Dan Tanna Is Dead

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Crime/Drama/Mystery, USA, 1979

Synopsis A man steals something from a government lab. He then proceeds to infect Dan with it. When Dan feels ill he goes to the doctor who upon doing some tests finds that he's been infected with a toxin and has 24 hours to live. The man starts taunting him by calling him and sending him notes. He tells Dan where the toxin came from and when Dan goes there, the doctor tells him that unless they get it back if anyone is infected will die cause they need it to make an anti-toxin. Dan suspects that a doctor he sent to prison is behind it but the man is supposedly still there so they go and discover that the man who is suppose to be the doctor is not.

Directed by Alf Kjellin  

Starring Robert Urich, Greg Morris, Bart Braverman, Phyllis Davis, Stephen Brooks, more...

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