Don Messick

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Other works
actor, producer
Donald Messick
Date of Birth
7. September 1926, Virgo
Buffalo, New York, USA
Date of Death
24. October 1997, 71 years


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'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy 1987
20,000 Little Leaguers Under the Sea/Malice in Blunder-Land/Buffalo Billy
A Bear Living/Remember Your Lions/Ha-Choo to You! 1961
A Bear Pair/Fraidy Cat Lion/Easter Duck 1961
A Bicycle Built for Boo! 1988
A Cat's Eye View 1992
A Christmas Story 1972
A Circus for Baby 1984
A Clue for Scooby Doo 1969
A Ditch in Time 1990
A Ditch in Time 1992
A Fish Called Snappy/The Smurf Odyssey 1989
A Flintstones Christmas Carol 1994
A Float Full of Smurfs/Smurfette's Sweet Tooth 1984
A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts 1969
A Gift for Papa's Day 1983
A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger 1970
A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle 1984
A Hatful of Rabbit 1970
A Honey of a Robbery 1985
A House for Nanny 1988
A Hug for Grouchy/The Magic Rattle 1983
A Laurel and Hardy Cartoon 1966
A Little Smurf Confidence/Hogatha's Heartthrob 1983
A Long Tale for Grandpa/Where the Wild Smurfs Are 1987
A Loss of Smurf 1986
A Matter of Conscience/Grape Expectations: Part 2/Top Ten 1994
A Maze of Mirrors 1988
A Menace in Venice 1978
A Mere Truffle 1982
A Message to Marcia 1958
A Monster Among Us 1978
A Myna Problem/The Horn of Plenty 1986
A Night Louse at the White House 1984
A Night of Fright Is No Delight 1970
A Pearl of a Game 1971
A Prime Problem 1985
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 1988
A Quack in the Quarks 1992
A Quack in the Quarks 1990
A Royal Pain/Nothing to Sneeze At 1986
A Scarey Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul/E*I*E*I*O 1984
A Small Matter of Pygmies 1964
A Spooky Little Ghoul Like You 1985
A Sticky Affair 1970
A Tale of Two Thieves 1984
A Tiki Scare Is No Fair 1970
A Trip to the Schmoon/Grime Doesn't Pay/Beany's Buffalo Hunt
A Weighty Problem 1970
A Witch in Time 1971
A Wooin' Bruin/Spring Hits a Snag/Duck Seasoning 1961
Abbott & Costello 1967
Acapulco and England
Accidentally on Purpose/Amusement Park Lark/Dum de Dum Dum 1963
Acme Cable TV 1991
Acrobatty Yogi/Jangled Jungle/Shrunken Headache 1961
Aerial Assault 1985
Africa and San Francisco
Ain't I a Little Stinger/The Warring 20's/Beany and Cecil Meet the Invisible Man
Ain't That a Cork in the Snorkel/Makes a Sea Serpent Sore/So What and the Seven Whatnots
Airlift 1964
Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This? 1966
Alien Alan 1972
All Hail Goddess Melody 1972
All Hallows' Eve/The Littlest Witch 1983
All That Glitters Isn't Smurf/Dreamy's Nightmare 1981
All the News That's Fit to Smurf 1987
All the Smurf's a Stage/Smurfs on Wheels 1986
All This and Timbuktu 1981
All Wong in Hong Kong 1970
All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy 1982
Alvin Brickrock Presents 1961
Amusement Park Amazement 1966
Animal Follies 1988
Animaniacs! 1990
Anything You Can Zoo 1972
Ape Scrape/Hoots and Saddles/Aladdin's Lampoon 1963
April Smurf's Day/The Magic Stick 1983
Arabian Knights 1980
Archives of Evil 1988
Arctic Splashdown 1964
Around the World in 80 Ways 1981
Ask Mr. Popular 1990
Astro-nut Huck/Crew Cat/Hokey in the Pokey 1960
Athens, Greece and the Ozarks
Atlantis, Arise! 1985
Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant 1965
Attack of the Autobots 1985
Attack of the Sea Hag/Happy Anniversary 1987
Attack of the Stone Creatures 1978
Attack of the Tree People 1965
Autobot Spike 1985
B.C.: The First Thanksgiving 1973
B.O.T. 1986
Babes in Sea Land 1966
Babes in Wartland/The Smurf-Walk Cafe 1984
Baby Chase/Crazy Cat Capers/Rapid Rabbit 1963
Baby Smurf Is Missing/The Smurfs' Time Capsule 1983
Baby's First Christmas/Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep 1983
Baby's New Toy/Bringing Up Bigfeet 1986
Bachelor Buttons/Double Trouble/Touché at Bat 1962
Backstage Scooby/A Special Talent/Scooby's House of Mystery/Villians Incorporated/Sweet Dreams Scooby/Bye-Bye Baby 1981
Bailey's Comets 1973
Ball Maul 1966
Balloon Buffoon/Wooden Nickels/Touché's Last Stand 1963
Balmy Swami/Camouflage Hop-Aroo 1969
Bananas Over Hefty/The Smurfs of the Round Table 1989
Bank Pranks 1964
Barbecue Hound/Duck in Luck 1959
Barely Working 1991
Barnstormers/Shape Up or Ship Out 1969
Bars and Stripes/Meece Missiles/Bring 'Em Back a Live One 1961
Batty Bear/Tail Wag Snag/Dog Pounded 1961
Beach Brawl 1966
Bean Pod'ners 1961
Beany and the Jackstalk/The Humbug/Custard's Last Stand
Beany Blows His Top/Beany Flips His Lid/The Fleastone Kop Kaper
Beany Meets the Monstrous Monster/Tommy Hawk/Yo Ho and a Bubble of Gum
Beany's Beany-Cap Copter/The Indiscreet Squeet/The Phantom of the Horse Opera
Bear Foot Soldiers/Royal Rodent/Judo Ex-Expert 1961
Bear with Me/Hick Hikers/Takes Two to Tangle 1962
Bearface Disguise/Twice Shy/Happy Birthdaze 1961
Bears and Bees/Paws for Applause/Duck Hunting 1961
Bedlam in the Big Top 1969
Best o' Plucky Duck Day 1992
Best o' Plucky Duck Day 1990
Bewitched, Bothered and Be-Smurfed 1981
Big Game 1964
Big Mouth's Roommate/Bungling Babysitters 1988
Big Shot Smurfs/No Reflection on Vanity 1989
Biggest Show-Off on Earth/Knights and Daze/Whistle-Stop and Go 1961
Bigmouth Smurf/Baby's Enchanted Didey 1984
Bigmouth's Friend/Wild and Wooly 1985
Bird Brained 1965
Bird House Blues/Prize Fight Fright 1959
Birdman 1967
Birdman Meets Reducto 1967
Birdman Vs Cumulus the Storm King 1967
Birthday Grievings/Tiny Troubles/Dragon Feat 1963
Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst 1978
Blaster Blues 1985
Blue Whale 1971
Booby Trapped Bear/Feud for Thought/Hop, Duck and Listen 1961
Bookworm Smurf/Farmer's Genii 1986
Born Rotten/The Tear of a Smurf 1983
Brave Tales of Real Rabbits 1991
Breakfast at Greedy's/The Secret of Shadow Swamp 1984
