When in Rome

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Drama/Comedy/Romance, USA, 2010, 91 min.

Tagline Did you ever wish for the impossible?

Synopsis The scene opens panning along a revolving holder for travel cards for the city of Rome. Pausing briefly on one card's image of a fountain in the middle of a neighborhood plaza, the scene quickly shifts to this fountain, in the evening, with people sitting around it or strolling by. Coins are seen being thrown into the fountain by young lovers wishing for a happy relationship.The image shifts again to the postcard image for the fountain, known as 'Fountain of Love,' and then pans up along the card holder to show cards for New York City along the top. The card holder spins and the scene shifts to the New York City skyline, again in the evening.We arrive at the scene of a major gala exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, which has been organized and put together by one of the curators, Beth Martin (Kristen Bell), who joins a few of her co-workers at their table. Beth finds to her chagrin that her ex-boyfriend, Brady Sacks (Lee Pace), has also shown up at the event. She turns reluctantly to greet him, and as she forces a smile, it's quickly seen there is a piece of spinach stuck between her upper front teeth.Brady has come to admit to Beth, after a very long time, that he accepts that he did a number of bad things during their relationship, has learned from his mistakes, and is ready to give romance another try. The way Brady words it softens Beth's skepticism and she looks like she's ready to try a reconciliation-- until Brady springs the news that he's met another woman and has gotten engaged with her. Beth's co-workers misunderstand Brady's announcement and think that Beth has just agreed to marry Brady, and then, making it even worse, the DJ for the event overhears and announces it to all the guests. Quickly the party's liveliness kicks up a notch until Beth announces that the rumor is untrue, but 'maybe someday, with someone else.' Topping the humiliation for the night off for Beth, the heel of her left boot breaks off and she has to walk home that way.Beth arrives home, exhausted, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep, and forget about the day. But suddenly there is a knock on her door; it's her sister, Joan (Alexis Dziena), who beams at her and flashes an engagement ring on her hand. Again Beth has to force a smile as Joan rushes forward to hug her.Joan's fiance is an Italian man named Umberto, whom she met on a flight to Italy only two weeks ago-- and now they're getting married, in Rome. Beth fixes drinks for herself and Joan and they start to talk. The conversation touches on such things as Beth loving her job enough that she'd need to find someone she loves even more (a male version of herself, Joan offers), and Joan feeling so sure in her heart that she's met her soul mate that she doesn't need further 'proof,' even though she's only known him for two weeks.Beth tries to convince Joan that she's really happy for her, but the next day at work, as she's talking with one of her co-workers from the previous night, Stacy (Kate Micucci), she shows her true colors and prattles about how she feels her sister is making the biggest mistake of her life.Beth sits down to attend a meeting, and the president of the museum, Celeste (Anjelica Huston), announces that in nine days, the museum will be holding its largest annual event, the Board of Trustees' Annual Circle of Gold gala. This year, the special installation for the event was designed by Beth (whom Celeste refers to as the youngest and least-experienced curator), an exhibition on the theme of pain.Asked for a status report, Beth announces that all but one piece, the Slater Bradley, have either arrived or are en route. The Slater Bradley is the centerpiece, and its acquisition has run into 'last minute insurance issues,' an explanation that Celeste notes with displeasure and skepticism. Beth promises the piece will be acquired in time for the gala, but quickly brings up one small detail: Joan's wedding, in two days. Celeste's icy stare quickly shows that the announcement has quickly put Beth into some major hot water, although it's clear by now that Celeste is not very fond of Beth to begin with and scrutinizes her more carefully than the other curators.Beth arrives in Rome for Joan's wedding, planning on only staying 48 hours (a promise she'd made Celeste). If Beth's life was not complicated enough, the driver for her taxi seems more interested in giving her a tour of the 'most romantic city in the world' than getting her to her destination on time. Presently he pulls up in front of the Fontana d'Amore, the Fountain of Love, which is near to the chapel where Joan's wedding is taking place. Beth rushes to greet her mother, Priscilla (Peggy Lipton), and Joan outside the chapel. Priscilla is divorced from Beth's father (Don Johnson, uncredited, whose name isn't given during the movie), referring to his girlfriends as 'tramps.' Beth kisses her father hello, and then Joan introduces Beth to Umberto (Luca Calvani).The wedding gets off to an awkward start; Umberto's best man, Nick Beamon (Josh Duhamel), arrives late and his mobile phone