Big Top Val

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Action/Comedy/Crime/Drama/Thriller, USA, 1999

Synopsis Billionaire Ronald Zane hires VIP to baby-sit his daughter Amelia, normally a quiet nerd. However she insists to have some sassy fun. That includes a visit to Cirque de Lumičre. There Nicki recognizes the Esperanza trapeze brothers as Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti, who staged a car explosion years ago to convince mob and FBI they're dead. Those mob family members use the circus as cover for illegal arms trade. The team goes undercover while Nicki questions Don Franco who killed who. Meanwhile the brat escapes.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Shaun Baker, Natalie Raitano, Leah Lail, more...

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