Bright Lights, Bright Eyes/Dog and Caterpillar 1987
Bubble Trouble/Easy Doesn't It/The Shoe Must Go on 1963
Bubble, Bubble, Smurfs in Trouble/Smurf Van Winkle 1982
Bullfighter Huck/Bombay Mouse/The Glass Sneaker 1961
Bully for Atom Ant 1966
Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian 1991
Buster and the Wolverine 1990
Buster's Directorial Debut 1992
By Rollercoaster to Upsan Downs/The Speedy Arkansas Traveller 1968
Bye-Bye, Blackbeard 1980
C B Bears 1977
C. B. Buddies 1979
Calamity on the Campus 1978
Calcutta Adventure 1964
Calico Clones 1979
California or Bust/Smile the Wild/You Bug Me 1962
Call Me Responsible 1984
Calling Dr. Smurf/Can't Smurf the Music 1986
Camera Shy Guy/Egg Experts/Kat-Napped 1963
Can We Talk? 1984
Can't Keep a Secret Agent 1966
Candle Jack/Toby Danger in Doomsday Bet/The Lobe 1995
Captain Kidd's Doubloons 1972
Car Thieves/Zoo Story 1974
Career Oppor-Toon-ities 1990
Carnage in C-Minor 1986
Carnival 1971
Carpet Bragger/Together Mess/Peace and Riot 1963
Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue 1990
Casper's First Christmas 1979
Castaway Smurfs/Legendary Smurfs 1987
Catcher on the Sly/The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham/The Wrath of Waitro 1991
Cattanooga Cats 1969
Cave Smurfs 1989
Caveman Huck/Jinks' Jinx/Movies Are Bitter Than Ever 1961
Cecil's Comical Strip/Beany's Resid-Jewels/Wot the Heck
Challenge of the SuperFriends 1978
Changing Gears 1985
Charlotte's Web / E.B. White's Charlotte's Web 1973
Cheery Cheery Beany/Nya Ha Ha/The Singing Swinging Sea Serpent
Chickenstein Lives! 1989
Chili Today and Hot Tamale 1970
Chip Off the Old Smurfs 1983
Christmas Flintstone 1964
Christmas Is 1970
Cinemaniacs! 1990
Circus Ruckus 1965
Citizen Max 1990
City of Brass 1967
City of Steel 1985
Clockwork Smurfette/I Was a Brainy Weresmurf 1987
Clockwork's Powerplay/Clumsy in Command 1988
Cluck and Dagger/Mouse for Rent/Too Much to Bear 1960
Clucking Crazy 1988
Clumsy Luck/Willpower Smurfs 1983
Clumsy Smurfs the Future 1982
Coast-to-Ghost 1985
Cock-A Doodle Huck/Jiggers... It's Jinks!/High Fly Guy 1958
Come Back Little Magilla 1964
Come Blow Your Dough 1964
Comedy Cowboys 1974
Conquerors of the Future 1978
Cooler, Come Back 1987
Cosmic Condors 1966
Cosmic Rust 1985
Costume Party 1971
Crash & Carry 1966
Creature Feature/Map Sap/Aliblabber and the Forty Thieves 1963
Creature King/The Treemen/The Lizard Slavers 1966
Cub Scout Boo Boo/Having a Bowl/School Fool 1961
Curiosity Shop 1971
Curried Smurfs 1989
Curse of the Collar 1989
Dancing Bear/Gargamel's Last Will 1987
Dark Paw Under Wraps 1985
Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines 1969
Date of Disaster/A Little Time Off/The Longest Doze 1993
Dating, Acme Acres Style 1990
Davey Cricket/Strange Objects/The Capture of Tear-a-Long the Dotted Lion
Day of the Machines 1985
Deadly Junket 1986
Decoy for a Dognapper 1969
Deep Sea Doodle 1965
Defective Story 1966
Demon in the Bottle 1967
Denisa's Greedy Doll/Denisa's Slumber Party 1988
Desertion of the Dinobots: Part 1 1985
Devil's Asteroid 1984
Diamonds Are Forever 1971
Dina-Sore 1966
Dinky Jinks/Bear on a Picnic 1959
Dino Goes Hollyrock 1962
Dinobot Island I 1985
Dinobot Island II 1985
Disguise and Gals/Remember the Daze/Foxy Proxy 1961
Disguise the Limit/Hamlet Lays an Egg/The Magic Ring Act/The Fly/Snow Biz/The Great Dirtini 1981
Divide and Conquer 1984
Do or Diet/The Roaring Lion/Railroaded Duck 1961
Doctor Dolittle 1970
Dog Gone Scooby 1989
Dog-napped in Space 1966
Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests 1988
Don't Count on a Countess 1971
Don't Fool with a Phantom 1970
Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear 1978
Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear 1978
Doom Service/A Code in the Nose 1984
Doomsday 1978
Dopey Dakota Derby/Dash to Delaware 1968
Dot and Keeto 1986
Dot and the Whale 1986
Double Danger 1964
Double Jeopardy 1981
Double Trouble 1972
Dr. Disguiso/The Incredible Mr. Shrink 1974
Dr. Evil and Mr. Nice/The Root of Evil 1986
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse/Payday Mayday/How to Drive a Human Crazy 1993
Dr. Lo Has Got to Go 1976
Dragon Master 1965
Dragon Train/Ten Feet Tall and Wet/Dirty Pool
Dragon-Slayer Huck/The Stout Trout 1958
Dragons of Ashida 1964
Drak Pack 1980
Dreamy's Pen Pals/Papa's Flying Bed 1985
Droop-a-Long Yogi/Rent and Rave/Witch Duckter 1961
Droopy Dragon/See-Saw/Whale of a Tale 1962
Droopy: Master Detective 1993
Ducklahoma/Video Game Blues/Yakety Yak/Party Crasher Plucky 1992
DuckTales 1987
Dynamite Fright/Outer Space Case/Growing, Growing Gone 1961
Dynomutt Dog Wonder 1978
Egging Dark Paw On 1985
Egypt and Sherwood Forest
El Kabong Was Wrong/Dough Nutty/Gem Jam 1961
Elephant Issues 1991
Enter the Nightbird 1985
Episode #1.1 1981
Episode #1.10 1981
Episode #1.11 1981
Episode #1.2 1981
Episode #1.3 1981
Episode #1.3 1973
Episode #1.4 1973
Episode #1.4 1981
Episode #1.5 1981
Episode #1.6 1981
Episode #1.7 1981
Episode #1.8 1981
Episode #1.9 1981
Episode dated 10 September 1962 1962
Episode dated 28 June 1971 1971
Escape Artist/Map Happy/Lake Serpent 1962
Europe in 30 Minutes 1990
Every Picture Smurfs a Story 1983
Expectant Papa 1972
Eye of the Idol 1972
Fairy Godmother 1964
Fairy Tale of Doom 1978
False Alarm/Show Use/High Goon 1963
False Alarms 1966
Fantastic Max 1988
Farewell, Mr. Dibble 1962
Fashion Smashin! 1991
Fast Gun Huck/Kind to Meeces Week/Booty on the Bounty 1960
Fastest Ant in the West 1965
Fe Fi Fo Fum/All Riot on the Northern Front/The Volunteers 1964
Ferocious Flea 1965
Fields of Honey
Fields of Honey 1990
Fight or Flee 1986
Filling Buddy's Shoes 1984
Fire in the Sky 1984
Fireman Huck/Jinks Junior 1958
Fjords and Sorcery 1981
Flintstone of Prinstone 1961
Florida and China
Fly by Knights/There's No Fool Like a Re-Fuel 1969
Follow That Feather/Operation Anvil 1969
Foofur 1986
For Letter or Worse 1988
For the Love of Gargamel/The A-Maze-ing Smurfs 1982
