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actress, writer, producer
Annie Mumulo
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Irvine, California, USA


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A Bridge Too Farm/Monkey Fever 2008
A Christmas Carol 2012
A House Divided 2007
A Rose Is Still a Rose 2006
A Star Is Born
A Very Handy Vacation 2006
A Whale of a Tale 2009
About a Babymoon 2015
About a Bad Girl 2014
About a Balcony 2014
About a Birthday Party 2014
About a Boy 2013
About a Boy Becoming a Man 2015
About a Boyfriend 2015
About a Buble 2014
About a Cat Party 2015
About a Christmas Card 2014
About a Duck 2014
About a Girl 2014
About a Godfather 2014
About a Hammer 2014
About a Hook 2015
About a House for Sale 2014
About a Kiss 2014
About a Love in the Air 2015
About a Manniversary 2014
About a Memory Hole 2015
About a Plumber 2014
About a Poker Night 2014
About a Prostitute 2015
About a Rib Chute 2014
About a Self Defense 2015
About a Slopmaster 2014
About a Trunk 2015
About a Vasectomy 2014
About a Will-O-Ween 2014
About an Angry Ex 2014
About Another Boy 2015
Abuela Upmanship
Abuelito's Telescope/Little Lopart 2008
Afternoon Delight 2013
All Tools on Deck/Tool Dance 2007
An Ape in the Neck 2009
Anokri-Dokey Day 2005
Ape Escape 2008
Back to the Sea 2012
Bad Hair Day 2013
Bad Moms 2016
Bad Mother's Handbook 2008
Bake Sale/Camping Tools 2008
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar 2020
Bewitched 2005
Big, Bad Hundley/George's Simple Siphon 2014
Bingo Night/Scribble Trouble
Blubber Is Blubber 2009
Bridesmaids 2011
Buoy Wonder/Roller Monkey 2006
Camping with Hundley/Curious George vs. the Turbo Python 3000 2007
Cancer 2014
Candy Counter/Curious George, Rescue Monkey 2006
Career Day
Catnip and Trust 2004
Chalkboard Jungle 2009
Cherry Blossoms 2015
Chico Goes to Preschool/Kelly's Chili 2010
Color Me Monkey/Special Delivery Monkey 2007
Cook-Off! 2006
Corey's Been Dead for an Hour 2006
Cupid 2006
Curious George 2006
Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George's Low High Score 2006
Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, a Peeling Monkey 2006
Curious George Beats the Band/Hats and a Hole 2008
Curious George Discovers the Poles/Curious George Finds His Way 2006
Curious George Flies a Kite/From Scratch 2006
Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter Monkey 2007
Curious George Goes for 100/Fearless George 2014
Curious George on Time/Curious George's Bunny Hunt 2006
Curious George Sees Stars/Curious George Gets a Trophy 2006
Curious George Sinks the Pirates/This Little Piggy 2008
Curious George Swings Into Spring 2013
Curious George Takes a Job/Curious George Takes Another Job 2006
Curious George Takes a Vacation/Curious George and the One That Got Away 2007
Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Train Master 2006
Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel for a Day 2006
Curious George, Door Monkey/Curious George Goes Up the River 2006
Curious George, Personal Trainer/Sprout Outing 2009
Curious George, Plumber's Helper/Curious George Takes a Hike 2007
Curious George, Sea Monkey/Old McGeorgie Had a Farm 2008
Curious George, Spy Monkey/Castle Keep 2008
Curious George, Web Master/The Big Sleepy 2008
Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest 2013
Customer Service 2012
Daffy Duck, Esquire 2013
Dear John 2013
Decisions Decisions 2006
Doctor Monkey/Curious George the Architect 2006
Doctors Without Bidders 2006
Downhill Racer/Book Monkey 2011
Episode #1.1 2008
Every Day Is Earth Day
Family Time 2004
Fanboy and Chum Chum 2009
Fashionistas 2005
Feeling Antsy/Maple Monkey Madness 2012
Felippe's Hiccups/Book Drop 2008
Fit to Print/Operation: Cooties 2010
For the Birds/Curious George-Asaurus 2008
Free Hundley/Bag Monkey 2007
Friends Forever 2005
Fun Ball Talley/Red Sky at Night, Monkey's Delight 2009
George and Marco Sound It Out/A Monkey's Duckling 2010
George and the Giant Thumb/Shutter Monkey 2011
George Buys a Kite/Train of Light 2012
George Digs Worms/Everything Old Is New Again 2008
