Help Wanted

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Comedy/Family/, USA, 1988

Synopsis With Michael planning to be away from home for a few weeks due to his work, and Sandy needing to concentrate on a major project for school, the Hogan siblings decide they need to hire a temporary housekeeper. After several applicants fail to meet the test, David makes his recommendation: Melanie, a scatterbrained, beautiful blonde who aspires to be a hairdresser. Melanie, as it turns out, had just been fired as a waitress at the local teen hangout for screwing up yet another order, and David - who witnessed the termination - feels sorry for her. Of course, Melanie doesn't work out, as she is so concentrated on her upcoming career as a hair stylist (and planning to perm Mrs. Poole's hair). Eventually, David and Sandy decide they have no choice but to fire Melanie. But Melanie announces she's resigning to take another job, which makes David just as mad. Sandy later remarks that Melanie - although easily distracted - is not a bad person and just might get it together someday. In fact, she may just be a good hairdresser ... that is, until Mrs. Poole comes in with the hairstyle from hell!

Directed by Howard Storm  

Starring Sandy Duncan, Jason Bateman, Luis Daniel Ponce, Jeremy Licht, Edie McClurg, more...

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