Forget-Me-Smurfs/The Grumpy Gremlin 1983
Fortune Cookie/Imperial Panda-Monium 1989
Foul Feather Fiend/Sassette's Hive 1987
Foul Play in Funland 1969
Fox Trot 1992
Foxhound Hounded Fox/Riverboat Shuffled/Masquerader Raider 1959
Frame and Fortune/Charge of the Fright Brigade/Roll-A-Ghoster 1962
France and Australia
Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles 1966
Freakazoid! 1995
Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo 1979
Fred and Barney Meet the Thing 1979
Fred Flintstone: Before and After 1961
Fred Meets Hercurock 1965
Fred's Flying Lesson 1965
Fred's Island 1966
Freeway Patrol/Little Bird-Mouse/Tally Ho Ho Ho 1958
From Bad to Verse/Kong and the Counterfeiters 1974
Funny Bunny 1971
Fur Out Furlough/Sappy Birthday 1969
Future Smurfed/Crying Smurfs 1986
Fuzzle Trouble/Smurfette's Dancing Shoes 1981
G'Day Smoogle/Grandpa's Fountain of Youth 1989
G.I. Joe 1985
Galtar and the Golden Lance 1985
Gang Busters 1990
Garbage Night: The Musical 1987
Garfield and Friends 1988
Gargamel's Dummy/Smurf on the Run 1986
Gargamel's New Job 1986
Gargamel's Quest/Gargamel's Second Childhood 1987
Gargamel's Sweetheart 1987
Gator-Baiter/Hard Luck Hardy/Sea for Two 1963
Gator-Imitator/Monster Mix-Up/Haunting License 1963
Gator-Napper/Water-Melon Felon/Zero Hero 1962
Gem-A-Go-Go 1965
Genial Genie/The Gangsters All Here/Duck the Music 1961
Genie Without a Lamp 1985
Get That Letter Back 1970
Ghost Ship 1979
Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner 1988
Ghosts of the Ancient Astronauts 1984
Give Me a Hand: Something's Afoot 1981
Gladiator Gator/Chow You Feelings/Robin Hoodlum 1963
Gleesome Threesome/Live and Lion/Dog Flight 1961
Gnoman Holiday 1989
Go Away Ghost Ship 1969
Go West Young Ant 1966
Gobs of Gobaloons 1971
Going Places 1991
Going Up/Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Even/Never Too Late to Loon 1992
Golden Lagoon 1985
Goldfisher/Green Thumb 1974
Gone with the Wand 1981
Good Neighbor Smurf/The Smurfstone Quest 1983
Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip 1984
Gopher Broke/Ole Fuddy Duds/Waterloo for Two 1963
Gormandizing Greedy/Waste Not, Smurf Not 1982
Gosh Zilla/Phoney Pony/Thumb Hero 1963
Gourmet Gator/Me-My-Mine/Tenderfoot Turtle 1963
Grandma Goody/Candle Power 1974
Grandpa's Nemesis 1988
Granny's Royal Ruckus 1971
Greece Is the Word 1981
Greedy and the Porridge Pot/Harmony Steals the Show 1983
Greedy's Masterpizza/The Monumental Grouch 1989
Gridiron Gorilla 1964
Grim Pilgrim/Sour Puss/Show Biz Bear 1959
Grindhog Day 1991
Griswald 1962
Groovey Movie 1964
Grouchy Makes a Splash 1986
Guess Who's Knott Coming to Dinner? 1972
Guesting Games 1961
Gulliver's Travels 1979
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 1971
Handle with Care 1966
Handy's Sweetheart 1983
Handy's Window Vision/Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf 1986
Happy Birthday, Scooby-Doo 1984
Hardhat Scooby/Money Talks/Hothouse Scooby/Mischief Movie/Pigskin Scooby/An Ordinary Day 1981
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow 1990
Hare-Raising Night 1990
Harlem Globe Trotters 1970
Hassle in the Castle 1969
Hat's Off to Yogi 1991
Hats Off to Smurfs/The Noble Stag 1983
Haunted House Hang-Up 1970
Haunted Inheritance 1979
Haunted Planet 1967
Haunted Smurf/The Purple Smurfs 1981
Have Plane Will Travel/Windy Windmill 1969
Hawaii Here We Come 1961
Hawaiian Escapade 1962
He Who Smurfs Last/Baby's First Word 1985
Heart of Gold/The Village Vandal 1986
Heathcliff 1980
Heavenly Smurfs/It Came from Outer Smurf 1982
Heavy Metal War 1984
Hefty Sees a Serpent 1989
Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! 1971
Henny Youngman Day 1991
Her Wacky Highness 1990
Here Comes the Schmoe Boat/Tain't Cricket, Cricket/Cecil Always Saves the Day
Here's Hamton 1991
Hero by Trade/The Illegal Eagle Egg/Cecil Gets Careless
Hero Hamton 1990
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear 1964
Hi-Jackers/Giant Ants/The Lure 1966
High Fly Guy 1965
High Fly Guys 1966
High Flying Hippo 1970
High Rise Hair Raiser/Everyone Hyde! 1976
High Toon 1991
Hillbilly Bully 1966
Hillbilly Huck/Missile Bound Cat/Castle Hassle 1960
Hog Wild Hamton 1991
Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep/Mummy Dearest 1989
Hokum Smokum/Hypnotize Surprise 1959
Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby 1993
Hollywood Plucky 1990
Hollywood Plucky 1992
Home Sweet Jellystone/Diaper Desperado/Oh Duckter 1961
Hong Kong Phooey 1974
Hookey Daze/Jinks Flying Carpet 1959
Hopping Cough Smurfs/The Little Orange Horse with the Gold Shoes 1984
Horror Hostess/Newsworthy Wade 1994
Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece 1990
Horror-Scope Scoob 1985
Hot Dog Hannah 1970
Hot Lips Hannigan 1960
Hot Rod Hardy 1966
Hound of the Scoobyvilles/The Dinosaur Deception 1983
How Green Was My Lawn Mower 1966
How Now Bow Wow 1965
How to Smurf a Rainbow/Smurfette for a Day 1983
Huck and Ladder/Jinksed Jinks/Who's Zoo 1960
Huck de Paree/Magician Jinks/Chock Full Chuck Wagon 1961
Huck Hound's Tale/Party Peeper Jinks/Robot Plot 1960
Huck of the Irish/Fresh Heir/Poached Yeggs 1961
Huck's Doggone Day 1991
Huck's Hack/Puss in Boats/Space Bear 1959
Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willy/Cousin Tex/Yogi Bear's Big Break 1958
I Left My Neck in San Francisco 1979
I Smurf to the Trees/Clumsy's Cloud 1986
I Yabba-Dabba Do! 1993
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka 1988
Ice Box Raider/One Two Many/Baddie Buddies 1961
Ice Charades/Drop Me a Lion/Quack Hero 1963
Ice Cube Boob/Witch Crafty/Satellite Fright 1962
Impractical Joker 1962
Inch High, Private Eye 1973
India and Israel
Indianrockolis 500 1964
Inside Plucky Duck 1990
Inside Plucky Duck 1992
Invasion of the Fearians 1978
Iron Hand Jones/Fight Fright/Stamp Scamp 1961
Iron Head, the Robot/Cotton Pickin' Pocket Picker 1974
Is That Zoo? 1964
Island of Doom 1979
Island of Lost Ships 1978
It Didn't Happen One Night 1984
