The Sam Livingston Story

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Drama/Western, USA, 1960, 60 min.

Synopsis With ten days left to reach Sacramento, missionary Abigail Newkirk loses her driver to the higher paying mines. While in town trying to find her driver, she meets Sam Livingston who tries to help her. Sam has a pet pig, Endicott who he introduces to Abigail while telling her part of his history. That night still unable to find a driver, Abigail's prayers are answered when Sam and his friend Cass Fleming arrive offering to drive her as both have made the trip before. Cass owns part of a bank that was in financial trouble until Sam put up the money to bail it out now owning the controlling interest. Cass is running for US Senator in California. As they travel to Sacramento, Sam frequently has the wagon stop so he can reminisce about events in the past. Most involve the rough treatment he received as a sixteen year old from Cass and his friends. He lost his horse, was forced to work at gunpoint, and had one of the biggest gold claims stolen from him. Cass's plans for the bank and senate depend on Sam who has vowed to make him pay by naming a different president - Endicott his pig. Abigail seeing what is happening has her own interest in Sam and tries to preach forgiveness to him.

Directed by Joseph Pevney  

Starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton, Charles Drake, Onslow Stevens, Frank McGrath, more...

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