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'Psycho'-Therapist/Bad Credit Brother 2011
A Bag & Tow/Baby Boy Blues 2011
A Beautiful Wedding on Us!/My Guns Are Under Control 2013
A Dog Gone Wedding/Bounce That 2012
A Friend Betrayed/Your Kid Is a Bully 2010
A Lesson a Little Too Late 2013
A Pot Head Mistake 2011
A Room Without a View/Bake Off 2011
A Target of His Affection/Fast Food Fight 2011
A Timeless Burglary/Beauty and the Badge 2010
Abandoned Pooch/Man My Pedi 2012
Accidentally Done on Purpose/Wedding Window Nightmare 2013
Acting Is Not Your Destiny/Captain Cash Cow 2010
Adultery Training/She's Got Issues 2013
All You Can Eat Sushi/Wanna Play? Gotsa Pay! 2011
All You Need is Love 2010
Alligator Soup/Below the Rims 2013
Always Do a Background Check/Tenant Sues 'In Cahoots' Landlord 2010
America's Court with Judge Ross 2010
An Addicted Songstress/Rivalry Week 2012
Angry Brother Vendor/It's My Sister's Fault 2012
Babysitterville/Counterfit Concert Tickets 2012
Bad Babysitter/It's Only an iPod 2012
Bad Boy Booster Seat/Drunk in a Dress 2010
Bad Business/Too Hot to Handle 2011
Bad Mercedes/Best Friends Make Bad Roommates 2011
Bad Piercing Practice/Army Soldier Sold Car 2010
Bad Reputation/Treasures in My House 2012
Bad Sign 2011
Bad Yuko Hair/Bartender Burn 2011
Bail Out/Hair Exstentions Gone Bad 2010
Bar Fight 2011
Bar Fight Defense/Attack the Mistress 2010
Barbecued Maggots/Party Bus Kaput 2012
Baseball Collector's Nightmare/Interior War 2011
Bathroom Attendant Beat Down/Hero Hurt 2011
Bear Bin Battle/Should Have Been Your Ticket 2012
Bigamist Bride 2011
Bike Buster/Laptop Clothes and Everything Goes 2012
Bike Wreck/Lotto Ruined My Life 2012
Billed by the Bikini/Wedding Dress Nightmare 2011
Bird Eat Bird World/Carpool Ticket 2013
Birthday Party Pay Up/My Ex Cashed the Check 2010
Bitter Ski Trip/What's with These Cookies? 2010
Black Duckling/Dude Looks Like a Lady 2011
Bleached Blanket Blunder/Dinner Date Disaster 2012
Blunder in the Bleachers/Puppy Problems 2013
Book Fines Are Due/Tap Dance Tantrum 2012
Botched Birthday Cake/Poker Party Madness 2011
Breastless Vacation/Dog-Eat-Dog 2010
Brides Bunch/Toupee Turn Off 2011
Broken Brunch Promise/Dumb Driver 2012
Broken Table, Broken Friendship/Escort Extortion 2011
Brotha's Gonna Work It Out/A Victim in Scammer's Clothing 2013
Bully Lane/Socked 2012
Bum Fights/Paranormal Activity 2011
Burn the Fence/Revenge Ticket Payback 2012
Burned and Burned Out/My Useless Roommate 2013
Busted Up in a Boat/No False Alarm 2012
Can't We All Just Go to Homecoming/I Want My Laptop Money 2013
Can't You Read the Sign/Bad Trip 2013
Canine Rapist 2011
Cannabis Killed My Canine/Beauty's in the Eye of the Beholder 2010
Captain Save an Artist/You Signed for It, So You Stole It 2013
Car Commitment/Crushed Video Camera 2011
Carpet Rip-Off/You Owe for Lipo 2012
Cash for Clunker/Super Glue Gal 2010
Casual Fridays Gone Wrong/Pizza Chef Down 2013
Caught with My Hands in the Cookie Jar 2011
Caution, Wet Floor/One Bad Turn Deserves Another 2013
