Prisoner's Dilemma

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with Burke and Elizabeth deciding they don't see each other enough and will have a date night that evening.Neal wants to go to an art exhibit just outside his ankle bracelet radius and needs someone to take him. Burke says no. The head into the office and find top FBI boss Bancroft waiting. He is with a group of US Marshalls, headed by a man named Deckard. They are searching for an FBI agent Jack Franklin, formerly of the White Collar branch, who was caught trying to access the Marshal's witness database. When the Marshals leave Burke tells Neal it's important the bureau find Franklin first since "he's one of us" and the Marshalls may shoot him.Burke tells Neal that Franklin was bumped out of the White Collar division for having a romantic relationship with a CI.They find Frankiln's CI/girlfriend, Rebecca, working at a luxury car dealership. Burke pretends to be a buyer and has her take him for a test drive while Neal stays behind.Neal pretends to be a salesman and takes a potential customer out for a drive.Burke has Rebecca pull over and shows her his badge. She has already spoken with the Marshall and is adamant she hasn't spoken with Franklin. Burke tells her to get a message to Franklin that he is willing to listen to his side of the story.Neal ends up making the sale and talks another dealership employee into logging him into Rebecca's computer. In her system he finds GPS evidence she gave an hour-and-a-half test drive with one of her old aliases.Diana shows Burke the case Franklin was working on just before he was kicked out of White Collar. In a file hidden in Franklin's office they see Franklin was investigating Deckard and some lawyers. Deckard walks by and Burke decides not to show him the file.At home Burke works on the case while cooking his pot roast for date night. Franklin shows up on Burke's patio with a gun in his hand: "You said you would listen. Here I am."Mozzie tells Neal he's found the phone number Kate dialed from the plane was a store-bought burner. He's working on finding more info.After holstering his weapon Franklin tells Burke he was looking into the Marshall's involvement in the death of a witness when he was bumped out of White Collar for seeing Rebecca. Franklin has a made a breakthrough, connecting an attorney named Volker to Deckard, and now he believes Deckard is on to him. Volker made payments to Deckard and keeps a log of those transactions in his office in case Deckard turn on him. Since Franklin and Rebecca cased Volker's office in her car, Deckard will probably be able to figure that out using the GPS. Burke takes an unarmed Franklin with him to Volker's office.Neal and Jones learn that Deckard left the office to chase down a lead. Jones calls Burke and tells him this, but Burke declines back-up.Franklin breaks into the office and a few seconds later shots are fired. Inside, Franklin tells Burke that Deckard is destroying files. Burke ends up leaving with Deckard and jamming the door behind them. In the garage they find two of Volker's high-end sports cars. Neal helps them find a way to steal one and they escape just ahead of Deckard.At a remote location Neal and Jones meet Burke and Franklin. Burke doesn't want to bring in Franklin in just yet and has Neal disable the vehicle's tracking device. They decide to stay in contact through Diana.Neal tells Bancroft about Deckard's cover-up and suggests help deceiving the Marshalls. He thinks Deckard will try and keep Burke's people close.Mozzie allows Burke and Franklin to stay in one of his hideouts.Diana tells Neal and Jones that Volker won his last three cases when a key witness disappeared. Deckard walks in and tells Neal and Jones they will be helping him stakeout Burke's home. Bancroft lies to Deckard and tells him Diana is a transfer from DC who is needed in the office.Mozzie is well aware of Volker and his love of Lamborghinis. He is more than happy to help them bring down Volker.Elizabeth comes home to find a burning pot roast. Deckard, Jones and Neal sit in an observation truck and watch Mozzie walk up to Burke's door. Neal pretends not to know who he is.Mozzie tells Elizabeth about Franklin, Deckard and the dead witnesses. He mentions "Prisoner's Dilemma," separating prisoners to get them to turn on one another.Volker shows up at the FBI responding to a call about his stolen car. Diana says she will take him to a location.Mozzie leaves Burke's place. Deckard's guys will stay at the house, while the three of them follow Mozzie.Mozzie leads them to Rebecca's dealership. He tells her he's about to clear Franklin's name and has her pretend to know him.Outside Neal gets a call from Burke, with Bancroft on three-way. Burke tells Neal the plan, and when a suspicious Deckard grabs the phone, Bancroft does the talking.Diana and Volker arrive at the dealership. Diana tells Volker that someone destroyed his car and he needs to sign something in order to press charges. From the outside, Neal says it looks like Volker is cutting a deal with the FBI and selling Deckard out. Deckard buys it and pull out his gun. Volker sees Deckard outside, at which point Diana and Mozzie say Deckard blamed him for everything. Volker is instantly ready to blame Deckard.Franklin has been cleared of all charges and will be reinstated to White Collar. Mozzie calls Neal to say Kate called Fowler from the plane. Neal says that's who he must find. Bancroft pulls Neal into his office and says he will take him to the art exhibit.Burke returns to Mozzie's hideout to replace a broken rake. He sees that Mozzie has already cleared out.

Directed by Vincent Misiano  

Starring Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason, Tiffani Thiessen, more...

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