Until It Happens to You

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Action/Crime/Drama/Family/History/Mystery/Thriller/Gainful, 2011

Synopsis No American citizen can envision being targeted for reporting a crime but it is happening in the world of those labeled whistleblowers when adhering to the law, in reporting fraud, waste, mismanagement and corruption. The person reporting the incident becomes the target and subsequently, in most cases is falsely accused of a crime themselves.This is the standard government reaction to deny, discredit and destroy those individuals who will not turn a blind eye from a crime or social injustice. Never before has the civil rights and liberties been threatened as it is today. Mainstream media works in tandem to silence the true stories and real heroes with ties directly to the White House in key positions contrary to the very core of the law and the constitution.The truth is no longer a secret.IMDB, Col Needham,, its agents and representatives have censored this IMDB information, resume, biography, intellectual properties, title and placard card credits, titles, episodic television series exposing judicial corruption, censoring and illegally removing such as "September Morn", Rogues In Robes",. IMDB and affiliates assumes all legal and financial liabilities in making these copyright infringements, unconstitutional and illegal changes.

Directed by BJ Davis  

Starring David Adelstein, Osama bin Laden, Andre Birotte Jr., Archer Blood, Robert C. Bonner, more...

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