort Bowie 1960
Incident in Berlin 1968
Incident in Leadville 1959
Isaac Gets Physical/She Brought Her Mother Along/Cold Feet 1982
Istanbul Express 1968
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 1955
Jeopardy at Jackson Hole 1961
Kraft Music Hall Presents: The Des O'Connor Show 1970
LA 2017 1971
Lady Luck 1959
Lady on the Rocks 1969
Last Stop to Austin 1960
Law of the Land 1960
Ledger of Guilt 1961
Library Quiz 1956
License to Cheat 1959
Lillian Russell/The Lagoon 1981
Little Bear Died Running 1970
Lola in Lipstick 1968
Lottery of Death 1959
Love Always, Magda 1972
Love-In at Ground Zero 1969
Make It a Million 1973
Man of Action 1959
Man of the People 1970
Marked Deck 1959
Maroc 7 1967
Masterson's Arcadia Club 1960
Meeting at Mimbers 1961
Miss Me Once, Miss Me Twice and Miss Me Once Again 1972
Mr. Boynton's Return 1956
Mr. Calloway Is a Very Cautious Man 1973
Mr. Fourpaws 1960
Mrs. Nestor's Boy Friend 1956
Murder Can Be Dangerous 1960
My Late Lover/Sanctuary 1981
Nailed Down 1955
Naked Alibi 1954
NBC Fall Preview 1958
NBC Television Opera Theatre 1950
Nearly the End of the Picture 1972
Nightmare 1968
Nightmare in the Sun
No Amnesty for Death 1961
No Funeral for Thorn 1959
One Bullet from Broken Bow 1959
One of the Girls in Research 1970
Operation Long Shadow
Or No Tomorrow
Our Miss Brooks 1952
Password to Death
Peace, It's a Gasser
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love 1987
Pigeon and Hawk 1960
Pineapple Rose 1968
Police Doctor 1958
Poor Little Rich Girl 1972
Prescription: Murder 1968
Promised Land 1959
Race the Comet 1955
Raffle Ticket 1956
Ransom for Alice! 1977
Red Garters 1954
Reservations 1987
Return to Sender 1972
Reunion 1956
River Boat 1959
Run for Your Money 1961
Salvage 1955
Science Fiction Theatre 1955
Seeds of April 1962
Shakedown at St. Joe 1959
Sharpshooter 1959
Shell Game 1987
Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil 1968
Six Feet of Gold 1960
Skeleton in the Cupboard 1972
Soldier of Fortune 1955
Somebody Doesn't Like Me 1973
Something About Love 1954
Spider Inc. 1955
Stage to Nowhere 1960
Stampede at Tent City 1958
Steam Heat
Subterfuge 1969
Target 1958
Target! 1972
Tarot 1970
Tempest at Tioga Pass 1961
Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 1
Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 2
Terror on the Trinity 1961
Test of Wills 1989
The 27th Day 1957
The Adventurer 1972
The Adventures of Nellie Bly 1981
The Apology 1977
The Atomic City 1952
The Big Gamble 1960
The Black Pearls 1959
The Blood Call 1950
The Blue Ribbon 1955
The Bobby Currier Story 1969
The Bradley Way 1972
The Broken Puzzle 1971
The Canvas and the Cane 1959
The Case of the Poisoned Pawn 1973
The Conspiracy: Part 1 1959
The Conspiracy: Part 2 1959
The Court Martial of Major Mars 1961
The Death of Bat Masterson 1959
The Desert Ship 1959
The Devil and Miss Sarah 1971
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show 1956
The Disappearance of Bat Masterson 1960
The Ed Sullivan Show 1948
The Elusive Baguette 1960
The Emissary 1969
The Fatal Garment 1961
The Fighter 1958
The Ford Television Theatre 1952
The Fourth Man 1961
The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw 1991
The Girl in Car Thirty-two 1954
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite 1981
The Girls of Pleasure Island 1953
The Good and the Bad 1961
The Good Book 1973
The Good Luck Kid 1956
The Great Land Purchase 1956
The Great Whodunit 1983
The Hollywood Palace 1964
The Hollywood Squares 1965
The Houston Story 1956
The Hunter 1960
The Incomparable Connie Walker 1969
The Inner Circle 1959
The Inquiry 1969
The Lady Plays Her Hand 1960
The Last of the Night Raiders 1960
The Lonely Path 1953
The Magnificent Gesture 1950
The Man Who Killed a Ghost 1971
The Man with the Power
The Man's Men
The Marble Slab 1961
The Milton Berle Show 1958
The Movie Game 1969
The Name of the Game 1968
The New Gym Instructor 1955
The Not-So Merry Widow 1973
The Old Team 1987
The Ordeal 1968
The Pendulum 1957
The Perfect Image 1969
The Pied Piper of Dodge City 1960
The Prescott Campaign 1961
The Price of Paradise 1961
The Prisoners of Mr. Sin
The Protector 1968
The Purple Mask 1955
The Rage of Princess Ann 1960
The Reluctant Witness 1960
The Revlon Revue 1960
The Revolutionary 1968
The Romany Knives 1959
The Second Coming of Suzanne 1974