Cave Man Dog Don't/Sidewalk Shuffle 2013
Cell Phone Cousin Con Man/You Rat Poisoned My Dog 2011
Cheated Out of My Wedding/No Fat Chicks 2011
Chewing Gum Con Man/Dead Beat Brother-in-Law 2011
Church Contraband 2014
Coconut Assault/Overspray Overture 2013
Coffee Dropper/Too Old to Act 2012
Cold Blooded Dog Killer/Sticky Stairs Situation 2013
Come Sale Away/Sanford, I'm Done 2011
Concert Ticket Controversy/The Big Payback 2011
Creep on Trucking/Roman P. Vs. Psycho Kitty 2012
Cross Country Delusion/No Gradution No Gift 2010
Cruise Crasher 2010
Curse on My Husband's Diamond/Gimme Back My Shoe 2010
Custom Ride/Creative Control 2013
Customer Service Please/A Friend in Need 2011
Dad Stop Helping/Broken Lease Agreement 2012
Dancing with the Star Struck 2011
Dark Wedding/Left in the Snow 2013
Daycare Drama/High House 2011
Deadly Doggie Daycare/I Got Clowned by a Juggler 2011
Dear Tenant, Stay Out of My Porn/Hotel Diet 2011
Delayed Car Repair/Chili Dog Slip & Fall 2012
Didn't You See the Sign/Psychic Tip 2013
Ding Dong Ditch Shooting/You Coulda Sold My Musket 2011
DJ Dogma/Sabotaging Ex 2011
Do Not Disturb/Read My Lips, No New Dress 2013
Dog Bite/Loan for Lawyer 2011
Dog Shot by Arrow/Kosher as They Want to Be 2011
Doggie Fashion Disaster/Beauty Queen Diva 2011
Doggie Sitter Car Crash/#1 Party School 2011
Don't Be Alarmed/Sibling Chivalry 2012
Don't Call Security/The Burnout Brother 2013
Don't Poop Where You Eat 2012
Don't Touch My Phone 2011
Don't Try This at Someone Else's Home/You Swallowed What? 2013
Double Trouble/The Olive Pit from Hell 2011
Dressed to Steal/Cassette Killer 2013
Drive Thru Beat Down 2013
Drive Thru Beat Down 2011
Drive-Thru Beat Down 2010
Driving Miss Crazy/My Boyfriend Ripped Me Off 2010
Drunk Driving Mommy 2010
Dupped for a Song/Hand, Foot, and Mouth 2012
Ear Lobe Tartare/Sister Whack 2013
Engagement Fail/My Twin's Addiction 2012
Engagement Ring Triangle/Bottom Chef 2010
Estranged Daddy Bails Again/Lost and Found Reward 2010
Ex Burned My Clothes/Teach Me How to Dougie 2011
Ex-Boyfriend on My Cell Plan/My Dog Is Not a Fox 2010
Ex-Fiance Is a Porn Star/The Wrong Color Paint 2013
Exes Broken Windshield, That's Not My Dog 2011
Exit Stage Left/My Free Wedding Blunder 2013
Face Off/Wrap It Up 2013
Fantasy Slashing/Tuxedo Tantrum 2012
Faux Fur Fiasco/Serial Scammer? 2010
Female Fight Club/I Want My Fur and My Man 2010
Fender Bender Freak Out/Don't Change Me 2011
Fiery Fiancé 2011
Fight Night/Noisy Landlord 2013
Fight Over Dog Bite/The Daily Strip 2012
Fighting a Fighter/Grandma Loan or Gift? 2011
Fighting Like Cats and Dogs/The Landlord Cometh 2011
Fired Woman/She Drives Me Crazy 2012
Firework Fail/Rats 2012
Flight Turns Fight/Dine and Dash 2010
Flirt at Your Own Risk/Our Wedding Photographer 2011
Floral Fiasco/Your Dog Bite Me 2012
Food Truck Flu/Sweet Taste of BBQ Sauce 2012
Food Truck, Roll On/Jerks on a Plane 2011
Foot-Fistless/Dance on Down the Road 2010
Fraudulent Hollywood Agent/Second Star... 2011