starts ringing with a loud ring tone ('Cherry Pie') as he's coming down the aisle (Beth, whose phone has been getting poor to no reception since she landed in Rome, is immediately curious). Nick notices Beth glancing at her, and she smiles briefly at him.During the reception, Beth struggles to keep a mobile phone connection with Stacy, trying to discern if she's staying on top of the Slater-Bradley exhibit centerpiece. Of course, with the setting (a wedding reception) and location (Rome), references to Beth's still-unmarried status can't escape her. Her father, interrupting her call, talks about the intimate setting of the wedding and drops a very unsubtle hint that he'd like to throw another wedding party soon, for Beth. Trying to placate her father, who knows how hardheaded Beth is about falling in love, she promises to try and be open to it next time it comes along.Joan comes up to them to announce a small ritual that Beth, as maid of honor, needs to perform: she needs to throw a vase against the floor, shattering it, and the number of pieces it breaks into symbolizes how many years of happiness she wishes for the bride and groom. Of course, Beth screws the ritual up badly, merely dropping the vase to the floor, and it doesn't break at all. Trying to make it up to Joan, she picks the vase up and tries much harder to smash it against the dais that Joan and Umberto are standing on, only to find to her shock that the vase is unusually durable and hard; she can't break it. Frustrated, she flings the vase across the reception hall and it knocks down Umberto's grandmother (Judith Malina), a superstitious old woman who announces in great distress that Beth has wished Umberto and his new wife, many years of great tragedy. Now desperate, Beth grabs a microphone stand and tries to crush the vase with it, again proving completely unsuccessful. Finally Nick comes to her rescue, picking up the vase and hurling it against a pillar, where it smashes into many little pieces.Beth must now give a speech on behalf of the bride and groom, She stammers on her words, not speaking any Italian, so Nick comes up beside her and offers to translate, long as Beth keeps her words simple. Beth gives a moving tribute to her sister as having grown from a little girl who believed in magic, into a grown woman who's seen all the magic in the world come true. Of course, Nick horribly mistranslates Beth's moving wish that Joan would one day share some of the magic with her, to 'perhaps she'll share him (meaning Umberto) with me.'Beth and Nick start to talk after the toast has been given (Umberto's grandmother spits at Beth's feet as she passes by), and Nick mentions he learned his limited proficiency in Italian at Syracuse University, where he and Umberto were roommates. Beth suddenly asks Nick who his phone's provider is, trying to explain that she's having signal problems, and she's really hoping Nick would let her send a quick work email on his phone. Nick doesn't want to do this, thinking Beth is going to use his phone to call her own phone, which would save his number in its memory.The wedding priest, Father Dino (Keir O'Donnell), comes up to them, greeting Nick and offering to play a few more rounds of poker with him; an offer Nick declines because Father Dino cleaned him out at poker during Umberto's bachelor party (Father Dino feels guilty about it, being a newly ordained priest). Later, during a wedding dance, Beth finds that Nick doesn't see much more hope for Joan's marriage to Umberto, than Beth herself does (Nick makes the same remark about two weeks not being enough time for a credit check, that Beth had made to Stacy, causing Beth to stare at him in shock). Nick pulls Beth into the dance and she starts to have real fun at it, but it's cut short as Nick kicks a foot up and kicks a drink tray out of the hands of a passing waiter, and the drink glasses break against a floor multi-outlet for several plugs, shorting them all out and plunging the reception hall into darkness. The lights are restored and the band begins playing a slower song for a slow dance, and Nick suddenly finds his mobile phone in Beth's hand, He quickly grabs it back and pushes it into his inside jacket pocket. Beth dances with Nick again, finding out his peripheral vision is slightly impaired after he was hit by lightning while playing football in college (something he's pretty self-conscious about). Nick remarks that Beth isn't quite as tough as she tries to make herself out as. Beth looks up at Nick and it looks like she's starting to lean up to kiss him, when suddenly Priscilla calls for Beth to participate in cutting the wedding cake. Priscilla unashamedly tells Beth that Nick looks nice, but so did Beth's father... a remark that has Nick again looking awkward.Still later, Beth is standing on a stairway landing above the reception floor and sees Nick looking around for her. Remembering the promise she made her father, she starts to follow him out, holding a bottle and a glass of wine to share with him. As she steps outisde the chapel, she sees a beautiful Italian woman in a long red dress walk up to Nick and kiss him. Shocked, and suddenly not wanting to be caught staring, she ducks behind a statue on the edge of the