White Fang

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Adventure/Family, Canada/France, 1993, 26 min.

Synopsis When a teenage boy is torn from his friends and city surroundings by his family's move to the country, he's convinced his life is at an end. In fact, it is a new beginning. For there he is befriended by a wild but magnificent dog, a wolf-husky mix named White Fang. As the boy helps the dog regain his trust in man, the dog rewards him with uncompromising loyalty, devotion and bravery. Soon inseparable, the two share exciting adventures as the boy adapts to his new life in the country and overcomes the challenges of growing up.

Directed by Jeff J.J. Authors, David Blyth, Otta Hanus, John Mahaffie, Stefan Scaini, Daniele J. Suissa, Wayne Tourell  

Starring Matthew Humphrey, Karl Urban, Ezra Woods, Jaimz Woolvett, David McIlwraith, more...

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