Friendly Business Embezzlement/Botched Botox 2011
Gap Is Back/Necklace Nabber 2012
Garden Grouse/Roommate Rumble 2010
Get an Education or Get Out 2011
Get Your Hand Off My Ride/The Chinese Restaurant 2011
Gimme Back My Groceries/Lazy Landlord 2012
Gimmie Back My Dog/Self-Centered Sister-in-Law 2010
Girl Fight 2011
Give Me Back My Deposit/Soliciting or Stealing 2010
Give Me Back My Purse/Make This Lawsuit Disappear 2010
Give Me the Ring or I'm Taking the Dog/Little Lost Locks 2011
Give My Back My Wedding Flatware 2013
Graffiti in My New Car/Caretaker Woes 2011
Hairpiece Heart Attack: You Have Toupee Up/Lazy Son Busted 2010
Hard Luck/Holed Up 2013
Hardwood Bore 2013
Hats Off to the Church Lady/You Shot Jennie the Cat 2013
He Didn't Start the Fire/No Diploma, No Car 2013
He Ruined My Credit 2011
He's Out of My Life/Pay for My Ring and My Therapy 2012
Help Us Make a Baby/Rapture Ready 2010
Her Breasts Tried to Kill Me/You Hit My Baby 2013
Hickey Stroke 2011
His Wife Made Me Bald/Where's My Scooter 2010
HOA Halloween/Diabolic Daycare 2011
Home is Where the Porn Is/Your Horse Hit My Car 2011
Home Repair Bender/Ultimate Furniture Betrayal 2013
Hot Sauce Nanny/Video Game Cat-astrophe 2011
Hotel Bed Bugs/Hairless Wedding 2010
Hothead Fired by Text/She Ruined My Dress 2010
Human Trap/Blowout Speaker Sale 2013
I Didn't Kidnap My Baby/Miami Model Meltdown 2010
I Didn't Sign That/That Ship Sailed 2011
I Hate My Hair/A Guinea Pig Sty 2011
I Wanted Blonde Hair Not Corn/Mower Madness 2011
I Will Survive/No More Fore 2012
I'm Gonna Sue You, Sister/Hang the DJ 2011
I'm in Love with Your Sister/Dirty Rotten Roommate 2012
I'm Not Paying Your Tickets/Dead on Arrival 2013
I'm Not Promoting Teen Pregnancy 2013
If She's in Love... Run/No Porn in My House 2013
Internet Heartbreak/Motel Hotel 2012
Internet Router/Unexpected Guests 2013
Invasion of the Babysitter/The Rental Disagreement 2013
It's Me or the Ring/Psychic Swindle 2010
It's Not Lost, It's Found/Day Care Abuse 2010
Keep Your Friends Away/Telemarketing Terror 2013
Kid Here. Kid There Everywhere a Kid/Banned from the Museum 2013
King Cake Broke My Tooth!/Free Assistance 2013
Kitty Car Crash/Ripping Prom Dress 2013
Kitty Car Crash/Ripping Prom Dress 2010
Lap Dance Refund 2011
Lapdance the Night Away 2010
Las Vegas Lockout/Bow-Wow Snip-Snip 2010
Last Night a DJ Ruined My Wedding/My Crystal Bowl 2010
Lawyer Loan/Failed Party 2011
Laxed with My Hair 2013
Lay the Plank/Bar-B-Spew 2013
Let Them Eat Styrofoam/Christian Girls Don't Steal 2011
Let's Get Physical/The Dog Is Mine 2010
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire/Cat and Mouse Car Crash 2011
Loan for Cancer/This One Takes the Cake 2011
Long Distance/Leaking Pool 2011
Loser Ex Stuck Me with the Bill/Lifetime Leech 2010
Lotto Fever 2011
Love, Hate, and a Leaky Roof/Tenant vs. Landlord 2010
Mad Mother-in-Law/Turtle Murders 2012
Mama's Broach/Cash Policy 2012
Man About the House/Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder 2011
Marijuana Drama/Nightmare on the Bayou 2012