It's a Jungle Out There 1981
It's a Puppy's Life/Sweepy Smurf 1986
It's a Smurfy Life/Land of Lost and Found 1988
It's a Wonderful Scoob 1985
It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special 1992
It's All Downhill from Here 1981
It's All Relative 1991
It's Buster Bunny Time 1990
Italy and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Jabberjaw 1976
Jack Frost 1979
Jealousy 1966
Jeannie 1973
Jeepers, It's the Creeper 1970
Jellystone Jam 1991
Jet Set Go 1966
Jetsons: The Movie 1990
Jinks the Butler/The Buzzin' Bear 1958
Johan's Army 1982
Joining of the Knights
Jokebook 1982
Jokey's Cloak/Papa's Last Spell 1986
Jokey's Funny Bone/Tick Tock Smurfs 1984
Jokey's Medicine/Vanity Fare 1981
Jolly Roger and Out/King Size Poodle/Bare Face Bear 1959
Jonny Quest 1964
Jonny Quest 1986
Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects 1995
Jonny's Golden Quest 1993
Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space 1972
Josie and the Pussycats 1970
Journey to the Center of Acme Acres 1990
Journey to the Center of the Smurf 1986
Jump, Rattle & Roll 1990
Jumpin' Jupiter Affair 1970
Jungle Bungle/Strong Mouse/Rushing Wolf Hound 1961
Jungle Jeopardy 1969
Jungle Jitters 1971
Just-Us League of Supertoons/A Bacon Strip/Migrant Mallard 1992
K-ACME TV 1991
Kahuna Yogi 1988
Karate Clumsy/Like It or Smurf It 1989
Keep Your Keeper 1971
Kelp! 1981
Killer Diller Gorilla 1966
King for a Day 1980
King of the Space Pirates 1966
King Smurf/The Smurfs and the Howlibird 1981
Knight Fight 1966
Knight Nut/Legion Heirs/Flying Saucer Sorcerer 1963
Knight School/Woo for Two/Pick a Chick 1960
Kon Ducki 1992
Kon Ducki 1992
Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow 1985
Kremzeek! 1985
Ladies' Day 1962
Lasers in the Night 1985
Lawman Huck/Light Headed Cat/Dogged Sheep Dog 1960
Lazy's Nightmare 1986
Legion Bound Hound/Price for Mice/Hokey Dokey 1960
Lens a Hand/Vacation Trip Trap 1969
Leonardo De Muttley
Let's Have a Hand for Jughead 1971
Leviathan 1984
Life in the 90's 1990
Lights... Camera... Monster 1988
Lion Tamer Huck/Cat-Nap Cat/Daffy Daddy 1959
Lion-Hearted Huck/Judo Jack/Slumber Party Smarty 1958
Little Ace from Outer Space/Super-Cecil/Wildman of Wildsville
Little Big Dog/The Bright Eyes Mob 1987
Little Big Foot 1988
Little Big Smurf/Locomotive Smurfs 1987
Little Lord Boo Boo 1988
Little Red Riding Gator/Kidnap Trap/Dragon Along 1962
Little Red Riding Huck/Mouse-Nappers/Scooter Looter 1959
Lock the Door, It's a Minotaur! 1979
Loco Locomotive/Charge That Lion/Mad Mix Up 1961
Lokar - King of the Killer Locusts/Danger River/Brago 1966
London Town Treachery 1970
Long Live Brainy 1988
Looniversity Daze 1990
Lord of the Shadows/The Diamond of El Raphir 1967
Lost in Outer Space 1958
Lost Lake Monster 1986
Lost Smurf 1988
Lotta Litter 1973
Love at First Fight 1965
Love Bug Bungle 1971
Love Letters on the Rocks 1961
Love of Evil
Love-Bugged Bear/Arrow Error/It's a Duck's Life 1961
Lure of the Orb/Smurfette's Flower 1986
Mad Avenue Madness 1965
Mad Scientist 1964
Magilla Mix-Up 1965
Magnetic Menace 1984
Make Tracks 1985
Make Way for the Multi-men 1972
Makin' with the Magilla 1965
Mall Alone 1991
Mall or Nothing 1991
Marshall Wally/Hocus Pocus/Dough Nuts 1963
Masquerade Party 1964
Master of the Thieves 1967
Master Scruple/Scruple's Sweetheart 1986
Matty's Funnies with Beany and Cecil 1959
May the Farce Be with You 1980
Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk 1991
Me and My Shadow Demon 1985
Medal Muddle/Go South Young Pigeon 1969
Medicine Avenue/Flood for a Thought/Red Riding Hoodlum 1963
Medusa and the Inhumans 1978
Megatron's Master Plan: Part 1 1985
Megatron's Master Plan: Part 2 1985
Mellow Fellow 1991
Melody Memory Mix-Up 1970
Memory Melons/Nanny's Way 1988
Mentok, the Mind Taker 1967
Microbots 1985
MicroGodzilla 1979
Midas Mix-Up 1970
Mine Your Own Business 1969
Ming Fu to You, Too! 1980
Minister Golf/Particle Man/Istanbul (Not Constantinople)/My Brilliant Revenge!
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall/Great Movie Mystery 1974
Missile Bound Yogi/Cagey Lion/Foxy Friends 1961
Missile Hassle 1966
Missile-Bound Bear/Be My Ghost/Beach Brawl 1961
Mission Un-Doo-Able/The Bee Team 1984
Mistaken Identity 1965
Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor 1967
Moleman Menace 1966
Monolith of Evil 1978
Monster Fred 1964
Monster in the Monastery 1965
Montana Magilla 1965
Moonlode 1979
More Than Meets the Eye: Part 1 1984
More Than Meets the Eye: Part 2 1984
More Than Meets the Eye: Part 3 1984
Motor Knows Best/Whatever Goes Pup/El Kabong Strikes Again 1959
Motorcycle Magilla 1964
Mouse Rouser 1966
Movie Stuntman
Movies Are Badder Than Ever/Home Sweet Homing Pigeon 1969
Mr. Bigot 1973
Mr. Hothead 1973
Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool! 1990
Mr. Tornado/The Little Crook Who Wasn't There 1974
Mud Wrestling Smurfs/The Sand Witch 1985
Mutt Tur 1966
Muttley on the Bounty
My Smurfy Valentine 1983
Mystery Mask Mix-Up 1970
Ndovu's Last Journey 1996
Never Ape an Ape Man 1969
Never Mind a Master Mind 1970
New Character Day 1991
New Class Day 1992
Night of the Boogey Biker/Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Scare 1990
Night of the Living Burger 1989
Nine Strikes You're Out 1966
No Biz Like Show Biz 1965
No Good Deed 1984
No Moose Is a Good Moose 1966
No More Mower/Bird in the Hand/The Big Bite 1963
No Smurf Is an Island/Don Smurfo 1986
No Space Like Home 1971
No Toon Is an Island 1991
Nobody Smurf 1987
Nobody's Fool 1965
Nothing to Moon About 1971
Nottingham and Yeggs/Hi-Fido/Papa Yogi 1959
Now You See Them, Now You Don't 1972
Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't/Spelunking Smurfs 1981
Nowhere to Hyde 1970
Nuts Over Mutts/Pied Piper Pipe/Which Witch Is Witch 1960
Nuttin' But the Tooth 1962
Of Meeces and Men 1991
Off to See the Wizard 1967
Oil's Well That Ends Well/There's No Such Thing as a Sea Serpent/D.J. the D.J.
