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Comedy/, USA, 2011, 30 min.

Tagline Whoever invented morning sex forgot about morning breath.

Synopsis Sarcastic comedienne Whitney Cummings was the creator, executive producer, and star of this equally sarcastic but surprisingly sweet and funny situation comedy. Whitney was a freelance photographer who lived with Alex, her boyfriend of 3 years, who had created a popular website. Whitney and Alex had slightly different ideals: She was very anti-marriage, and he seemingly probably wouldnt have minded much being married to her. Whitney was typically at times off color and raunchy, -but she also really loved Alex. They frequently fought, often hilariously. Their inner circle included Whitneys two best gal pals, Lily, who was earthy and eccentric and engaged to button-down Neal, and Roxanne, a boozy divorcee who worked as an editor for a magazine, and Mark, a cop, who lived in Whitney and Alexs building and thought he was gods gift to women. Mark and Roxanne basically only tolerated each other. In the fourth episode of the season, Neal proposed to Lily, and she eagerly accepted. Lily named Whitney her maid of honor. Roxannes ex husband, Lance (Hayes MacArthur) came back into her life and she briefly dated him again, before deciding she wasnt into him. Whitney went to work as Roxannes assistant because her photography career was in a rut. Lily and Neals relationship took a turn for the worst when they couldnt decide on a prenup and it was revealed that Lily had lied about debt, so they broke it off. Lily then moved in with Roxanne. A bigger shocker came in an early March episode, when Whitney and Alex discovered Neal on a date with another man! Neal revealed that he was bisexual, something that Lily surprisingly embraced, and Mark was dumbfound that Neal didnt find him attractive! In the two part season finale, Alex went to a bachelor party and came home drunk and proposed to Whitney. Whit had told him not to go to a private room in the strip club, but he did and Whitney found herself suddenly going back to her possessive ways. She went to the strip club to talk to the stripper and see if Alex did anything. Alex showed up there and proposed to Whitney for real in the strip club! Lily and Neal were good friends, and Mark discovered he may have feelings for Roxanne. Whitney said yes, and then in a string of bad luck, decided maybe marriage wasnt for her. She and Alex decided to get the words I Do tattooed on their sides, as a promise to each other. The series grabbed many notable guest stars for its first season, including Jane Kaczmarek (as Whitneys mom, Candi), Loni Love, Lisa Lampinelli, Chelsea Handler, Peter Gallagher (as Whitneys dad, Vince), Kathy Griffin, John Cleese, Dov Davidoff, and Eve Jeffers. Whitney was renewed for a second season by NBC on May 11, 2012. It is set to air in the fall on Fridays at 8 PM as a lead-in for the new season of Community.

Directed by Henry Chan, Fred Savage, Mark Cendrowski, John Fortenberry, Andy Ackerman, Linda Mendoza, David Trainer, Betsy Thomas, Steve Zuckerman  

Starring Whitney Cummings, Chris D'Elia, Rhea Seehorn, Zoe Lister Jones, Daniel G. O'Brien, more...

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