Marry Me or I'll Squish You/The Super Late Shuttle 2012
Meeting in Court for the First Time 2013
Meeting in Court for the First Time 2010
Mend the Fence/Broken Bike Sell Off 2012
Misadventures in Babysitting 2013
Missing Makeup Case/Cut Me Some Slacks 2010
Missing Tools/Funeral Singer 2012
Mom Got My Money/Pizza Party 2010
Mom Stay Off My Facebook/You Killed My Tree 2011
Mom, That's Your Pot/Not on My Watch 2013
Money for Nothing/Shot Your Dog 2013
Money Loaned and False Tro/Ferret Attack 2011
Move Your Junk/Terrible Tires 2011
Multi-Level Meltdown/Dirty Dancing 2012
My Boyfriend Shot Me! 2011
My Brother's Keeper 2011
My Child Is Not a Thief 2013
My Daughter Sold My Ring for Drugs 2011
My Ex Steals My Stuff/3rd Times a Charm 2013
My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny/Give Me Back the Boobs 2010
My Neighbor Hit My Van/It Takes Two to Tango 2012
My Neighbor Stepped in Poo/Tag You're It 2011
My Persian Mistress Owes Me/Brandy Crime 2011
My Roof, My Rules/Motorcycle in Despair 2013
My Roommate Keyed My Car/Wigged Out 2011
My Sister's ID/Day Care Nightmare 2010
My Wedding Caterer Sucked 2011
Mystery Taco Meat/Whoops! Someone's There 2011
Name That Tune/Breakups and Bleach 2011
Nanny No No/The Truth Behind the Mask 2010
Nannying in America/Broken Heart=Broken Laptop 2011
Naughty Nanny/Orange-Aid 2013
Naughty Nanny/Orange-Aid 2013
Needle This/Motorcycle Mishap 2011
Neighbor from Hell/Drunk Dad 2011
Nettles in My Sofa/Baby Mama Drama 2011
Next Wife vs. Ex Wife/Modeling Mess 2011
No Buck for the Cluck!/Spanking the Kiddie 2013
No Business in the 'Hood 2014
No Clowning Around/Scott Sucks 2011
No Credit, No Love/Watch Out for Friendship 2011
No Cry for Help/Rent Outta Control 2011
No Good Nanny/Burned in My Bikini 2010
No More Vacation/You Ruined My Lingerie 2011
No Pay Child Care/My Cheating Ex Owes Me 2011
No Ring, No Wedding/Doggie Date Gone Wrong 2010
No Snow Emergency/Drums at 2AM 2011
No Wig, No Work/Dead Beat Daughter-in-Law 2013
Non-Moving Relationship Violation/I Want Half of the Deposit 2011
Nose Job/Park It Far Away from Here 2010
Not a Model Business Man/Close Encounters of the Alien Kind 2013
Not in My Backyard/Grandma's Stuff 2011
Not My Child Support/Funeral from Hell 2011
Not My Kind of Party/Liar Liar 2013
Not So Mobile Messiah/Sister Street Vendor 2012
Not Such a Hot Date/Service Dog. Hmm. 2013
OCD is Out/Cookie Dough Catastrophe 2011
Oh! By the Way I'm Married/Car Repair Loan 2011
Once Bitten Hospital Ride/I'm All You Need 2012
Other Girlfriend's Vacation/Vandalism Charges 2010
Park Without Pay/Another Foot in the Wall 2013
Parking Bandit/Stuck with the Fees 2012
Parking Spot Fight/Who Let the Dogs Out? 2010
Party Pass Out/Mother-in-Law Is No Joke 2010
Party Pooper/Glitz & Glamour No More 2012
Passion Party Predicament/Touch Free Therapy 2011
Pastor No Tip/Your Bugs Slept Over 2013
Pay Me for My Jam/Terrible Table Tumbles Tripod 2013
Perez Wanna Be/Flat Bro Broke My Camera 2011
Phone Home/Jackass Swipe 2011