plaza. Hiding behind it, she peeks out and sees Nick bringing the woman back into the chapel. Saying, 'of course!' to herself, she takes a big swig of wine directly from the bottle.Beth sits on the edge of the fountain, kicks off her shoes and drinks more wine. Looking around the plaza with shifty eyes and finding nobody looking in her direction, she turns and dips her feet into the fountain water, continuing to swig from the bottle. Looking at the female statue that is the centerpiece of the fountain, Beth, who has started to get inebriated, starts telling the fountain off about the fickle nature of love and how the man she's long awaited to sweep her off her feet, isn't coming. Looking down, she sees all the coins thrown into the fountain by people who have made wishes for love and rants to herself how she thinks it's all phony.Suddenly Beth reaches down and plucks one of the coins out of the fountain, holding it up and staring at it. Suddenly there's a rumble of thunder from the sky and a man sitting at the plaza snaps his head up, looking at Beth. Beth plucks a few more coins out of the fountain and each time, another man about the plaza snaps up and stares at her. Each coin she plucks out, to Beth, is someone she's rescuing from the 'temptation' of false love. Finally she picks up a poker chip. As she does, Nick exits the chapel again, passing by Father Dino who's hurrying back inside. Nick sees Beth turning slowly in circles on her feet while standing in the fountain, and gives her the same odd stare. Before he can approach her, however, two Italian police on horseback enter the plaza and chase Beth off.Beth arrives back home in New York to find her phone ringing... it's Nick, who's gotten her number from Joan and is looking to invite Beth to dinner, or even just a cup of coffee. The conversation occurs while Nick is at a friend's house for a poker game and his poker buddies are all super-impatient (he'd gone to the kitchen to bring a six-pack of beer for them all). Bewildered at Beth's rebuff, Nick returns to the card game with the bottle opener, but without the beer bottles. His buddies all suspect he called a woman during the game. Meanwhile, Beth fishes the coins she'd swiped from the fountain, out of her purse and puts them in a small decoratie bowl in her room.The next day Beth is jogging through a park when she happens to run past Antonio Donatello (Will Arnett), an artist, one of the men who'd turned suddenly when Beth was grabbing coins from the fountain. His sketch is of a woman who looks something like Beth, but Antonio suddenly notes he's drawn the women with overly large feet. Disgustedly throwing the sketch aside, he starts chasing Beth, shouting in a broken mix of Italian and English that he needs to 'see her feet' (a number of people turn to stare, and Beth starts to run faster). Finally he trips over a horse-drawn carrige, taking a hard tumble to the ground. This gets Beth's attention and she runs back to make sure he's okay. The carriage driver picks up a sketch pad that had fallen out of Antonio's satchel and finds that it's filled with drawings of Beth. Antonio desperately tries to explain how he had a vision of the face of love-- Beth's face. He's come all the way to New York to create a perfect sketch of Beth, in hopes of winning her heart. Freaked out, Beth turns and runs off.Later, Beth is at a diner when suddenly another of the men from the fountain scene strikes up a conversation... Gale (Dax Shepard), a model, who's only too happy to show Beth his portfolio. Beth gets freaked out again says she has to get going, and Gale responds by shamelessly pulling off his tank-top shirt right in front of her, making a fool of himself in front of all the other diner patrons as Beth runs away again.Walking back through the plaza, Beth accidentally(?) bumps across another of the men from the Fountain... Lance (Jon Heder), a street magician. As she walks past him, he calls out to her and holds out her wristwatch that she 'dropped.' But twice as she retrieves it and heads on her way, it's suddenly back in Lance's hand. A small crowd gathers, thinking he's putting on a magic show. Lance does a card trick that turns out to be a romantic pitch professing his feelings for Beth. Beth freaks out as he suddenly seems to reach into his chest to withdraw his heart, though it turns out to be a fake heart which contains the card Beth picked from the deck.Beth arrives back at work, dazedly asking Stacy if the whole city has gone bonkers. Stacy tells Beth that Joan is on the phone. Joan is holding a copy of a local Italian newspaper, the front page is plastered with a headine reading 'Stupidissima' over a photo of Beth at the Fountain of Love. When Umberto overhears Beth telling Joan that she got drink and took a few coins from the fountain, he warns Beth about a local folk legend, that if someone takes a coin out of the fountain that was thrown in by someone else that was looking for love, it will make the person that threw the coin, fall hopelessly in love with the one who took it back out. Beth thinks the legend is ridiculous, until Stacy (who's been listening in), realizes that a number of men have already come on to Beth since the wedding.If Stacy wasn't in enough trouble with