Episode #6.12

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Drama/Romance, 2011

Synopsis When pupil Billie Taylor tells Janeece that her mother is trying to steal her baby Brooke from her Janeece immediately champions the girl and acting head Chris and Adanna are unsure who to believe,especially when Billie claims her mother hit her. However,it becomes clear that Mrs Taylor is acting for the good of everybody by seeking to adopt Brooke when Billie,goaded on by the voices she hears in her head,puts her baby in danger and Chris saves the day. Jess discovers a message from Hodge on Bex's phone and questions her,to no avail. Josh hits it off with new pupil Nate Sharkey whilst Chris tries to reconcile Finn and Kyle by putting them both in the football team and Jonah develops a crush on Cesca,being her sole student for extra Spanish lessons.

Directed by Jill Robertson  

Starring Chelsee Healey, Nadine Rose Mulkerrin, Jo Hartley, Tilly Moore McCarthy, Philip Martin Brown, more...

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