An Evil Within

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Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2012, 43 min.

Synopsis Previously on 'Warehouse 13': Steve died and Claudia took the metronome, vowing to get him back. Brother Adrian in France warned Artie that if he used the astrolabe he would "create and evil of (his) own making." Artie did it to reverse time and prevent the explosion of Warehouse 13. Claudia disappeared that night, and Brother Adrian's words echoed, "An evil that will live with her you the rest of your days."'An evil within': In Philadelphia, a couple of men walk into a diner arguing about something that sounds like physics. Another man in a baseball cap walks all the way through the diner and out the back door. He chains the back door shut behind him. Into the diner comes an alien monster. As the patrons try to escape through the back door, it's locked (chained shut) and the monster moves closer. Some patrons swing at it with anything they can find. The cops soon arrive and after the commotion is over, one of the two physics geeks (they'd been trying to prove, with data, that Vulcans are stronger than Klingons), realizes the alien monster was actually their friend, Joe. Joe has no pulse.Artie stands in Claudia's empty room and Brother Adrian's words echo again: "An evil that will live with you the rest of your days." Artie also sees a flash of Claudia jabbing a dagger into his chest.Pete and Myka want to help Artie find Claudia, but he insists he'll handle it. He's sending them to Philadelphia. He got a ping on his cool, pocket ping device Claudia made for him (they like it). Artie tells them about a mob in Philadelphia that almost killed a young man, claiming they were "attacked by some thing." Artie hyperbolically says they need to "get there yesterday" in order to prevent it from happening again. Pete asks if they're "supposed to turn back time." Artie doesn't appreciate the joke as he's the only one who knows that's exactly what he did to save the warehouse.After Pete and Myka leave, Brother Adrian shows up at Artie's door. Artie thinks they've met, but Brother Adrian doesn't believe they have. Brother Adrian has a question about the warehouse, which he knows about because he works at the Vatican and they "know a lot of things about a lot of things." He knows Artie can help recover "certain items."Brother Adrian tells Artie something's been stolen from his care. it's very powerful, very dangerous. He needs it back. Brother Adrian says it's Magellan's astrolabe. It's been used to erase 24 hours, he says, and the thief has to undo that act. Artie wants to know what, exactly, is the danger. Brother Adrian explains that if the same person uses the astrolabe again, things will return back as they were before the 24 hours were erased. Brother Adrian says the evil must be eradicated and Artie promises to help.A world away, in Regent Chatelet, we see Claudia following a man with a recognizable tattoo of an Eye of Horus tattoo on the inside of his wrist. We see she has the metronome.Back in Philly, the diner patrons are telling Pete and Myka about the creature that attacked them. Myka theorizes that something effected the way they all saw Joe. She suggests they might have come into contact with an old plate or a ladle. They have no idea what she's talking about and she lets them leave. Pete and Myka note that the cops weren't effected by whatever caused the group's hallucination. They decide to close down the diner until they can find whatever effected the patrons' perceptions.At a dental office in Philly, the people in the waiting room are terrorized when a man walks in and they see him as a big, green alien monster. We see him alternately as just a plain guy wonder why everyone is reacting so violently toward him, and as the tentacled monster everyone else is seeing. He's eventually pushed out the window of the tall building and falls to his death. As a crowd forms, we see the man in the blue baseball cap who'd chained the doors to the diner shut.Claudia charms her way past a security guard to get into a building. She pretends to be a disaster, running late for a meeting on the 14th floor and cries when the guard asks for her security card. He lets her in. Claudia takes the elevator down to the basement instead of up. The man with the tattoo is guarding that floor and Claudia hands him a badge that shocks him into unconsciousness. The security guard from the lobby chases her down. Claudia is about to shoot him when Artie appears out of nowhere and pulls her away.Pete and Myka get to the dental office. They aren't seeing any connections to the diner incident. Myka hates it when Pete refers to the tentacles the people have described. Pete reviews: They don't know is what the artifact is, how it works or why it's doing what it's doing. Myka points out that they know it's spreading, and this time someone died.Artie tells Claudia he knows how she feels. He tells her she can't use artifacts for her own "selfish" needs. She claims it's not about her, but Steve. Artie tells