The Secret Is Death 1959
The Showdown 1971
The Skeleton in the Closet 1956
The Snare 1960
The Solid Gold Hearse 1973
The Steve Carey Story 1955
The Take 1950
The Takeover 1970
The Taker 1968
The Third Choice 1969
The Time Is Now 1970
The Tradition 1970
The Treasure of Worry Hill 1958
The Tumbleweed Wagon 1959
The Walter Winchell File 1957
The War Merchants 1970
The War of the Worlds 1953
The Weapon
The Where Is It Written?/Julie's Aunt/Big Deal 1978
The White Birch 1968
The Witness 1957
The Women Who Dared 1956
The World Below 1955
These Old Broads 2001
Those Redheads from Seattle 1953
Threat to a Happy Ending 1957
Three Bullets for Bat 1960
Thrust and Counter Thrust 1972
Thunder Road 1958
Time and Teresa Golowitz 1987
Tiptoe Through TV 1960
To Each His Own 1954
To the Lowest Bidder 1973
To the Manner Born 1959
Touch of Spring 1955
Trail Pirate 1958
Treasure Hunt/Beauty Contest 1978
Triggers in Leash 1955
Turn Back the Clock 1989
Two Graves for Swan Valley 1958
Unfunny Girl 2000
Variety: The World of Show Biz 1960
Vicki and the Gambler/Love with a Skinny Stranger/That Old Gang of Mine 1981
Wanted: Alive Please 1960
Wanted: Dead 1959
War of the Worlds 2005
Welcome to Paradise 1960
Whatever Happened to Adriana, and Why Won't She Stay Dead?
White Lies 1956
Who Killed 1/2 of Glory Lee?
Who Killed 711?
Who Killed Alex Debbs?
Who Killed Alexander the Great? 1994
Who Killed Andy Zygmunt?
Who Killed Annie Foran?
Who Killed April?
Who Killed Avery Lord?
Who Killed Beau Sparrow?
Who Killed Billy Jo?
Who Killed Cable Roberts?
Who Killed Carrie Cornell?
Who Killed Cassandra Cass?
Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley? 1995
Who Killed Cop Robin?
Who Killed Cornelius Gilbert?
Who Killed Cynthia Royal?
Who Killed Davidian Jonas?
Who Killed Don Pablo?
Who Killed Eleanora Davis?
Who Killed Everybody?
Who Killed Good Time Charlie? 1994
Who Killed Hamlet?
Who Killed Harris Crown?
Who Killed His Royal Highness?
Who Killed Holly Howard?
Who Killed Jason Shaw?
Who Killed Julian Buck?
Who Killed Lenore Wingfield?
Who Killed Madison Cooper?
Who Killed Marty Kelso?
Who Killed Merlin the Great?
Who Killed Molly?
Who Killed Mother Goose?
Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel?
Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?
Who Killed Mr. Game Show? 1995
Who Killed Mr. X?
Who Killed My Girl?
Who Killed Nick Hazard? 1994
Who Killed Nobody Somehow?
Who Killed Purity Mather?
Who Killed Romeo? 1994
Who Killed Rosie Sunset?
Who Killed Skippy's Master? 1994
Who Killed Snooky Martinelli?
Who Killed Supersleuth?
Who Killed Sweet Betsy?
Who Killed the Anchorman? 1994
Who Killed the Beauty Queen? 1994
Who Killed the Card?
Who Killed the Centerfold? 1995
Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World?
Who Killed the Fashion King? 1994
Who Killed the Fat Cat?
Who Killed the Gadget Man? 1995
Who Killed the Grand Piano?
Who Killed the Highest Bidder? 1995
Who Killed the Hollywood Headshrinker? 1995
Who Killed the Horne of Plenty?
Who Killed the Host at the Roast? 1994
Who Killed the Jackpot?
Who Killed the Kind Doctor?
Who Killed the King of the Country Club? 1995
Who Killed the Legal Eagle? 1994
Who Killed the Lifeguard? 1995
Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?
Who Killed the Motor Car Maverick? 1995
Who Killed the Movie Mogul? 1995
Who Killed the Paper Dragon?
Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband?
Who Killed the Rest?
Who Killed the Richest Man in the World?
Who Killed the Romance? 1994
Who Killed the Soap Star? 1994
Who Killed the Starlet? 1994
Who Killed the Strangler?
Who Killed the Surf Broad?
Who Killed the Sweet Smell of Success? 1995
Who Killed the Swinger on a Hook?
Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?
Who Killed the Tennis Ace? 1995
Who Killed the Thirteenth Clown?
Who Killed the Toy Maker? 1995
Who Killed the Toy Soldier?
Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef? 1995
Who Killed Vaudeville?
Who Killed Wade Walker?
Who Killed What's His Name?
Who Killed WHO IV?
Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?
Who'll Bury My Violence? 1959
Why I Blew Up Dakota 1970
You've Got a Friend 1988

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The Second Coming of Suzanne 1974

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