Yanks Ahoy

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Comedy, USA, 1943, 60 min.

Synopsis Sergeant Dorian "Dodo" Doubleday is allowed to go into active duty only because his superiors are impressed by his photographic memory. Sergeant Ames, a superior physical specimen but intellectually inferior, is offended that a weakling like Doubleday has been assigned to the transport ship which will take them overseas. Hardy Ames makes fun of the seasick soldiers until he becomes seasick as well, and Doubleday succumbs after losing his anti-nausea pills. A voracious learner, Doubleday eagerly memorizes the ocean charts, but is later humiliated when he earnestly follows Quartermaster Jenkins' joking suggestion that he obtain eggs for the captain from the "crow's nest." Doubleday has an evening rendezvous with nurse Phyllis, but she loses interest after his attention strays to a flashing light in a nearby cliff. Doubleday is soon declared a hero for intercepting and identifying the light signals as a message intended for an enemy saboteur aboard ship. While everyone searches for the saboteur, Jenkins takes over the wheel when the ship goes into a dangerous strait. Ames mistakes Jenkins for the saboteur and knocks him out, so Doubleday pilots the ship through the strait using on his memory of the ocean charts. Doubleday is again praised for his efforts, and Ames is demoted for his. After an angry Ames tricks Doubleday into the nurses' quarters at night, however, Doubleday is demoted and loses Phyllis's affection as well. Shortly after, the captain receives word that the saboteur was captured earlier while boarding the ship. Put on K.P. duty together, Doubleday and Ames are sent by cook Flynn to catch some fish. When they feel a strong tug on their line, they struggle to keep hold, and climb into a rowboat to reel the fish in. Instead, they are dragged by the mighty creature, which turns out to be a two-man Japanese submarine. Ames and Doubleday capture the Japanese and force them to row the submarine to their ship. His pride restored, Doubleday presents Captain Scott with the enemy logbook.

Directed by Kurt Neumann  

Starring William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Marjorie Woodworth, Minor Watson, Frank Faylen, more...

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