Phony Coin Rip-Off 2011
Photo Phony/Mean as a Junkyard Dog 2010
Pillars of Bath Salts/Boyfriend Stealer 2013
Pizza Driver Text/Stilletto Shoe Party 2010
Plan B, Plan C, Plan D/Divorcees Don't Have More Fun 2012
Play It Loud/Killer App 2013
Plenty of Trunk Space/Take My Home Tonight 2011
Poach Bed & Breakfast/Christmas Gone Wild 2013
Poison Ivy/Forgotten Garlic Knots 2012
Pole Dancing Fall/That's My Art Work 2013
Pop Head Puppy/Honda Over My Money 2011
Pot Out of Luck/Bridal Gown War 2011
Pre-School Rap/Roach Room Motel 2013
Pregnancy Bills/Naked in Our Hot Tub 2010
Prescription Thief/Pay for Your Botox 2010
Princess Party Gone Wrong/Hair Today Gone Tomorrow 2011
Private or Public/The Screen Door Did It 2013
PTA Mommy Battle Lands Me in Jail/You Tricked Me with Your Swine 2013
Punched Drunk 2013
Punctuality Is Overrated/Heels Gone Downhill 2013
Purse on Wheels/Roller Coaster Disaster 2012
Purse Pressure/Nightmare Cruise Ship 2013
Rabbit to the Finger/Summer Blowout 2010
Raided Reception/My Daughter Ditched Her Degree 2011
Rainy Day Rear End/Deadbeat Dad? 2011
Real Life Cheaters/My Nephew Stiffed Me 2010
Rent Out of Control/Paper or Plastic 2013
Rent vs. Boobs/Secret Love Affair 2010
Repo Rip Off/H2O No-No 2013
Return My DVDs/Just Shimmy and Shut Up 2010
Right Next Door 2011
Rivalry Gone Too Far/Match Maker Mistake 2010
Road Rage Rendezvous/Mileage Misuse 2012
Rock n' Fall/Ruined Driveway and Marriage 2012
Roof Raider/Tired Rotation 2013
Roommate and the Gun/Short Affair 2010
Roommate Disagreement/Kiddie Dog Bite 2011
Roommate Insurance Fraud/I Don't Want to See That 2013
Roommate Rant/Passanger Provoked Car Crash 2011
Roommates Brawl/Lemon Car Crash 2010
Rotten Easter Egg Hunt/I Saw Nothing But Snow 2013
Rubber Check/Engagement Ring Dive 2011
Ruined Belly 2013
Sabotage of the Evening Gown/Diet Delivery Debacle 2011
Safe Word Is Hot Sauce/No Parking Goddess 2013
Salmonella in the House/Buried on Credit 2013
San Diego Shake Up/Golden Verses 2011
Sangria for a Song/Positively Terminated 2013
Saving Bond Squabble/Sexual Harrassment at Work 2010
Scarred for Life/Pay for My Dog's Poop 2011
School Cheaters/Assistant to Steal 2010
Scrapper's Delight/Ultimate Furniture Betrayal 2012
Secret Shopper Scandal/Cobbler Rip Off 2012
Senior Stalker 2011
Sensation Library Rant/You Snooze, You Lose 2013
Serial Dating Handy Man/Stolen Laptop 2011
Services Rendered/Stripper Wallpaper Service 2012
Severe Tire Damage/Vow to Move Out 2012
Sexting Teenagers/Fish Fry 2010
Shady Social Networker/Ribs R Us 2010
Shallow Santa/Traffic Camera Ticket 2012
She Broke Off My Engagement/Repossessed Ride 2011
She Rubbed Me the Wrong Way 2011
She's Got the Groomer Blues/You're Dating Him Too 2011
Shoe Addiction/Cussing Cockatoo 2012
Shoe Split/Gym Fight 2013
Siblings Spilt the Rent/Dragged Into Court 2011
Sideview Sideswipe/Motorcycle Mash 2011
Sidewalk Bike Race 2011
Single Female Roommate/The Waiting is the Hardest Part 2011
Sister Act/Hairdresser Hijinks 2012
Sister Christina 2011