her Steve wouldn't want her to risk everything. Claudia asks Artie if he could use an artifact to set something right, "to undo a huge, stupid tragedy, wouldn't you do it?" Artie doesn't respond, but says he's not going to let Claudia be seduced by an artifact. Jane shows up. Artie tries to save Claudia, by explaining that she hasn't used the metronome yet and he'll assure she won't, but Jane says the decision has been made by the regents that Claudia can bring Steve back. Artie doesn't believe it. He says it's wrong. He leaves. Claudia thanks Jane, who tells Claudia she's putting her life on the line. Claudia says she understands. Jane says there are arrangements to be made.Back in Philly, the man in the blue cap hands a woman an old-fashioned key as she enters her house. He says she dropped. it. She touches it, but gives it back to him, saying it's not hers. He takes it back and walks away without incident. Once the woman is inside her house, her husband freaks out after seeing her ask alien-like monster.Leena reports to Myka and Pete that a man reported something big and scary having done something to his wife. He's locked it in a closet and the police are in no rush to get there. Pete and Myka take off. They arrive at the man's house and find him pointing a shotgun at the closet where he's trapped the monster. They talk him down and he lets them open the closet door. When Pete opens the door a bit, the man sees a tentacle come out. He panics and tries to take his shotgun back from Myka, who clocks him with the butt of the gun. Pete opens the door and just sees the man's wife, crying on the floor.Jane brings Claudia to where Steve's body is laying. Jane puts one of Claudia's hands on the metronome, the other on Steve's heart. Jane tells Claudia to close her eyes, concentrate on Steve's face and eyes. Claudia cries.Claudia grows impatient, but Jane tells her to wait.Artie meets Brother Adrian at a diner and asks to know more about what kind of evil would be unleashed. Brother Adrian describes the evil that will happen to the user of the astrolabe as "an evil that will cut through his heart like a" Artie finishes the sentence, saying, "dagger."Meanwhile, Steve jolts back to life, gasping for breath. Claudia is stunned. She moves her hand from the metronome and also begins to have trouble breathing. Jane commands her to put her hand back on the metronome, saying Claudia can't help Steve if she dies. Jane tells Claudia to look at her.Artie asks Brother Adrian if the evil could be triggered by a resurrection. Brother Adrian doesn't understand the question, but says, "I suppose anything is possible."Claudia and Jane are both gasping now, and Jane asks her what she's seeing. Claudia says she's seeing white everywhere, and Steve. Jane yells at Claudia to keep breathing. We see Claudia's white vision and Steve turns toward her and comes closer. Claudia and Steve both breath easier, and Steve wakes up. Claudia cries and drops herself into his arms.Artie asks for more specifics from Brother Adrian. He asks if it was used before. Brother Adrian says yes. It was used by Robespierre at the advent of the French Revolution, which resulted in the reign of terror and the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Artie asks if there's another way, other than reversing the use of the astrolabe, to avoid the evil.Pete and Myka try to convince the authorities and the wife of the man who almost killed her so they can continue to mine for clues. The woman goes back through her afternoon with Myka and mentions the man who thought she'd dropped her key. This gets Pete's attention. She says he handed her a silver key, but it wasn't hers so she gave it back. Pete puts together the key, nightmare and tentacles and says, "Cthulhu." He says it's a comic book character by H.P. Lovecraft. The author was said to have based his comic creatures on night terrors. He blamed it on a silver key. They realize the artifact is making people be seen as monsters.At the home of the first victim, Pete finds a bobble head doll from a recent championship basketball game -- Philly vs. Cincinnati. They remember that the woman whose husband saw her as a monster mentioned that the man with the key was wearing a hat from that game. Myka suddenly remembers having read a story about a woman to was trampled to death at that game.Steve tells Claudia he feels like he's been hit by a truck. Last thing he remembers is Marcus coming at him with a syringe. Claudia tells him the injection Marcus gave him was powerful, but Steve's intel helped them save the warehouse. Steve wonders why they aren't in his room. He knows there's something Claudia isn't telling him. He puts a couple of clues together, sees the metronome and holds his hand to his chest. He leaves the room without saying anything.Pete and Myka review security camera footage from the basketball game where the woman was trampled. They see the woman, Teresa Hicks, had been knocked down and no one would stop to help. They see that the man in the blue cap had been with her. He had asked each of the