Beth already, she then tells Beth that Hillman & Craft, the insurance company handling the Slater Bradley piece tried to raise the insurance prices too high, so Stacy told them to 'shove it,' meaning that there is no way the piece can now clear customs in time for the Circle of Gold gala, and Beth will have no centerpiece for it. Now Beth has to tell this to Celeste, which will likely put Beth's job on the line.And then, to top this all off, Beth's cell phone rings-- it's Nick again... and he's in the building, Beth running smack into him en route to Celeste's office. Beth has no time to stop and chat, trying to tell him that she just lost the centerpiece for her show.But just at that moment, Celeste comes up and introduces Al Russo (Danny DeVito), the first of the men whose coin Beth took from the fountain. Celeste tells Beth that Al is the museum's newest patron, and has come specifically looking to speak to Beth... and Al also happens to recognize Nick from 'the hit' (by lightning) at the football game. Celeste asks Beth about the Slater Bradley. Beth now has to own up to her failure, when Nick suddenly announces that another renowned artist, Damian Petrocelli, personally gave Nick a rare photograph entitled Anguish, and even burned the negative for it, because the photo is of Nick taking 'the hit' and he's willing to submit it as the Gala centerpiece for Beth's sake (Al is seen wincing as Nick says this).Beth is giving Al a tour of some the museum's artwork, when he pulls a gift bag out of his briefcase, for her. The bag has a package of hot dog sausages, from a company Al runs; his face is part of the brand logo. Beth starts to freak out again as he realizes that Al is coming on to her in a strong and unashamedly foolish way, much like Antonio, Gale and Lance.Scared to walk out the front door of the museum, Beth sneaks to the service entrance, peeking warily through the porthole windows in the the service doors. Satisfied nobody's waiting in ambush, she steps out and takes two steps-- right into Nick. On instinct, she squirts him in the face with her breath spray, instantly struck with remorse when she realizes it's him, until she finds that he was only acting and that it wasn't really hurting his eyes. Nick follows Beth down the street, puzzled by her sudden coldness toward him. When she finally confronts him about the woman in the red dress, he says that she was a cousin of Umberto's and that his whole family is passionate, which made her kiss look like more than the simple greeting he took it as. Beth is disbelieving, but quickly forgets all about it when Antonio suddenly shouts to her from across the street, and Al Russo is also running up. Desperate to get away from them all, Beth leaves a frustrated Nick behind.Beth arrives home, talking to Joan on her cell phone. Beth doesn't know what to believe anymore, and only wants the whole nightmare to end. A little smugly, Joan says that Beth has to return the coins she took, to the Fountain of Love. Beth is elated at this news, until Umberto mentions that sending the coins to Joan via overnight mail wouldn't suffice-- Beth has to personally return to Rome and put the coins back into the fountain herself. Of course, Beth doesn't see how she can hurry off to Italy at a moment's notice, until she finally turns and sees Lance hanging upside down from her living room ceiling, wrapped up like a mummy; hoping to do an escape trick that will 'prove himself' to her... while Lance's assistant, Juan (Efren Ramirez, uncredited) films it all on videocamera.Nick is at work talking with Puck (Bobby Moynihan), from the poker game, who's also one of his co-workers at the Daily News, where Nick is a sports writer. Nick tells Puck that he can't make the ESPN party that Saturday. Puck is shocked to hear this and knows it must be because of Beth. Nick admits he can't stop thinking about Beth; she's much more than a pretty face, she's also very witty and smart with a personality that draws him like a magnet. Puck finally insists that Nick let him do a 'little recon' on Beth, because Puck is convinced that Nick is just smitten with a blind crush and not running on all his cylinders.Puck discreetly takes a photograph of Beth while she's jogging through downtown Brooklyn again, where Gale trots up beside her wearing a nearly identical outfit. She pauses at a corner where a group of people are using their phone cams to take a picture of an artist speed-painting a huge mural along a wall-- it's Antonio, making a mural of a nude Beth. In Celeste's office, during a meeting with her, Beth is distracted as she sees Lance seemingly levitating up to the window. Nick arrives at the museum with flowers for Beth, only to find nearly a hundred floral arrangements already placed for her there. Beth peeks out to see Nick dejectedly handing his bouquet to Stacy. A delivery man brings a basket package of sausage and bratwurst to Beth, from Al. Beth walks down the street to see a passing bus painted with a model photo of Gale, who is standing right nearby, more impressed with himself than Beth is with him. Puck photographs the scene.But the most trouble Beth is in, is from Celeste, who knows about the mural and the flowers, and is deeply concerned about the last