The Forever Leap

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Drama, Canada, 1999, 60 min.

Synopsis Following her separation from Bob, Toppy is back in New Bedford living in May's house. She is feeling self-conscious of her new separated status and the probable talk around town behind her back. Meanwhile, fourteen year old Hub is growing up and getting to the stage in life where he is testing his own mettle. Honey and Max are asking more of him around the house. And the adults around town see him as a good boy. However, what he sees as his goody-goody status does not sit well with him as he feels it is too constricting on his life. He rebels by hanging out with the boys at the pool hall, something a good boy would not do. Although not directly associated with them, Hub does protect the wrong-doings of those boys, and even contributes to the wrong-doings by stealing pocket change from his mother's business to play pinball. Max knows what's going on with Hub. Rather than harshly discipline him, Max decides a better course of action is to acknowledge the wrong-doings and ask Hub to make amends for it. But Hub needs to figure out for himself how he best fits into life in New Bedford at this transitional stage of life. This thought process is assisted when he is asked to sit vigil overnight for the body of Ruth Fillian - a teen-aged girl who committed suicide - and after he takes the literal leap of faith that all the other boys who verge into manhood have taken in New Bedford by jumping off the railroad trestle into the lake below just before the arrival of the train.

Directed by Ken Jubenvill  

Starring Shirley Douglas, Cynthia Belliveau, Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, more...

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