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Curtis Lynn Taylor
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small world  30.12.10 01:15 - anonymous Monitor this discussion

I almost did not recognize you we dated 35 years ago!!! We lived in Odessa in a small 1 bedroom furnished apartment. I worked for Smugglers Imports and you were taking acting lessons!!! I am glad you achieved your dream. Stephen 

Odessa  20.08.08 06:57 - anonymous Monitor this discussion

Hi Curtis.......Looks like you have done quite well for yourself. I just recently returned from a funeral from a mutual classmate of ours'. I don't know if you remember him or not. Lance Herrington is his name. He passed away just a few days ago, August 8. I received a call from a mutual friend of mine and Lance's while I was in Houston at M.D. Anderson with my brother for his bi-monthly check-up. My brother's MRI report on his brain cancer was good, so the bittersweet emotion that ran through me as I got the call that Lance had passed away from the same cancer, was startling. We drove back home to Llano, last Tuesday evening and got up and went to Odessa for the viewing and the impending funeral on Thursday, the following Thursday. At any rate, I was home tonight, thinking of all of us who grew up in the country just west of Odessa and thought of you. As I said, I don't know if you ever knew Lance at Odessa High School, but he graduated with us in 1971. I thought that if you knew him and/or remembered him, you might be interested in knowing about his passing. I'm happy for your success. Take care......Cynthia Richerson  

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A Girl Is a Gun
Altared States 1989
An Eye for an Eye 1982
Ant-Lion 2015
Bad Santa 2003
Ballad of Dead Eye Dick 1983
Bed and Breakfast
Big Top 2006
Borderline 1988
Borrowing Trouble 1983
Chattanooga Choo Choo 1984
Coma 2007
Dallas 1978
Dead on a Dime 1984
Deadly Knightshade 1986
Discovery 1988
Episode #1.4 1983
Episode #2.17 2000
Fake It Til You Make It 2010
Fantasies 1984
Flamingo Road 1981
Focus 1986
For Whom the Stinkin' Bell Tolls 1995
Freerunner 2010
Guilty as Charged 1991
Harts at High Noon 1982
Head of the Family 1982
Heck's Kitchen 2006
Hellhole 1985
Just Our Luck 1983
Knots Landing 1979
Life with Lucy 1986
Lonesome Dove 1989
Love Among the Two-by Fours 1986
Marry Me, Marry Me: Part 2 1985
Michael Jordan: An American Hero 1999
Mother Knows Best 1988
Murder, They Said 1982
Never Too Young to Die 1986
Nothin' But the Truth 1982
Origins 2010
Out of the Woods 1986
Pearl Harbor 2004
Pepper Dennis 2006
Queen Pin 2017
Rest Stop 2006
RoboCop 3 1993
Running Time 1997
Saving Venice: Film at Eleven 2006
Serendipity 1986
Sheriffs of Rivertown 1984
Spring Break Massacre 2008
Straight and Narrow 1981
Strange Bedfellows 1982
Stranger Than Fiction 1984
Suicidal 1988
Suicide Stunt 1981
The Creature 1996
The Cult of Celebrity 1999
The Fall Guy 1981
The Future, Jack, the Future 1998
The Girl Next Door 1987
The Harder They Fall 1982
The Last Chance Platoon 1986
The Moonshiners 1981
The Newsletter 1989
The Outsider 1983
The Perfect Alibi 1988
The Rally 2: Breaking the Curse 2013
To Catch a Thief 1982
Unfinished Business 1986
Valentine Magic on Love Island 1980
Vera's Aunt Agatha 1980
We're Number Two! 2007
White Lines 2014
You Are What You Drive 2010

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