minute change in the Gala centerpiece. She makes it very clear that unless the gala goes off without a hitch, Beth will be fired and banned from ever stepping foot on museum grounds even as a visitor. Meanwhile, Puck delivers all the incriminating photos he's taken to Nick, and is dumbfounded when Nick only says, 'I've got to pick up my game.' He calls Beth while she's overseeing the setup of part of the Gala exhibit and uses her need for the Petrocelli he promised her, as extortion to get her to have dinner with him that night at a restaurant on Bleecker street. Feeling full of himself, Nick fails to spot the tree until he walks smack into it and goes down.Beth meets Nick in the restaurant 'Blackout,' which has a sensory-deprivation theme: the dining room is pitch black so the patrons can't see their own hand in front of their faces; the restaurant staff all fitted with infrared night goggles to help them see. Wine is poured for Nick and Beth, and they start to relax and finally begin to feel the mood of the restaurant's dark room. Until it's spoiled when it's found that Al, Gale, Antonio and Lance are all there, all wearing staff night goggles, all confronting each other and Nick over Beth's affections.Beth manages to crawl out of the dining room and hurries away. Catching up to her, Nick offers to share a cab and bring her anywhere she feels safe so she can tell him what's going on.That place, of course, is in the Guggenheim Museum. She brings him to a painting made by Picasso and tells him a story about the painting, a woman named Marie-Therese who was one of his lovers, thirty years his junior, who was swept off her feet and fell deeply in love with him, but Picasso, who left his wife for her, soon left her in turn for another, still younger woman. She hung herself after Picasso passed away. Beth finally admits that she sees herself as a version of Marie-Therese, because she's gotten badly hurt every time she's tried to find love. Nick can only say that he's real, and his feelings for her are real. Frightened as she is, Beth finds herself kissing him.Nick brings Beth to his house to give her the Petrocelli photograph. He tells her his own story, about how much football meant to him during his school days, and to his whole family, especially his father. In that one moment when he was hit by the lightning on the field during a game, all that came crashing to an end, and that was the true 'hit.' This story touches Beth and she starts kissing him again, more passionately than at the museum. But suddenly Beth sees several stacks of poker chips on Nick's desk (used during his games with Puck). She picks one up and sees to her horror that it's a perfect match for the poker chip she took out of the fountain. Awkwardly, she hurries out, telling Nick only that he'd never be able to understand or believe her, but all of 'this' wasn't real. She leaves without taking the photograph, saying she doesn't want to see him in pain.Beth and Stacy are preparing for the gala, Stacy trying to keep Beth chipper even though Beth knows she's probably going to lose her job. Joan calls with great news; Umberto has heard from his grandmother that Beth can break the love spell by returning the coins directly to the men who threw them into the fountain. This way she doesn't have to return them to the fountain in Rome. Beth is delighted to hear this... but while she's talking, Stacy, who hears the whole conversation, quietly takes the coins from the bowl and hides them among some boxes she's carrying, containing more items for the gala exhibit.After Stacy leaves to start setting up, a knock sounds at Beth's door. Al, Gale, Antonio and Lance are all there. Thinking it's the perfect chance for her to return all the coins in one shot, she lets them all in. She has them sit on the couch and clumsily tries to explain that they only think they love her because she tooks their coins from the fountain, while the one person she loves is Nick. Beth is relieved when her four suitors seem to understand what it means to love someone who doesn't love them back (like Beth believes Nick doesn't truly love her back), and goes to her bowl to return their coins, but then finds them missing, and knows that Stacy was the culprit. Suddenly a massive thunderclap rocks the city. Beth turns on the TV and sees a news report about a huge storm that has knocked out a power grid and has brought much of New York City to a standstill; traffic lights aren't functioning right and travel is difficult. But that doesn't deter Beth's suitors, who all pile, with Beth, into Antonio's Italian car (super small) for a wild and bumpy ride to the museum... right through the doors, seemingly parted by Lance's 'magic' (really just a man who hit a switch to open them so he could push a woman in a wheelchair through), and right into the elevator.Beth arrives in the gala room and is stunned to see everyone applauding at the Petrocelli photograph of 'the hit,' which Nick had sent ahead to the museum. Even Celeste is pleased far greater than Beth ever imagined she would be with her; the gala has produced a record number of financial pledges to the museum, making Celeste proud of Beth's work as a curator.Beth sees Stacy and begs her for the coins. She