Oinks and Boinks 1959
Oinks and Boinks/Major Operation/Out of Luck Duck 1961
Once in a Blue Moon/All Creatures Great and Smurf 1983
Once Upon a Dime 1987
One Good Smurf Deserves Another 1982
One Man's Family 1970
One Round Trip/Shamrocked/Save the Last Trance for Me 1963
Operation Eclipse 1984
Ordinary People, Too 1984
Outer Space Ark 1972
Outside Looking in/A Thousand and One Frights/Mr. Robots 1962
Over the Fence Is Out/Gun Fighter Lippy/Loser Take All 1962
Pacific Peril 1979
Painter and Poet 1981
Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure/Small Minded Smurfs 1989
Papa for a Day/Flighty's Plight 1987
Papa Loses His Patience/Swashbuckling Smurfs 1989
Papa's Big Snooze 1989
Papa's Day Off/The Smurflings 1985
Papa's Puppy Prescription/Poet's Writer's Block 1985
Papa's Wedding Day 1982
Papa's Worrywarts/Lazy's Slumber Party 1984
Pappy's Puppy/Shutterbug Smurfs 1988
Pardon My Magic 1971
Paw Paws 1985
Peewit Meets Bigmouth/Lumbering Smurfs 1983
Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure 1987
Pen-Striped Suit/Genie Is a Meany/Dog Daze 1962
Perilous Pauline 1981
Pet Bet 1965
Pet Show 1971
Pet Vet/Heavens to Jinksy/Bewitched Bear 1959
Peter Pup 1987
Phantom Alligator/Injun Trouble/Grandma Outlaw 1963
Phantom Bagpiper/Jungle Jitterbug 1989
Piccadilly Dilly/Goldfish Fever/Hoodwinked Bear 1959
Picnic Panic 1979
Pirates from Below 1965
Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks
Plane Talk/Happy Bird Day 1970
Planet of Greeps 1966
Planet Zero 1964
Plateau of the Apes Plot 1970
Playtime Toons 1991
Pledge Week 1991
Poet's Storybook/The Fastest Wizard in the World 1987
Polly Wants a Safe Cracker 1991
Poltersmurf/Baby's Marvelous Toy 1987
Popeye and Son 1987
Postman Panic/Nice Mice/Brainy Bear 1959
Pound Puppies 1986
Prairie Panicked 1966
Predictable Smurfs/Hefty's Rival 1987
Prince Charming 1964
Prisoners of Planet X 1967
Private Magilla 1964
Prom-ise Her Anything 1990
Psychic Fun-omenon Day 1990
Pteraducktyl Soup 1966
Puddle Hopper/Mouse in the House/Duel Control 1963
Pufnstuf 1970
Puppet Pals/Be My Guest Pest 1959
Pursuit of the Po-Ho 1964
Quebec and Baghdad
Queen Bee for a Day/Don't Know It Poet/Nobody Home Duck 1961
Quest for Survival 1985
Quick Draw McGraw 1959
Raffle Ruckus 1971
Raffle Ruckus 1971
Rahja and Out/Ghost of a Clue 1973
Raid on the Stellar Queen 1984
Rambling Robot 1965
Rassle Dazzle/Two for the Road/Chief Beef 1963
Rebel Rabble/Rabbit Romeo/Romeo, Touché, and Juliet 1963
Reckless Smurfs/Head Over Hogatha 1986
Reflections in a Ghoulish Eye 1985
Return of Don Smurfo 1987
Return of Rava
Revenge of Bruticus 1986
Revenge of the Smurfs 1982
Revenge on Gorilla City 1978
Rhode Island Road Race/The Great Cold Rush Race 1968
Rin-Tin-Can/Vild Vast Vasteland/The Invisible Man Has Butter-Fingers
Ring of Samarra 1967
Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket/Lion Tracks/The Most Ghost 1961
Robopup 1988
Rock-a-Bye Boo-Boo 1966
Rocket Wreckers 1966
Rocky Mountain Yiiiii! 1979
Roll for It 1984
Rome Roamers 1966
Romeo and Smurfette 1981
Rooms for Rent 1961
Roughin' It 1979
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July 1979
Rudolph's Shiny New Year 1976
Russian Through New York/Fritz Carlos Bombs Out 1986
Rustler Hustler Huck/Scaredycat Dog/The Brave Little Brave 1958
RV Fever/Birthday Boy/Clownfoot/Fred Goes Ape/Flying Mouse/Ghost-sitters 1980
S'no Business 1986
S-Shivering S-Smurfs/Sister Smurf 1982
S.O.S. Dinobots 1984
Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies 1970
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 1971
Safe at Home/Bye-Bye Fly-Guy/The Phoney Phantom 1963
Sand Witch 1979
Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hyde 1972
Science Friction 1981
Science Friction/Plutocrat Cat/Lamb-Basted Wolf 1960
Scoo-Be or Not Scoo-Be?/The Stoney Glare Stare 1984
Scoob! 2020
Scoobra Kadoobra 1985
Scooby and the Minotaur/Scooby Pinch Hits 1983
Scooby Doo Meets Laurel and Hardy 1972
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! 1969
Scooby Dooby Goo/Voodoo Island/Rickshaw Scooby/Tooth Is Stranger than Fiction/Scooby's Luck of the Irish/Butlering Made 1981
Scooby in Kwackyland 1985
Scooby Nocchio/Space Shark/Lighthouse Keeper Scooby/The Chef's Watch Dog/Scooby's Roots/Schoolhouse Romp 1981
Scooby of the Jungle/Scooby-Doo and Cyclops, Too 1983
Scooby Roo/Scooby's Gold Medal Gambit 1983
Scooby the Barbarian/No Sharking Zone 1983
Scooby's Escape from Atlantis/Richie of the Round Table/Excalibur Scooby/I Want My Mummy/Scooby Saves the World/Canine C 1981
Scooby's Mystery Funhouse 1985
Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright 1970
Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium/The Hand of Horror 1984
Scooby-Doo 2000/Rich Mice/Punk Rock Scooby/King Bee/Canine to Five/Chilly Dog 1981
Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too 1969
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo 1979
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School 1988
Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf 1988
Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood 1979
Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights 1994
Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers 1987
Scooby-Doo's Creepiest Capers 2000
Scooby-Doo's Greatest Mysteries 1999
Scoobygeist/The Quagmire Quake Caper 1983
Scrubby Brush Man/Homeless Jinks/A Star Is Bored 1961
Scruple and the Great Book of Spells/Bouncing Smurf 1987
Sea Sick Pals/King's X/Like Wild, Man 1963
Secret Agent Pup 1986
Secret of the Village Well/Stop and Smurf the Roses 1984
Secret Origins of the Superfriends 1978
Secret Solar Robot 1966
See-Saw to Arkansas/Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist 1968
Semi Seminole/Fiddle Faddled/Black Is the Knight 1962
Sepulveda Boulevard 1992
Shadow of the Condor 1964
Shamrock Smurfs 1989
Shazzan 1967
Sheep-Shape Sheepherder/Mark of the Mouse 1959
Sheriff Huckleberry/Pistol Packin' Pirate/Foxy Hound-Dog 1958
Sherlock Doo 1984
Shinrock-A-Go-Go 1965
Ship of Ghouls 1985
Ship Shape Escape/Banks for Everything/Ant and Rave 1962
Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a Snake 1979
Showboat Scooby/The 'Dooby Dooby Doo' Ado 1984
Sick Sense 1961
Sideshow Smurfs 1981
Sir Hefty 1981
Sir Huckleberry Hound/Jinks' Mice Device/Big Bad Bully 1958
Sitting Roomers 1966
Skateroo to the Carlsbad Clue!/To Win or Toulouse 1973
Skeeter Trouble/The Runaway Bear 1959
Ski Champ Chump/King-Size Surprise/Robin Hood Yogi 1959
Skull and Double Crossbones 1964
Sky Hi-IQ/A Plain Shortage of Planes 1969
Sky High Surprise 1989
Skyscraper Smurfs/Bad Luck Smurfs 1987
Slap Happy Birthday/Cloak and Stagger/Horse Collared 1961
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast/Never Eat Quackers in Bed/Dishonest John Meets Cowboy Starr
Sleepless Smurfs/Cut-Up Smurfs 1987
Sleepwalking Smurfs/Smurf Me No Flowers 1982
Slugfest/Duck Dodgers Jr./Duck Trek 1992
Smoogle Sings the Blues/A Smurf for Denisa 1988
Smurf a Mile in My Shoes 1985
