Walker, Texas Ranger

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Action/Drama/Comedy/Crime/Western, USA, 1993, 43 min.

AKAs Sam Bolt, Texas Ranger

Synopsis Walker, a martial artist, and his partner Trivette are Texas Rangers. They make it their business to battle crime in Dallas and all around the State of Texas.

Directed by Michael Preece, James Darren, William A. Fraker, Vern Gillum, Andrew Stevens, Virgil W. Vogel, Lee H. Katzin, Chuck Bowman, Gregg Champion, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Joao Fernandes, Jerry Jameson, Michael Vejar, Eric Norris, Christian I. Nyby II, Joe Coppoletta, Mike Norris, Alexander Singer, Aaron Norris, Karl Kases, Rich Thorne, Tony Mordente, Garry A. Brown  

Starring Chuck Norris, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Sheree J. Wilson, Noble Willingham, Ely Pouget, more...

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