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actor, writer, producer
Christopher Briggs


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'Kill Bill Vol. 2', the Swan and More
'Napoleon Dynamite', Democratic Convention and More
'Shrek 2', Lindsay Lohan in Vanity Fair and More
'Simple Life 2', 'Dodge Ball' and More
'Starsky & Hutch', 'The Sopranos' and More
'The Bachelor', 'Wrestlemania' and More 2005
American Idol, Golden Globes and More 2005
Best Month Ever: Ashlee Simpson, Britneys Wedding and More
Best of Best Week Ever: Orange Is the New Flesh, Madonna & Kaballah and More 2004
Best Summer Ever
Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins 2004
Britney Tour, America's Top Model and More
Carmen Electra's Strip Poker, 'I Robot' and More
Courtney Love, Valentine's and More 2004
David Gest Interview, Diets and More
Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race and More
Episode #1.1
Episode #1.2
Episode #1.4
Episode #1.5
Episode #1.6
Episode #1.7
Episode #3.12 2005
Episode #3.14 2005
Episode dated 11 July 2008
Episode dated 18 July 2008 2008
Episode dated 2 May 2008 2008
Episode dated 20 June 2008
Episode dated 23 May 2008
Episode dated 25 April 2008
Episode dated 25 July 2008
Episode dated 4 July 2008
Episode dated 6 June 2008 2008
Episode dated 9 May 2008
Fahrenheit 9/11, Sex Tapes and More
God Is in, Oscar Preview and More
Golden Globes, Oprah's Birthday and More
Grindhouse 2007
Jacko Has Quadruplets, Good Sequels and More
Jacko in Court, Pat O'Brian and More 2005
Janet Jackson, Hellboy and More
Kerry Picks Edwards, Britney & Kevin and More 2004
Michael Jackson Fans, Crime Shows and More 2005
Michael Jackson's Jurors, Bush Audio Tapes and More 2005
New Pope Elected, American Idol and More 2005
NFL Racy Skit, Nanny 911 and More
Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, 'Sesame Street' and More
Oscar Nominations, J-Lo Video and More 2005
Paris and Tinkerbell Reunite, Nicky Weds and More
Presidential Debate, Jay Leno Calling It Quits and More
Reality Kids, the Boston Red Sox and More 2004
Springsteen Tour, Olympic Preview and More
Star Wars Premiere, Apprentice Finale and More 2005
The Gates Artwork, Paul F. Tomkins: Celebrity Defender and More 2005
The Oscars, Michael Jackson Trial and More 2005
The WB's Superstar USA 2004

Big Wolf on Campus 1999
Everybody Fang Chung Tonight 2001
Fangs for the Memories 1999
Pilot 1999

Produced by
Assy McGee 2006
Black's Game 2012
Blood Father 2016
Godsend 2004
Hostel 2005
Hostel: Part II 2007
Hostel: Part III 2011
Poseidon 2006
Shark Night 3D 2011
Vowel Play 2008

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