Smurf on the Wild Side: Part 1/Smurf on the Wild Side: Part 2 1987
Smurf on the Wild Side: Part 3/Smurf on the Wild Side: Part 4 1987
Smurf on Wood 1984
Smurf Pet/Timber Smurf 1987
Smurf the Presses 1988
Smurfette's Gift/The Most Popular Smurf 1986
Smurfette's Green Thumb 1989
Smurfing for Gold/Jokey's Joke Book 1987
Smurfing Out of Time/A Hole in Smurf 1987
Smurfing the Unicorns/Vanity's Closest Friend 1987
Smurfquest: Part 1/Smurfquest: Part 2 1986
Smurfquest: Part 3/Smurfquest: Part 4 1986
Smurfs 1981
Smurfs at Sea 1982
Smurfs That Time Forgot: Part 1/Smurfs That Time Forgot: Part 2 1989
Smurfy Acres/No Time for Smurfs 1983
Snappy's Puppet/Prince Smurf 1987
Snappy's Way/Fire-Fighting Smurfs 1986
Snooper Snowzer/Horse and Waggin'/Hex Marks the Spot 1963
Snow Puppies/Nose Marie Day 1987
Soccer to Me 1971
Somebody's Lion/Batty Bat/Stranger Ranger 1959
Something Old - Something Gnu 1967
Son of Looniversity Daze 1990
Son of Rockzilla 1964
Soothsayer Smurfette/Crooner Smurf 1987
Sopwith Scooby/Dog Gone/Tenderbigfoot/Carnival Man/Scooby and the Beanstalk/The Day the Estate Stood Still 1981
Soup a La Smurf 1981
Space Carnival 1966
Space Ghost 1966
Space Giant 1966
Space Heroes 1966
Space Indians 1966
Space Stars 1981
Space Witch 1966
Spain and the Himalayas
Speak for Yourself, Farmer Smurf/A Hovel Is Not a Home 1983
Spider-Man 1981
Spooky Space Kook 1969
Sports Shorts 1992
Spring in Acme Acres 1990
Spud Dud/High Jinks/Tricks and Treats 1960
Spy Guy/Royal Ruckus/Foxy Duck 1961
Spy School Spoof 1970
Squatter's Rights/Shark Shock/Out of This Whirl 1963
Squeaky/The Kaplowey Scroll 1982
St. Smurf and the Dragon 1981
Stage Fright 1971
Star Fairies 1985
Starscream's Brigade 1986
Stealing Grandpa's Thunder 1988
Stop & Go Smurfs/Poet the Know-It-All 1987
Stop That Pigeon/Zilly's a Dilly 1969
Stop Which Pigeon?/Ceiling Zero Zero 1969
Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind 1979
Strange Tales of Weird Science 1990
Strangemoon Over Miami 1970
Stuck on Smurfs/Puppy 1985
Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night 1990
Sub Swiper/Way Out Squiddly/Prince of a Pup 1965
Super Blooper 1965
Super Blooper Heroes 1965
Super Duper Snag 1991
Super Muttley
Super President 1967
SuperFriends: Rest in Peace 1978
Supersmurf/Paradise Smurfed 1981
Swamp Fever/Scare to Spare/Dilly of a Lilly 1962
Swamp of the Living Dead 1978
Swamp-Swamped 1966
Swap Plot Flop 1970
Symbols of Wisdom/Blue Eyes Returns 1984
Tail of the Pup/King Whopper 1987
Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1962
Tale of a Whale 1966
Tales of Washington Irving 1970
Tantalizin' Turnips/Film Flam/Giant Double-Header 1962
Tattle-Tail Smurfs/Greedy Goes on Strike 1986
Ten Pin Alley/Rapid Robot/Lullabye-Bye Bear 1959
Termighty Mean 1966
Terror Island 1965
Terror, Thy Name Is Zombo 1989
That Was the Geek That Was 1965
That's Monstertainment 1985
That's Snow Ghost 1970
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo 1985
The 20,000 Drachma Pyramid 1981
The 7th Voyage of Singood/Cecil Meets Cecilia/The Capture of Thunderbolt the Wondercolt
The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie 1972
The Abominable Snowbeast/Gargamel, the Generous 1981
The Abominable Snowman/Professor Crosshatch 1974
The Ace of Space/Big Brave Bear 1958
The Acme Acres Zone 1990
The Acme Bowl 1990
The Addams Family 1973
The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda 1990
The Adventures of Gulliver 1968
The Adventures of Patches 1951
The Adventures of Spunky and Tadpole 1958
The Aguanuts
The Alien Brain from Outer Space Part 1 1966
The Alien Brain from Outer Space Part 2 1966
The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan 1972
The Annies 1984
The Answer Smurf/Vanity's Wild Adventure 1987
The Archie Comedy Hour 1969
The Astromutt
The Astrosmurf 1981
The Atom Ant Show 1965
The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show 1967
The Autobot Run 1985
The Baby Smurf/The Fake Smurf 1981
The Backstage Rage 1969
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour 1968
The Bare Bear 1970
The Barkleys 1972
The Barnyard Rumble 1970
The Beast Is Awake in a Bottomless Lake 1978
The Beast of Storm Island 1979
The Big Drip/No Spooking Allowed/Hero on the Half Shell 1963
The Big Gimmick 1965
The Big Nose Dilemma/The Smurfbox Derby 1984
The Big Sleep 1988
The Big Snoop 1991
The Big Spill 1985
The Bird Who Was Afraid to Fly 1970
The Birdman 1966
The Black Hellebore 1982
The Black Sultan 1967
The Blessed Event 1963
The Blue Plague/The Last Laugh 1982
The Brain Thief 1967
The Breeder Beast 1978
The Bubbler/The Shocking Electric Monster/The Spinner 1966
The Bullnick 1966
The Buster Bunny Bunch 1990
The Caped Crusader Caper 1972
The Chan Clan at Scotland Yard 1972
The Chief Record Smurf/Smurfing in Sign Language 1983
The Children's Half-Hour 1984
The City in the Clouds 1979
The City That Forgot About Christmas 1974
The Claw/Hong Kong Phooey vs. Hong Kong Phooey 1974
The Clumsy Genie/Scary Smurfs 1989
The Colossal Junk Monster 1966
The Colossus of Atlantis 1978
The Computer Walks Among Us 1989
The Core 1985
The Cosmic Circus 1984
The Count of San Francisco 1958
The Creature Came from Chem Lab/No Thanks Masked Manx 1983
The Creepy Cave Creature 1985
The Crown Jewel Caper 1972
The Cuckoo Patrol/Pest Pilots 1969
The Curse of Anubis 1964
The Cursed Country 1982
The Cyborg Whale 1979
The Cylopeds/The Fire God/Space Sargasso 1966
The Dark Mountain 1996
The Dark Paw Totem Monster 1985
The Deadly Asteroid 1979
The Deadly Duplicator 1967
The Deadly Living Images 1966
The Demon of the Dugout 1979
The Devil's Tower 1965
The Diamond of Doom 1978
The Dirty Birdy/The Attack of the Man-Eater Skeeters/Davey Cricket's Leading Lady Bug
The Dreadful Doll 1964
The Dremloks 1984
The Drone/The Moss Men/The Sandman 1966
The Duck Factory 1984
The Duck Stops Here 1984
The Dynamic Scooby Doo Affair 1972
The Eartheater 1978
The Education of Mrs. Winkler 1984
The Energy Beast 1978
The Fall Dog/The Scooby Coupe 1983
The Fantastic Four 1978
The Fantastic Four Meet Doctor Doom 1978
The Fat Lady Caper 1972
The Final Challenge 1978
The Final Victory of Doctor Doom 1978
The Firebird 1978
The First Easter Rabbit 1976
The First Telesmurf/Handy's Kite 1983
The Flight Before Christmas 1966
The Flight of Dragons 1982
The Flintstone Comedy Hour 1972
The Flintstone Comedy Show 1980
The Flintstone Flyer 1960
The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone 1979
The Floyd Story/How Now, Stolen Cow?/The Second Penelope Episode 1993
The Flying Horse-Napper 1985
The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang 1980
The Forbidden Pool 1968
The Forest's Prime Evil/Gas Again/Sheepy-Time Pal 1963
The Forward Backward People of Xarock 1972
The Fountain of Smurf 1981
The Four-eyed Dragon of Cygnon 1972
The Fraudulent Volcano 1964
The French Correction 1981
The Frickert Fracas 1972
The Frightful Four 1978
The Gallant Smurf/Sassette's Tooth 1986
The Gambler 1962
The Genie-athalon 1985
The Get-Along Gang 1984
The Ghastly Ghost Town 1972
