Amos Crawley

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First name
Amos Rocco Crawley
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Ontario, Canada


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A Little Piece of Heaven 1991
Adventures in Cousin-Sitting 2005
All Dried Up 1994
All or Nothing 1997
An Elephant's Best Friend 1989
Assess This/The Valentine Curse
Babar 1989
Babar Returns 1989
Babar's Choice 1989
Babar's First Step 1989
Babar's Triumph 1989
Babar: King of the Elephants 1999
Babar: The Movie 1989
Bad Memories/Presently Surprised
Bakugan: Battle Planet 2018
Battlefield Marshank 2002
Between Friends 1989
Billy Madison 1995
Birthday Party/The Art of You 2002
But Not Forgotten 1993
Captured 2002
Cha Ching/Slam
Chapter Twenty 2012
Citizen Cane/Discount Fever
City Ways 1989
Conga the Terrible 1989
Cram Session/Listen to the Music
Craner Parade/Stay Awake 2014
Daedalus and Icarus 1998
Dirty Work/Trading Spaces
Double the Guards 1989
Eat the Loss 1999
Elephant Express 1989
Elliot Moose 2000
Escape from Marshank 2002
Express Yourself/Casting Call
Feathered Friends and Foes
Felldoh's Revenge 2002
Find It Backwards/Roller Twister Coaster 2014
Finders Keepers for Franklin/Franklin's New Friend 1997
Fire Within/Fate 1997
First Serious Party 1996
Flu Manchu/Save Me 2002
For Lunch 1994
Found ... and Lost
Franklin 1997
Freedom and Monsters 2002
From Marsh to Mountain Heights 2002
Games Peeps Play/Tents Situation 2002
Get a Life 1997
Get Max to the Moon/Help Us Ted 2014
Gets Ants in Its Pants 1994
Gets Lost in Space 1994
Girlstuff/Boystuff 2002
Going Batty 1995
Good Morning Rover/Un Amusement Park
Goosebumps 1995
Goul Stuff/Boil Stuff
Graduation 1997
Green Light, Green Light/Build a Bridge 2014
Hang Wire 2013
Health Class Horrors/Lights, Camera, Ahhhh!
Heroes 1996
Heroes and Fools 2002
How to Train Your Lawnmower/Great Gravelly Ghost Truck 2014
I Do, I Don't 1996
In the Haunted House 1994
Inside Ralphie 1994
Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance 1996
Joint Adventures 1998
Keep Max Clean/Hide and Go Smash 2014
King Tuttle's Vote 1989
Lip Gloss Queen/Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 2002
Little Monsters 1998
Lives of Girls & Women 1994
Martin the Warrior: A Tale of Redwall 2001
Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall 2000
Meza 2014
Monkey Business 1989
Murdoch Mysteries 2008
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend 1998
New Friends and Old Enemies 2002
No Place Like Home 1989
Origins of Man 1993
Party of the Year/Babysitting Miss Dot 2002
Peer Pressure 1989
People Who Fight Too Much 1998
Perl in the Toplands
Pick Up Stuff/Truck Trooper Tips 2014
Plays Ball 1994
Race to the Moon 1989
Ready or Not 1993
Reap the Whirlwind 1998
Remember When...? 1989
Rent-a-Kid 1995
Return to Redwall
Return to Sender/Medieval Mayhem
Rhino War 1989
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo 1994
Rose of Noonvale 2002
Saint Carla 1997
School Days 1989
Sea Ghost 1991
Secrets and Lies/Face Powder Blues 2002
Sixteen Candles 1999
Skaterchick/Blind Date 2002
Slagar the Slayer
Sour Grapes of Wrath 1998
Stickin' Around 1996
Stroll on the Wild Side part 1 2012
Stroll on the Wild Side part 2 2012
Stuff a Palooza/Video Return
Style 911/Eleven Minute Workout
Ted's New Shed/Everything at the Same Time Game 2014
The Abyss
The Big Switch/Foreign Bodies
The Case of the Falling Star 1999
The Cat Nap/Elliot Mapleberry/The Magic Pond/Boo!
The City of Elephants 1989
The Gift 1989
The Girlfriend 1996
The Great Escapes 2002
The Haunted Mask II: Part 1 1996
The Haunted Mask II: Part 2 1996
The Haunted Mask: Part 1 1995
The Haunted Mask: Part 2 1995
The Hills Have Eyes 2018
The in Crowd/Gorilla My Dreams 2002
The Incredible Geeks/The Art of the Deal
The Intruder 1989
The Little Kidnappers 1990
The Magic School Bus 1994
The Magician Revealed
The Making of/The Afternoon Snack Club
The Missing Crown Affair 1989
The Perfect Match/Selling Out
The Phantom 1989
The Play's the Thing 2002
The Return of Clogg 2002
The Sandy Bottom Orchestra 2000
The Show Must Go On 1989
The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner 1994
The Three Truckateers/Dust Up 2014
The Unseen Lever 1996
The Virgin Suicides / Sofia Coppola's the Virgin Suicides 1999
The Young and the Foolish/Cause and Effect
This World... Then the Fireworks 1999
Tickets Please/Mall's Fair 2002
Time to Reap 1990
To Be a Warrior
To Duet or Not to Duet 1989
Tour de Celesteville 1989
Track and Field Fiasco/Dot's Dilemma
Traders 1996
Truck and Roll/Treasure Truck Hunt 2014
Trucktown 2014
Trucktown Rodeo/Super Hero Trucks 2014
Trucktown's Tricky Track/Truck and Roll 2014
Truth or Dare/Multiplex 2002
Tunnel Vision 2002
Weekend Rental/Last Minute Shopping
When a Kiss Is Just a Kiss 1997
Where the Little Folk Go
Whip. Mix. Blend/Staycation 2015
Works Out 1996
Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up 1997
Your Own Money 1997

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