Sister Leave the Loser/Pot in Car 2011
Sisterly Tire Blowout/Fainting Girl 2011
Slashed Tires/Pot Head Roommate 2010
Sleave Come Sleazy Go/Dog Bite 2012
Sleeping Dogs Who Lie/Shoot Em Up Bang Bang 2013
Slushee Fight/Some Boyfriend 2013
Smoke Signals/The Stinking Gas Station 2012
Smoking Neighbors/Tattoo Trouble 2011
Smoking Room/Rich Dog, Poor Dad 2013
Snake in my House/Roller Derby Debacle 2011
Snake in the Grass/Indecent Invitations 2012
Snaked in the Gym/Boss' Bald Tires 2012
Snap Shot/Shoe Thief 2010
So You Wanna be a Pop Star?/Did U DUI? 2013
Some 21st Birthday/Holy Spirit Fall Out 2013
Son's Partying Problem/Victim Turned Violent 2010
Sorry Mom, I Love My Car/Cash Advance 2013
Space Couch/Friendship and Betrayal 2013
Space Heater Disaster/Dog and Boy Unleashed 2013
Special Delivery 2011
Speed Dating Vampire/Bring Back My Chickens 2010
Spoiled Pot of Gumbo/Massage Mess 2012
Spring Break Squander/There's Beer in My Game System 2011
Squirrel Gone Wild/Something Smells Fishy 2010
Stole My Brother's Car for Booty/He Ain't No Good Girl Dot Com 2010
Stolen Crystal Dishes/Chapel of Nightmares 2012
Stolen Patio Furniture/Pay the Babysitter 2010
Stoner Roommate/Work Ain't Funny 2013
Stop Breast Feeding in Public/Driving Lesson Drama 2010
Stop Faxing Me 2011
Strip Club Whiplash/Wrong T-Shirt 2011
Strip Teased/That Handy Man Can 2011
Stripped of My Scholarship/Smells Like a Rat 2011
Stuck in the Car Club/That's Right, I Sold Your Stuff 2012
Sued by a Scam/Tanning Lotion Motion 2012
Super Surprised Birthday Party/Sneaker Mobbed Robbed 2012
Sweet Smell of My Coworker/I Was Under Sold 2013
Swing Dance Drama/My Sister Ruined My Reception 2010
T-Ball Insanity/Cat Napped in the Garage 2012
Tag Sale/A New Tractor Please 2013
Tainted Tattoo/My Date's Ex Is Obsessed 2011
Take My Husband, Please/Waterstock 2013
Take No Prisoners/Dognapping Ex-Girlfriend 2012
Take No Prisoners/Gambler's Game 2012
Tattoo Limits/Your Machine Ate My Sneakers 2010
Tattoo You/Cell Phone Belly Flop 2011
Teas and Bees/Boats Float, Trucks Don't 2012
Teenage Driver/Botched Bar Mitzvah 2013
Tell-Yo-Neighbor Bed and Breakfast 2011
Temptress and the Hair/Layaway Throw Away 2011
Ten-Year-Old Likes to Move It/Classic Clunker 2013
Tenant Wants Security 2011
Texting Teen Driving/Late Limo Booze Party 2011
That's a Bunch of Caca/Stuck with the Lunch Bill 2010
The 12-12-12 Bride/Rental Car Hurts 2013
The Bachelor Auction/House Vandalized 2011
The Bachelorette Bashed My Beach House/Paternity Test Payback 2010
The Boy Who Cried Wolf/Those Cupcakes Left Me High 2013
The Calculating Classmate/Brake Fast 2013
The Corn Claim/Cancelled Photo Shoot 2013
The Couch Wetter/Taxicab Confessions 2012
The Divorce That Didn't 2012
The Earring Bandit/Scoop Your Poop 2012
The Gorilla and the Chicken/Busted TV 2011
The Jilted Bridesmaid/Sublease Scoundrel 2011
The Pre-Enter/Dorm Room Blues 2013
The Prom Promise/Berry Christmas 2010
The Real Paul George Stand Up 2013
The Rent is Free, Not the Groceries/The Pastor's Wife Knows Best 2010