George Fixes Betsy's Wagon/Curious George Takes a Dive 2007
George Makes a Stand/Curious George Sees the Light 2006
George Measures Up/Something New Under the Sun 2009
George Meets the Press/Snow Use 2008
George's Curious Dragon Dance/Bowling for Bobolinks 2015
George's Home Run/Monkey on Ice 2011
Give Me a Little Sign 2006
Gnocchi the Critic/George Cleans Up 2009
Good Luck Paco 2007
Grease Monkeys in Space/Pinata Vision 2007
Gribbler's Quest 2012
Halloween/Squeeze's Magic Show 2007
Handy Manny 2006
Happy Birthday, Mr. Lopart/Scout Manny 2008
Happy Valentine's Day, George!/Oh Deer 2015
Hero Heights
Honey of a Monkey/Curious George's Egg Hunt 2013
Housebound!/Curious George Rides a Bike 2007
Hundley, Jr./Curious George Gets Winded 2012
I Love Maya
I Scream 2009
I've Got to Be Miguel 2005
Ice Station Monkey/The Perfect Carrot 2008
It's a Handbag 2012
Itsy Bitsy Gopher 2012
Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing Piece 2007
Knock Knock 2009
La Calavera 2004
La Cocinita 2004
Lady Dynamite 2015
Last Night on Charlie Rose 2015
Learning to Fly/Tools in a Candy Store 2008
Leela's Birthday Party 2009
Lost and Found/Science Fair 2008
Manny to the Rescue/Handy Hut 2008
Maya & Miguel 2004
Maya and Miguel Come on Down 2005
Maya Quixote and Miguel Panza 2006
Maya the Mascot 2007
Melvin Goes to Dinner 2003
Monkey Down Under/Bright Lights, Little Monkey 2012
Monkey Stagehand/The Magic Garden 2007
Monkey Underground/Cat Mother 2007
Mother's Day 2006
Mother's Day Surprise/Jungle Gym 2011
Mr. Lopart Sails Away/Pepe's Agua Fresca Stand 2009
Mr. Weiner 2013
Mulch Ado About Nothing/What Goes Up 2008
Night of the Weiner Dog/Animal Trackers 2009
No Friend Left Behind 2016
Paging Dr. Maya 2007
Paper Girl 2006
Papi Joins the Band 2007
Pepe's Rocket/The Best Vacation Ever 2009
Peyote Ugly 2006
Prince Tito
Puppy Love 2007
Rake 2014
Random! Cartoons 2007
Real Twins
Recipe for Disaster 2005
Red Jacket
Relax/The Box and the Hound 2010
Robot Monkey Hullabaloo/Curious George and the Slithery Day 2008
Role Reversal 2006
Say Cheese 2007
Scaredy Dog/Say Goodnight, George 2008
School of Dance/Curious George Sounds Off 2012
Season's Beatings 2011
Semper Lie 2012
Shipwrecked with Hundley/Chasing Rainbows 2009
Shock Therapy TV 2011
Sizing Things Up/Mr. Ayala's New Car 2008
Skateboard Park/Cowboy Manny 2007
Ski Monkey/George the Grocer 2007
Soccer Mom 2005
Sparkles and Gloom 2007
Squeeze's Day Off/Renaldo's Pretzel Castle 2007
Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey 2007
Surprise Surprise 2005
Teacher's Pet
The All Animal Recycled Band/The Times of Sand 2007
The Amazing Maze Race/The Color of Monkey 2008
The Autogragh 2004
The Battle of the Birthdays 2007
The Bet 2005
The Big Fight 2007
The Big Idea 2007
The Big Picture/Dig It 2008
The Boss 2016
The Bully and the Bunny 2004
The Cherry Chipper Cupid Sisters 2005
The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee Is for Bear 2006
The Dogwalkers 2005
The Elephant Upstairs/Being Hundley 2007
The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat/Creatures of the Night 2007
The Goldbergs 2013
The Inside Story/Little Fish, Littler Pond! 2009
The Looney Tunes Show 2011
The Man with the Monkey Hands/Whistlepig Wednesday 2008
The Matchmaker 2004
The Other Smother 2014
The Pen-Pal 2005
The Penguins of Madagascar 2008
The Slump
The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the Dark 2006
The Video 2006
The Wedding 2007
The Wrestler Next Door 2005
This Is 40 2012
This Might Hurt 2009
Thom Cat 2007
Tito's Mexican Vacation 2004
Tito's Pet 2006
Tools for Toys/Manny's Mouse Traps 2007
Trader George/One in a Million Chameleon 2010
Trading Day/The Hard Sell 2009
Unbalanced/Curious George vs. Winter 2007
Up, Up and Away/Skunked 2007
Water to Ducks/Animal Magnetism 2006
Wedding Day 2012
Wheels on the Bus/Seed Trouble 2009
When Maya Met Andy 2004
Wiz Boy/Pick a Nose 2009
Year of the Duck 2013
You've Got Hate Mail 2012
Young Person's Guide to History 2008
Zeros to Donuts/Curious George, Stain Remover 2006
Zoo Night/Charkie Escapes 2006

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