Ellen-Ray Hennessy

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Ellen Ray Snow, Ellen Ray-Hennessy, Ellen Ray-Hennessey, Ellen Ray, Ellen-Ray Hennessey, Ellen-Ray Snow


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A Bridge Too Weak 1999
A Favour Returned
A Paste of Evil/Lost and Unfounded 2006
A Spot of Trouble 1999
ALF Tales 1988
All Hat 2007
All You Got 2004
Babar: King of the Elephants 1999
Battle Plans 1999
Battlefield Marshank 2002
Be Careful What You Wish For... 1996
Before You Say 'I Do' 2009
Big Bubbles, No Troubles/Mr. Congeniality 2006
Blaster's Universe 1999
Blizzard 2003
Blood Money 1995
Body Eclectic 1999
Body Language 1996
Caged Fury 1994
Can I Sleep in My Tent?
Captain Snow 1999
Car 54, Where Are You? 1994
Cluny the Scourge: Part 1
Cluny the Scourge: Part 2
Cluny's Clowns 1999
Clutch 1998
Cousin 'O' Mine 1994
Daddy's Little Girl/Fool's Gold 1987
Dam Busters/School Daze 1987
Dark City 1994
Dark Deception 1994
Dial 'E' for Edamame/Point Breakin'
Ding-Dong Danger/Itchy Eye Zen 2006
Dinner Combo C 2006
Don't Fear the Curdler/The Short Short
Doody Calls/Rotten Yam 2006
Double Trouble/Outfoxing the Foxes 1987
Egg in Your Face/Cry Me a Pond 2006
Episode #1.10
Episode #1.5
F/X: The Series 1996
Feathered Friends and Foes
Felldoh's Revenge 2002
Forty Winks of Fury/More Walkie, Less Talkie 2006
Found ... and Lost
Founders Keeper/Little Ms. Woodkeeper 1987
Freedom and Monsters 2002
From Marsh to Mountain Heights 2002
Garbage Pail Kids 1989
Give Peas a Chance/Stop Making Cents 2006
Grace Under Pressure/Cooking Up Trouble 1987
Gym Nausium 1999
Hairy Carry/Here's Lunchtime! 2006
Ham & Cheese 2004
Happy Birth-Daze/A Very Taxing Cab 2006
Happy Birthday, Nancy 1995
Happy Friend Time/New Extreme Orange Flavour 2006
Harry Ace Reporter!
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 2005
He Walks Again 1994
Here Come the Brides/Hoppily Ever After 1987
Heroes and Fools 2002
High Standards 1999
High-Heeled Heel/Moustache Friday 2006
Hip to Be Bear/Feud for Thought 1987
Hollywood Flies 2004
Holy Teriyaki!/Don't Heebie My Jeebies 2006
Honey I Shrunk the Tamago/Counter Intelligence 2006
Hot Potato Jam/Chop Sockey Shoppy 2006
Hotel Transylvania: The Television Series 2017
I Wish It Would Stop Raining
Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash/Justin Cleans Up 2006
If Wishes Were Horses 2002
Iggy vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole 2007
Immortality of Evil 1994
In Pursuit of the Wolf 1994
Inferno 1998
It's a Boy Girl Thing / It's a Boy/Girl Thing 2006
Junkoid Zone Aliens/Batteries Not Included 2006
Karaoke Okey-Dokey/Wasabi by Nature 2006
Kinky Kong/Chris Messin' August 2006
Kissy Kissy Kiss/18 Friends, That Depends 2006
Know It All/Beauty and the Beast 1987
Krappy Kingdom/Taxi on My Backsy 2006
Look Ma, No Powers!/Soap Springs Eternal
Luvliner 1999
Martin the Warrior: A Tale of Redwall 2001
Math Schmath 1999
Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall 2000
Maybe Next Tuesday/Wad's the Problem? 2006
Me First
Meatloaf in the Middle/What's Wrong with This Picture? 2006
Mercy 2000
Mind Over Manners 1999
Miso in Love/Wormhole in One 2006
Misplaced Weekend 1999
Missing Memories 1995
Monkey See, Monkey Scratch/All the Rice Moves 2006
Monster Force 1994
My Addiction 1994
My Summer Vacation 1996
Nancy Drew 1996
New Friends and Old Enemies 2002
Nowhere to Hide 1999
Oops! The Disaster Movie/The House That Dripped Crud 2006
Operation Morning Light 1994
Par for the Course/Nuttin' Goin' On 2006
Paste of Evil 2006
Perfectly Normal 1991
Perl in the Toplands
Perseus: The Search for Medusa 1998
Phantom of the Megaplex 2000
Pie Fight at the Okee Dokee Corral/Honest Abe Has a Close Shave 2006
Place Your Order/Don't Lose Face 2006
Prisoner of Kaliaga 1994
Raging Bullpen/Food for Thought 2006
Readin' the Bowl
Really Amelia/Boy's Intuition 1987
Redwall 1999
Rent-a-Kid 1995
Return of the Creature from the Black Lagoon 1994
Return to Redwall
Rock On/Dances with Tuna 2006
Rolie Polie Olie: The Baby Bot Chase 2003
Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun 2002
Rose of Noonvale 2002
Sand in Bikini Problem/Hello Kitty, Goodbye Happiness 2006
Savage Stuart the Barbarian/Green Dean Goes Out of His Bean 2006
Secret Roommate Man 2006
Sign of the Dragon 1994
Situation Vacation 1999
Slagar the Slayer
Sons of Butcher 2005
Sparra's Kingdom 1999
Spinnin' the Yarn 2006
Stalking the Beast 1994
Stand by Your Dad/My Brother's Keeper 1987
Stressed to Impress 1998
Supernerd/Mona Loser 2006
Sylvanian Families 1987
T-Shirt Swapper Go Home/Underwear Under Where? 2006
Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story 1992
The Abyss
The Bear Facts/Fraidy Cats 1987
The Conspiracy of Fear 1996
The Dancer and the Dance 1990
The Dumb Bunnies 1998
The Final Conflict
The Great Escapes 2002
The Katcho Hat Show/Poltergoof 2006
The Magician Revealed
The Play's the Thing 2002
The Rage of Frankenstein's Bride 1994
The Return of the Mummy 1994
The Ring 2018
The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom 2006
The Visitor
The Way of Woo/Anty Past-Toe
The Wheel Thing/Muddy Waters 1987
The Yam and I/Darling You Look Meow-velous
The Yolk's on You/Joystick of Jeopardy 2006
There's No Place Like Home/Tough Enough 1987
To Be a Warrior
Treachery 1999
Tunnel Vision 2002
Two Tons of Love/Lost in Transportation 2006
What's for Breakfast?
Where the Little Folk Go
Who Cut the Chi?/Dinner Combo 'C' 2006
Whoop, There It Isn't/Win, Place or Toe 2006
Workin' the Steel 2006
You're History 1999
Zero Hour 1996

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