The Teacher Will Teach Her/Busted Windshield 2011
The Vixen Pack/Smoothie Dollar Daze 2012
Timeshare Taker/Out-Surance 2013
Tires Slashed and Windows Smashed/Good Fences Make Good Neighbors 2010
Toilet Seat Terror/Vacation Ruined in an Instagram 2013
Too High to Drive/Cabin in the Woods 2012
Too Sexy for My Job/Caveat Emptor 2010
Touchy Tutor/Prison Break 2012
Tow Truck Driver Attack/My Stuff 2011
Traveling Heavy/My Daughter Owes Me a Car 2011
Trip Down Memory Lane/My Maid Ruined My Rug 2011
Truth or Dare Danger/The Sleepwalker 2011
TV Time/Film Flam 2013
Twin-Spiracy/Suit Up 2012
U-Turned Into My Car/Forgetful Friend 2012
Ugly Mural/Friendly Car Damage 2011
Uncomfortable Roommate/Lawn Man Lover 2012
Unfinished Implants/Hateful Hubby 2013
Unlicensed Hair Stylist/Long Lost Toucan 2011
Unnecessary Tailgating/No! Not My Seats 2013
Vegas Breakdown in Communication/Irresponsible Mechanic 2013
Video Game Road Rage 2011
Vincent the Vicious/Bail Out and Domestic Assault 2010
Wasted Honeymoon/Good Girl Laker Tickets 2011
Watch Where You're Going/Mildew Beach 2012
Weave Scam/I Need to Break a Lease 2012
Wedding Nightmare/Bail Out for Abuse 2010
Wedding Pictures Gone Wrong/Twice Bitten Bus Driver 2011
Wedding Pictures Gone Wrong/Twice Bitten Bus Driver
Wedding Planner Vs. Caterer/I Didn't Buy You a Car 2011
What a Ditch/She Was a He 2012
What Doesn't Stay in Vegas/You Dog-Napped Beyonce? 2013
What'd You Call Me?/Sit on My Love Seat 2013
When a Brick Hits/Burned Barista 2012
Who Does That?/It's Not Your Car! 2013
Who Let Granny Get Online? 2013
Who Should Bury Dad/Vending Machine Nonsense 2013
Who Wants a Hot Dog?/The Boy Who Cried Stalker 2012
Whose Dog Is It?/Her Daughter Hit My Car 2012
Wide Load Coffin/Prom Date Gone Bad 2011
Wigged Out/Wrong Dog Bite 2012
Wine Tasted Bad/Dud Date 2013
Winner Takes All/This Is Not My Wedding Gown 2011
Woman Calls 911/The Ring Leader 2011
Working Girl Runs for Mayor/Acceptance Revoked 2013
Wrong Colored Flowers/My Daughter Blew Her Tution 2011
Wrong Gospel Bus Tour/Sible Wars 2012
Wronged Widower 2011
You Break, You Pay/You Branded Me 2012
You Burned Me Man/Boys Will Bar Brawl 2013
You Carpet Cleaning Jerk/What Investment 2013
You Gave Us an STD/Bottle Service Blowup 2010
You Gave Us an STF/Bottle Service Blow Up 2013
You Just Don't Make the Grade!/Gift Basket Disaster 2013
You Lost My Dogs/Far from Fantasy Football 2013
You Murdered Skeeter/Coach Too Much 2011
You Owe Me for a Cab Fare/Get Off Your High Horse and Pay Me 2011
You Repossessed My Baby/Vibrating Panties 2010
You Ruined My Wedding/My Landlord's in Hot Water 2010
You Sold Me a Fake/Car Wash Wreck 2012
You Sunk My Battleship/Love It and Leave It 2013
You Tricked Me/Ex-Roommate, Ex-Friend 2012
You're Not Invited/Boxed Into a Corner 2012
Your Cat Got Me Fired!/The Roof Is Underwater 2013
Your Ex Wife Took My Stuff & Vegas or Busted 2013
Your Vomit Ruined My Special Night/Bootleg Bailout 2013

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