Frank D. Gilroy

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director, writer, producer, story writer
Frank Gilroy, Bert Blessing
Date of Birth
13. October 1925, Libra, 95 years
New York, New York, USA


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Directed by
Desperate Characters 1971
From Noon Till Three 1976
Money Plays 1997
Nero Wolfe 1979
Once in Paris... 1978
The Gig 1985
The Luckiest Man in the World 1989
The Turning Point of Jim Malloy 1975

A Bit of Love 1955
A Christmas Carol 1953
A Little Gift for Cairo
A Marriage Made in Heaven 1954
A Matter of Opinion 1953
A Matter of Pride 1957
A Very Important Russian Is Missing
Albert 1954
All Our Yesterdays 1954
Amos Burke, Secret Agent 1963
Armstrong Circle Theatre 1950
Autumn Crocus 1955
Balance of Terror
Beginning Now 1955
Billy Budd 1955
Blind Alley 1954
Burke's Law 1994
Burlesque 1954
Candle Light 1955
Coquette 1955
Cynara 1955
Deadlier Than the Male
Death Is a Spanish Dancer 1955
Delicate Story 1954
Deliver Me from Evil 1954
Desperate Characters 1971
Disneyland 1954
Drama '62: A Question of Pride 1962
End of a Young Gun 1958
Episode dated 15 August 1956
Erricka 1955
Fireside Theatre 1949
Forty Weeks of Uncle Tom 1954
From Noon Till Three 1976
Glorious Morning 1954
Guest in the House 1954
Gundown at Sandoval 1959
Home at Seven 1954
Hung for a Sheep 1955
Icewater Please 1954
Jinxed! 1982
Johnny Came Home 1953
Kitty Foyle 1954
Kraft Television Theatre 1953
Life and Taxes 1955
Lux Video Theatre 1950
Matinee Theatre 1955
Money Plays 1997
Mother Is Watching 1955
Mr. Simmons 1954
Murder of a Sand Flea 1956
My Son, the Doctor 1954
Nero Wolfe 1979
Next Year 1953
Nightmare in the Sun
No Riders 1955
Nothing Personal 1954
Once in Paris... 1978
One Can't Help Feeling Sorry 1956
Operation Long Shadow
Or No Tomorrow
Password to Death
Peace, It's a Gasser
Petticoat Fever 1954
Philip Goes Forth 1954
Playhouse 90 1956
Point of No Return 1958
Professor Jones and the Missing Link 1954
Prologue to Glory 1955
Run for the Money 1954
Run for the Money 1957
See You on Sunday 1954
Sincerely, Willis Wayde 1956
Spring 1600 1954
Steam Heat
Studio One in Hollywood 1948
Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 1
Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 2
Texas John Slaughter 1958
Texas John Slaughter: Ambush in Laredo 1958
Texas John Slaughter: Killers from Kansas 1959
Texas John Slaughter: Showdown at Sandoval 1959
The Apple Tree 1953
The Bishop Misbehaves 1954
The Bitter Wind 1953
The Consul 1954
The Cornered Man 1955
The Cruel Time 1953
The Dashing White Sergeant 1954
The Day the Diner Closed 1954
The Dick Powell Show 1961
The Fascinating Stranger 1955
The Fastest Gun Alive 1956
The Forger 1955
The Fourth Headstone 1958
The Gallant Hours 1960
The Gentle Grafter 1956
The Gig 1985
The Giveaway Gun 1958
The Glass Parlor 1955
The Hickory Limb 1955
The House on Woldwodd Lane 1954
The Last Notch 1954
The Last Summer 1958
The Legacy 1960
The Luckiest Man in the World 1989
The Man Who Made the Kaiser Laugh 1954
The Man with the Power
The Man's Men
The Oath of Hippocrates 1954
The Only Game in Town 1970
The Passionate Bystander 1954
The Patsy 1953
The Prisoners of Mr. Sin
The Protégé 1958
The Rugged Mountains 1955
The Second Chance 1955
The Shining Palace 1954
The Silver Box 1955
The Subject Was Roses 1968
The Thinking Heart--A Lincoln Biography 1954
The Turning Point of Jim Malloy 1975
The Uncrossed River 1954
The United States Steel Hour 1953
The Ways of Courage 1955
The Weapon
The Wednesday Wish 1953
The White Carnation 1953
The Worried Songbirds 1954
Thirty, Honey, Thirty 1955
Thunder Rock 1955
Time of the Drought 1954
Uncle Ed and Circumstances 1955
Uncle Harry 1954
Unequal Contest 1954
Up Jumped the Devil 1961
Wanted: Dead or Alive 1958
Wednesday's Child 1954
Whatever Happened to Adriana, and Why Won't She Stay Dead?
Who Killed 1/2 of Glory Lee?
Who Killed 711?
Who Killed Alex Debbs?
Who Killed Andy Zygmunt?
Who Killed Annie Foran?
Who Killed April?
Who Killed Avery Lord?
Who Killed Beau Sparrow?
Who Killed Billy Jo?
Who Killed Cable Roberts?
Who Killed Carrie Cornell?
Who Killed Cassandra Cass?
Who Killed Cop Robin?
Who Killed Cornelius Gilbert?
Who Killed Cynthia Royal?
Who Killed Davidian Jonas?
Who Killed Don Pablo?
Who Killed Eleanora Davis?
Who Killed Everybody?
Who Killed Hamlet?
Who Killed Harris Crown?
Who Killed His Royal Highness?
Who Killed Holly Howard?
Who Killed Jason Shaw?
Who Killed Julian Buck?
Who Killed Julie Greer? 1961
Who Killed Lenore Wingfield?
Who Killed Madison Cooper?
Who Killed Marty Kelso?
Who Killed Merlin the Great?
Who Killed Molly?
Who Killed Mother Goose?
Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel?
Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?
Who Killed Mr. X?
Who Killed My Girl?
Who Killed Nobody Somehow?
Who Killed Purity Mather?
Who Killed Rosie Sunset?
Who Killed Snooky Martinelli?
Who Killed Supersleuth?
Who Killed Sweet Betsy?
Who Killed the Anchorman? 1994
Who Killed the Card?
Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World?
Who Killed the Fat Cat?
Who Killed the Grand Piano?
Who Killed the Horne of Plenty?
Who Killed the Jackpot?
Who Killed the Kind Doctor?
Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?
Who Killed the Movie Mogul? 1995
Who Killed the Paper Dragon?
Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband?
Who Killed the Rest?
Who Killed the Richest Man in the World?
Who Killed the Strangler?
Who Killed the Surf Broad?
Who Killed the Sweet Smell of Success? 1995
Who Killed the Swinger on a Hook?
Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?
Who Killed the Thirteenth Clown?
Who Killed the Toy Soldier?
Who Killed Vaudeville?
Who Killed Wade Walker?
Who Killed What's His Name?
Who Killed WHO IV?
Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?

Produced by
Desperate Characters 1971
Once in Paris... 1978
The Gig 1985

Story by
From Noon Till Three 1976

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