Young Dillinger

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Crime/Drama, USA, 1965, 102 min.

Tagline The Kingpin of All Public Enemies!

Synopsis John Dillinger and his girl friend, Elaine, decide to rob her father's safe. They are caught, and Mr. Johnsyn begs Dillinger to take the blame on himself. Dillinger receives a long sentence and in prison meets Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Homer Van Meter. Dillinger gains the warden's favor in a fake jail riot and then escapes, later freeing his friends. They form a gang with their girls and with the help of Professor Hoffman become the most wanted criminals in the United States. Elaine wants to get married and leave their life of crime because she is pregnant, and when Dillinger refuses her request, she betrays him to the FBI. Armed Federal agents surround the gang, and only Dillinger escapes; but eventually he is hunted down.

Directed by Terry O. Morse  

Starring Nick Adams, Robert Conrad, John Ashley, Dan Terran, Mary Ann Mobley, more...

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