people who he would later hand the key -- Joe from the diner, the accountant at the dentist's office and the woman at her house -- for help. None of them helped. Pete realizes he blamed them for his inability to save her. They realize he used Lovecraft's key to make people see them as monsters, and so that they'll suffer the same fate as his fiancee. The security camera footage continues and they notice that another man's car was blocking the ambulance as it tried to leave. They think that man will be the next target.Claudia tries to explain her actions to Steve, but says she won't apologize for bringing him back. She says she doesn't care if she's thrown off Steve's karma or upset the whole cosmos. She'd do it all again. Steve says nothing. She hopes he can forgive her, but even if she doesn't she thinks the world is a better place with him in it. He says it's just weird and it's going to take some time to adjust.Myka goes to the home of the man in the blue cap, Ron Hadsell. He's not home. Meanwhile, Pete goes to the home of the man they think will be Ron's next target. Myka goes into a room where Ron has a whole lot of Lovecraft-inspired sculptures -- and a lot of tentacles. Myka calls Pete to confirm that Ron is their guy, but he's not home. Ron walks up and asks Pete if he's Jeff Green -- the next man on the target list. When Ron realizes Pete is not Jeff, he runs. Pete chases him.Pete tackles Ron inside a gym nearby. Ron pushes the key in Pete's hand during the struggle. Pete tells Ron they can work things out, but Ron insists that if they can't bring back Teresa it's impossible. Ron shows Pete the key and tells him, "It's too late." Ron starts shouting, "It's going to kill me!" Others at the gym take notice and see Pete as an alien monster.Myka is racing toward where Pete was and when he finally picks up his phone she sounds to him like a monster. Pete tries to talk to the people at the gym, who are now preparing to attack what they see as a big, ugly monster. Pete realizes it's time to get out of there and runs. Myka shows up to the gym. She's pretty freaked out by all the tentacles, but knows well enough to know it's Pete. With a group of people chasing Pete, she has him stand behind her. She talks them down a bit and holds them off with the Tesla gun. Pete, thinking he's showing that he won't hurt Myka by touching her arm, causes a couple of the men to run toward her in an attempt to save her from what they see as an attack by the monster. She stuns them both with a shot from the gun.Myka tries to explain that they're seeing a hallucination that won't hurt them. Ron is now with the crowd, though, and says they have to kill it before it kills them. Myka recognizes him and chases him, leaving her gun with Pete. The people then attack Pete, who's left to fend for himself. A couple of guys hit Pete and throw a stick at him. A woman goes to the fire hose on the wall, breaks the glass and grabs the ax from inside.Meanwhile, Myka chases down Ron. She grabs the key with a neutralizer glove and sticks it in a neutralizer bag. It gets gooey and suddenly Pete is no longer seen as a monster. Just in time, too, as the woman was about to swing the ax right at him.Ron tells Pete that he couldn't bring himself to just kill the people he pursued with the key. It seemed like the perfect weapon because it showed them for who they really were, he said. After Ron is taken away by the cops, Pete tells Myka he knows he should feel sorry for Ron, but he's no better than the people who didn't help. Myka agrees, but says she also understands how the combination of grief and anger can drive you to do things that you know you shouldn't do.Adwin pays a visit to Claudia and Jane. Claudia quickly realizes that Jane never got approval to bring Steve back. Adwin says neither of them understand the reifications of their actions. There are consequences, he says. Steve is linked to the metronome, there, therefore, to the warehouse and there regents forever. Because they don't yet know the downside of the artifact, the metronome will stay with the regents and Steve will be under "lifetime supervision." And if there's a dangerous downside, "the regents will take action." He tells Claudia that if things go awry, they will not hesitate."Our first responsibility, all of us," he says, "is to protect the world from the dangers of an artifact."Artie gets the gist of the conversation with Claudia and asks her if she's OK. She says she is. She asks Artie if she and he are OK. He says they are. Claudia leaves and Artie's pocket ping device goes off. It shows an image of a dagger. He again sees the vision of Claudia stabbing him in the chest with the dagger, and hears Brother Adrian saying, "An evil that will cut through your heart like a dagger."Pete comes to get Artie for dinner. He knows Artie is severely distracted, but Artie tries to play it off. Pete looks concerned.

Directed by Constantine Makris  

Starring Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, Genelle Williams, more...

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