The Ghost of the Red Baron 1972
The Ghoul, the Bat, and the Ugly 1979
The Ghouliest Show on Earth 1985
The Giants of Doom 1978
The Gigantic Ghastly Genie 1966
The Gingerbread Smurfs/Jokey's Shadow 1984
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide 1985
The Glo Friends 1986
The Goblin of Boulder Wood 1982
The Godzilla Show 1978
The Golden Falcon 1985
The Golden Guardians 1979
The Golden Rhino/Hearts 'N' Smurfs 1989
The Golden Smurf Award 1983
The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound 1988
The Good, the Bad, and the Kanifky 1993
The Good, the Bad, and the Smurfy 1982
The Grand Canyon and Ireland
The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray! 1970
The Great Choo Choo Robbery/Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakery Man 1974
The Great Gold Robbery
The Great Illusion Caper 1972
The Great Paw Paw Turnaround 1986
The Great Pussycat Chase 1970
The Great Turkey Race 1970
The Greatest Schmoe on Earth/Beany and Cecil Meet Billy the Squid/The Capture of the Dreaded Three Headed Threep
The Greedie Greenies 1985
The Greek Caper 1972
The Gumdrop Kid/Professor Presto 1974
The Gypsy Caper 1972
The Hairy Scare of the Devil Bear 1979
The Haunted Candy Factory 1973
The Haunted Castle 1982
The Haunted Horseman in Hagglethorn Hall 1972
The Heat Thing/The Worm People/Zorak 1966
The Herculoids 1967
The History of Doom 1978
The Hobbit 1977
The Hollow Planet 1972
The Horror of Forgotten Island 1978
The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain 1992
The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain 1992
The Horse That Played Centerfield 1979
The House of Seven Gargoyles 1965
The Huckleberry Hound Show 1958
The Hundredth Smurf 1981
The Iceman/The Vampire Men/The Time Machine 1966
The Immobilizer 1985
The Impossible Man 1978
The Impostor King 1982
The Incredible Aqua Monster 1966
The Incredible Shrinking Wizard 1984
The Insecticon Syndrome 1985
The Invasion of the Robot Creatures 1966
The Invasion of the Shadow Star 1984
The Invisible Friend/Kid in the Doghouse 1987
The Invisible Monster 1965
The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones 1987
The Jewel of Targon 1984
The Key to Vector Sigma: Part 1 1985
The Key to Vector Sigma: Part 2 1985
The Kwicky Koala Show 1981
The Land of the Tiger Moo 1970
The Laser Breathing Space Dragon 1966
The Last Holloween 1991
The Last Smurfberry 1983
The Last Unicorn 1982
The Last Whippoorwill/The Color Smurfy 1986
The Legend of Johnny Ragweedseed/Grape Expectations, Part 1/Catch as Cats Can't 1994
The Little People 1968
The Little Stranger 1962
The Littlest Giant 1982
The Littlest Musketeer
The Littlest Viking 1986
The Living Island 1967
The Loch Ness Mess 1972
The Loon in the Moon 1988
The Looney Beginning 1990
The Lost City of Yore 1982
The Lyin' Lion/Laughing Guess/Fuss an' Feathers 1960
The Macro-Beasts 1979
The Mad Isle of Madhattan/The Hammy Awards/Harecules at the Golden Fleecing
The Mad Monster Maker 1966
The Magic Earrings 1983
The Magic Egg/Smurphony in 'C' 1981
The Magic Fountain 1982
The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas/Swapping Smurfs 1987
The Magic Shillelah 1968
The Magical Meanie/Sorcerer Smurf 1981
The Magilla Gorilla Show 1964
The Magnetic Horror 1978
The Magnifying Mixture/Foul Weather Smurf 1981
The Man Called Flintstone 1966
The Man in the Moon/Smurfette's Golden Tresses 1984
The Manchurian Menace 1966
The Mardi Gras Caper 1972
The Mark of Scooby/The Crazy Carnival Caper 1983
The Marvelous Muttdini
The Masked Pie Smurfer/Sassette 1985
The Masquerade Ball 1961
The Masquerade Party 1965
The Master Builders 1985
The Master Smurf/Tailor's Magic Needle 1984
The Megavolt Monster 1978
The Menace from the Wax Museum 1966
The Menace of Magneto 1978
The Mighty Orbots 1984
The Mini-man Menace 1972
The Miracle Smurfer 1983
The Missing Bus 1961
The Mole Man 1978
The Monstermobile 1966
The Moor's Baby/Hefty's Heart 1983
The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock 1964
The Most Unsmurfy Game/Put Upon Puppy 1986
The Mumbly Cartoon Show 1976
The Mummies of Malenque 1996
The Mystery of the Lizard Men 1964
The Near Sighted Bull 1970
The Nemo's a No No Affair 1970
The Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco! 1979
The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1968
The New Fred and Barney Show 1979
The New Freeway 1971
The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series 1962
The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show 1983
The New Scooby-Doo Movies 1972
The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries 1984
The New Tom & Jerry Show 1975
The New Yogi Bear Show 1988
The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld 1979
The Night of the Living Toys/South Pole Vault 1984
The Nutcracker Scoob 1984
The Odd Trio 1970
The Oddball Couple 1975
The Offensives 1970
The Old Swimming Hole 1970
The Olympics of Space 1978
The Patchwork Bear/Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer 1984
The Peanut Conspiracy 1970
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show 1971
The Penthouse Burglaries/Batty Bank Mob 1974
The Perils of Penelope Pitstop 1969
The Peter Potamus Show 1964
The Phantom of Film City 1978
The Phantom Sea Thief 1972
The Phoenix Factor 1984
The Pie-Eyed Piper/Sweet Tweet Treat/Fine Feathered Funnyman 1993
The Pilfering Putty Monster 1966
The Plucky Duck Show 1992
The Potty Years/Milk, It Makes a Body Spout/The Anvil Chorus 1992
The Pound Puppies 1985
The Prince and the Hopper 1986
The Purple Mask 1965
The Pussywillow Pixies 1984
The Quetong Missile Mystery 1965
The Ramblin' Wreck 1970
The Ransom of Scooby Chief 1980
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest 1996
The Rebirth: Part 1 1987
The Rescue Pups/Good Night, Sweet Pups 1987
The Return of Batduck
The Return of Batduck 1992
The Return of Batduck 1992
The Return of Commander Cool 1989
The Return of the Acme Acres Zone 1991
The Return of the King 1980
The Return of Vulturo 1967
The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show 1980
The Riddle of the Gold 1964
The Ring
The Rise of the Evil Spirits 1985
The Robot Master/Marooned/The Energy Monster 1966
The Robot Spy 1964
The Rock Vegas Story 1962
The Royal Drum 1986
The Ruff & Reddy Show 1957
The Sahara Desert and Scotland
The Scarab Lives! 1979
The Scarlet Croaker 1986
The Scary Sky Skeleton 1979
The Schemer/The Rock Pygmies/The Evil Collector 1966
The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book 1988
The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Puppy Hour 1982
The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour 1976
The Sea Haunt 1965
The Seaweed Monster 1978
The Secret of Omega Supreme 1985
The Secret of Shark Island 1972
The Secret Six 1970
The Secret Squirrel Show 1965
The Skatebirds 1977
The Sky Is Smurfing, the Sky Is Smurfing/Turncoat Smurf 1982
The Sleeping Planet 1972
The Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core 1988
The Smugglers 1958