points out that if she takes the love of any of her suitors against their will, it's not love at all. Meanwhile, Nick and Puck are at a bar, but Nick can't hang out with Puck; he has Beth on his mind and is driven to meet her at the museum.As he walks out, Beth calls him to thank him for all he's done, cryptically saying that he's made her believe in love again, and it's all been real for her, even if it wasn't for him. Getting desperate, Nick starts to sprint down the street.Beth is returning the coins to her suitors. Lance remembers that he never had the guts to perform in public until he did it for Beth-- she was his muse. Al remembers that he threw the coin into the fountain hoping for another taste of how he felt during his days as a happily married man, until his wife left him. Antonio turns out to be Anthony, a resident of Newark, New Jersey, who's been in the retail shoe business for nine years, and went to Italy desperately hoping to find an inner passion that would help him become an artist, his life's dream... a dream he can realize after Beth gives him her professional stamp of approval as a museum curator. Gale is still the obnoxious, self-centered snob he's always been, but feels he had a blast throughout the whole thing, even if Beth is dumping him now.Meanwhile, Nick is racing desperately through the storm to reach the museum. He's hit by a car rushing across a street... it's Puck, come to get him to the museum for Nick's sake, even though Puck hates Beth for ruining the 'poker-buddy' and co-worker relationship (as PUck believes) between himself and Nick.Beth has one more coin to return... Nick's poker chip. She finds Lance doing sleight of hand with it. She bats it out of his hand and it rolls away down the great spiral atrium of the Guggenheim, Beth chasing it until it comes to a stop when it hits Nick's foot. Nick picks the chip up and Beth is relieved, thinking all her suitors will leave her be.But Nick insists that whatever Beth believes about other men being under some spell, he's only under one spell-- Beth. He ran all the way up Fifth Avenue to meet her because he loves her. Stunned, Beth walks into his arms, kissing Nick.Cut to a wedding invitation for Beth and Nick... in the same chapel that Joan and Umberto got married at. Anthony, Al, Gale and Lance are all attending (Al is seen getting cozy with Celeste). Lance goes to see Beth with something for her.It's a poker chip. During the sleight of hand trick with Nick's poker chip, he got it mixed up with the others that he was using as part of the props. Beth looks at the chip with horror, thinking that Nick really is still under the Fountain of Love spell. Joan desperately tries to comfort Beth, but time is out... their father is coming to get them for the ceremony. Beth desperately tries to probe her father for advice on love and not getting hurt, and is reassured when he tells her that only the risk involved in love creates the passion, and she can't learn from his mistakes; only her own.Beth's father walks her down the aisle. Father Dino begins to recite the ceremony. But as he pauses after asking whether anyone should state why Beth and Nick shouldn't be married, Beth loses her resolve. Father Dino's clumsily muffing up the words of the ceremony and almost seeming to stall for time doesn't help, either. Beth finally starts to cry, and hands Nick back the poker chip, saying she can't do this to him. Tearfully she rushes out of the chapel as everyone stares in shock.Beth rushes to the Fountain of Love. She gets into the water, berating the statue in the fountain for everything that's happened to her ever since the took the coins; asking if it enjoyed watching her life turn upside down, and admitting that she did, herself. As she's pouring her heart out, Nick comes rushing up to her. Puzzled, he asks why she keeps giving him back his poker chips. Beth says she doesn't want to keep the love that Nick wished for by throwing the chips into the fountain. Even more puzzled, Nick says he did no such thing, and has no idea who did. Beth finally starts to realize that Nick's feelings for her are the real thing. To show her proof of this, he climbs into the fountain with her and drops the chip into the water.Behind them, they hear a loud cry of gratitude and see Father Dino dropping to his knees on the outside plaza, crying out 'free of temptation' in thanks, before rushing off giddily. Beth grins in surprise and suddenly remembers Nick telling her that Father Dino cleaned him out at poker during Umberto's bachelor party, meaning the Priest was the culprit. Giggling with delight, she starts to kiss Nick passionately. As they kiss, the view pans back until we are looking at them through the viewport of a video camera, and the scene shifts to show Juan, Lance's assistant, holding the camera.The movie closes with Beth and Nick getting out of a tiny Italian car as newlyweds, and most of the main cast doing a lively (if slightly silly) wedding dance number as the credits roll.

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson  

Starring Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Huston, Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, more...

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