Cloudy with a Chance of Gettysburg

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008

Synopsis An almost cartoonishly nice weather man shows up for work. During his broadcast one of the producers notices a horizontal blood stain on his shirt near his stomach. He explains it away as a scratch suffered while on his bicycle and refuses medical attention. He walks off set and disappears.Jack and Sam arrive at the station the following day. We hear a voicemail the weather man, Ben Coleman, left on his assistant's cell phone, him gasping the word "help." The assistant got the message that morning (sent from the Philly area), but Coleman's phone went offline at 3am.Coleman's producer tells the agents that the usually frosty Coleman had gotten much nicer the past few weeks after learning he was up for a gig in a bigger market.Flashback to Coleman showing up on location during a storm to yank another reporter, Dale Harmon, off the story. After angrily tossing the microphone to Coleman, a street sign blows by and knocks Harmon unconscious. Colemen bends down to give him aid as the camera rolls.The producer says the seemingly heroic footage was great for Coleman's career but embarrassed Harmon. The producer adds that before the incident the two reporters had been tight, and we learn that Harmon called in sick the day before.Martin finds a piece of what cut Coleman's abdomen, possibly the tip of a knife, in a bin behind his house. There is no evidence he sought medical attention.Danny interviews Emma Collins, who they understood to be Coleman's fiancé. Collins didn't know he was missing because the couple is no longer together.Flashback to Coleman rudely brushing off Collins' request that he help with a school auction and Collins asking whether she has always been second to his career.Collins tells Danny she broke up with Colman a few days later and the couple hasn't spoke since. She thinks given his unusual attitude over the past weeks it's possible he was seeing someone new.Martin calls Jack to tell him Coleman spent $300 on flowers the previous the week which were not for Collins.11 Hours Missing Harmon, who had been given notice by the station just before the flying sign incident, comes in to speak with Viv and Sam. Not sounding the least bit upset at Coleman's disappearance, Harmon tells them Coleman wouldn't leave him along in the days after the incident.Flashback to Coleman attempting to get Harmon to follow-up on a story lead he agreed to look into, and playing him an audio tape of a woman telling someone they murdered her husband. Harmon has no interest, basically telling Coleman how selfish and untalented he is before challenging him to do some real journalism.Harmon tells the agents he suggested Coleman directly confront the murder suspect, though he can't tell them anything about the tape.The agents discover footage of Coleman interviewing a man and asking whether he killed a tenant in an attempt to convert his apartment to condos. The man threatens Coleman as the tape ends. Martin spots a company name, Helton Development, on one of trailers behind the man being interviewed.Jack interviews the man, who claims to be the local manager for Helton. Jack rattles off several of his irresponsible, slacking-landlord treatment of tenants and suggests he has been trying to drive people out of the development. The man says he met Coleman a month earlier at a Civil War reenactment and ads he has nothing to hide.Viv discovers the woman Coleman bought the flowers for, Leah, was eating with man named Kirby who stormed off when said flowers arrived. The sharp tip which injured Coleman was made using a Civil War-era technique. Additionally, a reenactment group have been having a week-long battle in the area where Coleman made his last phone call.At the camp Danny speaks with a man who recognizes both Coleman and the Helton manager, named Weaver. The man never saw the two together, but does remember an argument between Coleman and Kirby.Flashback to Kirby yelling at Coleman for making a move on Leah, mentioning the flowers. Coleman responds that he was trying to help and that the flowers were supposed to have Kirby's name on them.The reenactment guy tells Danny he never saw Colman again, but that Kirby returned to purchase a full uniform along with a bayonet made using 19th century techniques. He adds that those weapons were known to break.16 Hours Missing Though Kirby wasnt there, Martin finds the matching bayonet blade at his home. Elena has learned the recording came from Lucy Graham who blamed the stress of eviction on her husband's heart attack. Elena also found out that Lucy told her story to Kirby, who is an employee of Weaver's.Collins comes back in, telling Sam that Coleman went to high school with Kirby and that Coleman had told her about a prank he and his friends had played on Kirby.Flashack to a teenage Kirby about to win an award for a history paper. Just as his name is being read two boys in masks grab him, pull him behind a curtain then shove him back on stage in only his underwear.Collins said Coleman told her he felt bad about the prank but that Kirby was not aware of his involvement. She adds that the girl who presented Kirby's award was named Leah Russell.Kirby is brought in for questioning which leads to a flashback of him approaching Coleman a week ago and asking for help getting rid of Weaver, both because he all over Leah and because he is a bad guy. Kirby plays him Lucy's tape. Kirby says the flowers/Leah situation issue was just a misunderstanding which he and Coleman worked out.When shown his bayonet, we flashback to Coleman trying to help Kirby win Leah over and Coleman eventually admitting to having been a part of the high school prank. Kirby is upset, but the bayonet stabbing is purely an accident.The wound was minor, and Kirby says Coleman called him the next day to say he had evidence Weaver was scamming Leah. Elena discovers Leah had recently inherrted a $50 million trust fund.Leah comes into the office, telling Viv that she got a phone call from Coleman while at the reenactment.Flashback to Coleman calling Leah to tell her Weaver is a bad guy. As he begins to explain that he has spoken to one of Weaver's ex-girlfriends, the phone connection gives out.Leah said Coleman never called back and that when she called Weaver he was upset and told her to leave the reenactment camp.Jack and Danny grab Weaver on the battlefield, telling him they know he has wiped out most of his last girlfriend's life savings and that Coleman's car is in the parking. Weaver says he didn't do anything to Coleman.Flashback to a sickly-looking Coleman approaching Weaver in the woods near the battlefield. As Coleman begins to threaten Weaver with telling Leah what he knows about his past, Coleman grabs his stomach and falls to the ground. Weaver uses his foot to push Coleman down the hill the two are standing on. Danny finds Coleman, unconscious but still alive.As Coleman is loaded into an ambulance a TV reporter sticks a mic in his face, at which point Coleman quits and makes a plea for Collins to take him back. Coleman explains to Kirby that he should have had his wound looked at and the two make nice. Leah walks up and gives Kirby a big hug.

Directed by Scott White  

Starring Anthony LaPaglia, Poppy Montgomery, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Enrique Murciano, Roselyn Sanchez, more...

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