When Love Was Blind

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Drama, USA, 1917

Synopsis Upon learning that his daughter Eleanor has been stricken blind, artist John Grayson dies of grief before he can complete his masterpiece, leaving the girl in the care of their housekeeper. Artist Burton Lester rents Grayson's studio and a close friendship grows between him and Eleanor. Companionship ripens into love and when Burton learns that Eleanor's sight can be restored through an operation, he arranges for it. Upon recovering her sight, Eleanor learns that Burton has been married. Embittered by his deception, Eleanor leaves at once for New York where she finishes her father's masterpiece, winning renown as an artist. Meanwhile Frank Hargreave, a straightlaced young man, falls in love with her. When Hargreave's frivolous sister Vera loses her necklace while visiting a cabaret, she turns to Burton for help. Burton's reappearance forces Eleanor to confess all to Frank who then shuns her. Furious at both men, Eleanor is about to leave by train when she meets Vera with Burton. She stops to warn her of Burton's capriciousness in love, but learns that he is only trying to help Vera retrieve her necklace. A reconciliation is effected and all ends well as Eleanor and Burton announce their engagement.

Directed by Frederick Sullivan  

Starring Florence La Badie, Thomas A. Curran, Boyd Marshall, Inda Palmer, Harris Gordon, more...

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