The Smurf Fire Brigade/The Winged Wizard 1983
The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong/Smurfette's Lucky Star 1987
The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No 1982
The Smurf Who Would Be King 1983
The Smurf's Apprentice/Smurf-Colored Glasses 1981
The Smurfette 1981
The Smurfiest of Friends/Never Smurf Off Til Tomorrow 1984
The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend/The Smurfstalker 1987
The Smurfomatic Smurfulator/Petrified Smurfs 1984
The Smurfs 1981
The Smurfs and the Money Tree 1981
The Smurfs Christmas Special 1982
The Smurfy Verdict/Chlorhydris's Lost Love 1987
The Sorcerer's a Menace 1979
The Sorcery of Maltrochu 1982
The Space Kidettes 1966
The Space Mermaid 1967
The Space Pirates 1972
The Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll 1989
The Spooktaculars 1967
The Spots Off a Leopard/Invasion of Earth by Robots/Cecil Meets the Singing Dinasor
The Spyder Man 1966
The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of/The Box of Dirty Tricks 1982
The Sub-Zero Terror 1978
The Sun Haters 1972
The Super Globetrotters 1979
The Super Globetrotters vs. The Time Lord 1979
The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan
The Swiss Yelps/Eagle Beagle 1969
The Tallest Smurf/Essence of Brainy 1986
The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn't 1972
The Three Smurfketeers 1982
The Time Dragons 1978
The Time Trap 1978
The Tomb of the Phoenix Bird 1970
The Tough Little Termite/Boxing Buddy/Hide and Go Peek 1959
The Transformers 1984
The Transformers: The Movie 1986
The Traveler/A Pet for Baby Smurf 1984
The Trojan Smurf/Smurf the Other Cheek 1984
The Tycoon 1961
The Ultimate Doom: Brainwash (1)
The Ultimate Doom: Revival (3)
The Underground World 1967
The Unearthly Plant Creatures 1966
The Unmasked Avenger/A Wise Quack/Boobs in the Woods 1960
The Vampire Strikes Back 1980
The Voltage Villain/The Giggler 1974
The Vulture Has Landed 1981
The Wacko World of Sports 1990
The Warlock of Wimbledon 1978
The Water Planet 1972
The Way We Weren't 1984
The Web/The Sacrifice/Homing Device 1966
The Weird Winds on Winona 1973
The Were-Doo of Doo Manor 1991
The White Elephant 1972
The Whole Smurf and Nothing But the Smurf/Gargamel's Giant 1984
The Wide World of Elmyra 1990
The Wish World 1984
The Wishing Star Crystal 1985
The Wizard Ramnizar
The World According to Smurflings/The Enchanted Quill 1986
The World's Deadliest Game 1978
The Yogi Bear Show 1961
The Zip Zap 4-D Trap 1986
The Zippy Mississippi Race/Traffic Jambalaya 1968
There Goes a Good Squid/Ben Hare/Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
There's No Business Like Snow Business 1992
There's No Place Like Rome 1981
These Are the Days 1974
They Went That A-Way 1971
This Little Piggy's on TV/Fencer's Freaky Friday 1986
Threadbare Bear/Footlight Fright/Full Course Meal 1961
Thumb Fun/Living Doll/Beanyland
Time Schlep 1981
Tiny Toon Adventures 1990
Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery
To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before 1985
To Catch a Pitcher 1972
To Catch a Thief 1970
To Coin a Smurf/Smurfette Unmade 1987
To Tell the Truth for Sooth 1991
Tom and Jerry 1965
Tom and Jerry: The Movie 1992
Too Many Kooks/Ice See You 1969
Toon Physics 1991
Toons from the Crypt 1992
Toons Take Over 1992
Top Cat 1961
Top Cat Falls in Love 1961
Tormack's Treachery
Totem Termi-Nation 1985
Totem Time Trap 1986
Touch and Go-Go-Go/Express Trained Lion/Count to Tenant 1961
Traitor 1985
Trans-Europe Express 1985
Transport to Oblivion 1984
Trapped on the Prehistoric Planet 1984
Treasure of the Temple 1964
Trial of the Superfriends 1978
Tricky Dickie's Dirty Trickies 1991
Tricky Trapper/Kit Kat Kit/Pie-Pirates 1958
Triple Take-Over 1985
Trojan Smurfs 1989
Tuffy Gets Fluffy/Casey, Come Home 1987
Turu the Terrible 1964
TV or Not TV/Stop Horsing Around 1974
Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea 1979
Two Corny Crows/The Ghost with the Most/Baffled Bear 1958
Two for Tee Vee/Home Flea/West of the Pesos 1961
Two Heads Are Better Than None 1985
UFO: Unidentified Fiendish Object 1966
Unconscious Conscience/Baby Bottled/Catch as Cat Can 1963
Up and Atom 1965
Up and Atom/Precious Jewels/Woodpecked 1965
Up in the Air Squares 1966
Valley of the Giants 1967
Valley of the Giants 1979
Viewer Mail Day 1991
Viewer Mail Day 1991
Vulturo: Prince of Darkness 1967
Wacky Races 1968
Waif Goodbye to the Paw Paws 1985
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home 1972
Wake Up Call of the Wild 1990
Wally Gator 1962
Wanted: Cheddar Alive 1988
Wanted: The Superfriends 1978
War Dawn 1985
War of the Dinobots 1984
Warrior Women of Amazonia 1972
Washingtoon 1992
Wedding Bell Boos! 1983
Wedding Bells for Gargamel/To Smurf a Thief 1983
Wednesday Is Missing 1972
Weekday Afternoon Live 1992
Weirdest Story Ever Told 1991
Werewolf of the Timberland 1965
Westward Whoa! 1980
What a Night for a Knight 1969
What Makes Toons Tick 1992
What the Hex Going On? 1969
What's New Old Bean
Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch 1974
Wheelin and Deal 1965
When the Cat's Away 1971
When You Wish Upon a Star Creature 1979
When You Witch Upon a Star 1985
Where Do Puppies Come From?/Pups on the Loose 1987
Where's Huddles? 1970
Where's Josie? 1972
Where's Scooby-Doo? 1983
Where's the Fire?/The Wonderful World of Whopper 1987
Which Is Which Witch/Laugh a Loaf/Billy the Cad 1962
Which Witch Is Which? 1969
Whistle Stopper/T for Two/Et Tu Touché? 1963
White Tie and Frails/Gulp and Saucer/Missing Missile 1962
Who Bopped Bugs Bunny? 1990
Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional? 1987
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? 1970
Who's Minding the Monster?/Scooby ala Mode 1983
Who's Who/Operation Birdbrain 1969
Whopper Gets the Point/The Bird Dog 1987
Why Oh Why Wyoming/Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock 1968
Wiki Waki Huck/Pushy Cat/Snow White Bear 1959
Wild About Smurfette/Sing a Song of Smurflings 1987
Wild Goes Cuckoo/Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo 1989
Wild Mutt Muttley
Wild, Wild Ants 1966
Will the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up? 1972
Wilma's Vanishing Money 1962
Wizards and Warlocks/Scoobsie 1983
Wolf in Peewit's Clothing/A Bell for Azrael 1983
Wrestle Maniacs 1990
Wrong Way Kid 1983
X Marks the Spot 1970
X the Eliminator 1967
Yippee Yo-Yogo 1991
Yo Yogi! 1991
Yo-Yogi 1991
Yogi & the Invasion of the Space Bears 1988
Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose 1987
Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper 1982
Yogi in the City/Legal Eagle Lion/Hasty Tasty 1961
Yogi's Birthday Party 1962
Yogi's First Christmas 1980
Yogi's Gang 1973
Yogi's Pest Guest/Lions Share Sheriff/All's Well That Eats Well 1961
Yogi's Space Race 1978
You & Your Big Mouse 1966
You Always Love the One You Hurt 1984
You Asked for It: Part 2 1990
You'll Never Get Witch 1980

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