There Is No Normal Anymore

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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis "V" - "There Is No Normal Anymore" - Nov. 10, 2009We pick up where we left off with Jack and Erica on the roof. In fact, it's an actual replay of the final bits where they talk about recruiting for a resistance as they look at the ship in the distance. A little shuttle veers off of the main ship and flies by them and touches down at the warehouse where the rumble took place. Erica and Jack run to look and watch them cleaning up. Jack wants to call the police. Erica wants to do it anonymously and goes to a pay phone. Turns out the V were intercepting the call and they send a little evil seeky ball to attack them. Erica and Jack successfully evade and destroy it. She realizes since Dale was her partner for seven years no one is to be trusted. She tells him to go home and pretend like this never happened.Erica goes home and calls to Tyler but his room is empty. She hears a noise downstairs and grabs a baseball bat and heads down and almost whacks him. He lies and says he was with Brandon. He asks if she's okay. She says she is serious about the Visitors and makes him promise to stay away from them. He says he's safe and heads to bed. She calls after him that she loves him.In his room he busts out his sweet new "peace ambassador" uniform and hides it under his mattress.The news, on at the church, tells us that the government is close to establishing diplomatic ties with the Visitors. It would allow them full freedom of movement. The older priest likes this. He mentions to Jack that the police want to talk to him about the man who was stabbed the day before.Erica is in the shower and has a nightmare daydream where Dale interrupts her with his gun to Tyler's head. Her phone rings and breaks the fantasy. It's her boss reporting that Dale is missing and telling her to get in.Val and Ryan lie in bed in a post-engagement reverie. She asks after his bandaged arm. He claims he was scratched on a filing cabinet. He goes into the bathroom and checks on his wound. He looks nervous.Chad looks over his interview with Anna, fixating on her duplicity. His assistant wonders why he's beating himself up. She says they had 80 million viewers and if he had gone after her he never would've gotten access. He says 80 million people watched Anna.On the mothership, Anna is doing this groovy mirror thing where she's changing her clothes with the flick of a finger. Marcus enters and says India is holding out. She says once they have the U.S. everyone else will fall into line. As he checks out a geisha outfit she talks about how in Japan the get up implies allure and submission. He says he's not sure that's the message she wants to send. She says he just doesn't get humanity.Erica heads to the office, eyeing everyone suspiciously. (Ooh and maybe she should because there's a Cylon! Rekha Sharma walks by. And Kara "Starbuck" Thrace's dad, Roark Critchlow, is apparently the FBI boss man!) Her boss says Dale never made it home and his wife, who is at the office, is worried sick. She claims she's not worried about the Visitors, just worried about Dale. They go into a room where she's presented with an interrogation team.Tory the Cylon goes to visit Father Jack, her name is Serena, and ask him about the man who died at the church. He says he was expecting the police not the FBI. She says the dad guy called them for years about an alien invasion. They've gotten tons of calls like that, of course, she says but now they have to take them seriously.The following interrogations are intercut:The panel gets down to asking Erica questions. She claims they had dinner and he dropped her off around 9.Father Jack says he never saw the dead guy before.Erica says she wasn't aware of any marital or drug or alcohol problems.Father Jack says the guy didn't say anything about the Visitors, he just seemed scared.She says everyone is stressed out and Dale has always had her back. She says they were never romantically involved. They get the news they found Dale's car.She and FBI boss, who is named Paul, head there. The car's still at the pier. She says the address came up in their terrorist investigation and maybe he came to check it out. Paul wonders why she didn't tell him about that back at HQ. She goes to the car and grabs her ID and gun while no one is looking. She hands Paul Dale's phone.Anna is thanking the people of several countries from the underside of the ships for establishing diplomatic ties including Mexico and Japan. She says they're waiting for Russia, India, and the U.S.Chad's assistant hands him poll numbers about the Visitors. There's a 50/50 split. He says people need more answers and he's going to get them and he's going to prove to Anna that she's not the only one who can get what she wants.Valerie hands Ryan her ring and says she wants him to give it to her in his own time since she feels guilty for snooping. She asks to do lunch and he claims a meeting in Jersey and asks for a raincheck.Brandon gives Tyler props for his "brass clinkers" for signing up with the V. Tyler asks him to keep it on the DL around his mom. They head to a V center. They meet Lisa. She compliments his sweet V jacket. She also says hi to Brandon and hears he wants to be an ambassador. She bumps him to the front of the line.The elder priest asks if Jack is okay. He confesses he feels bad for not telling Serena about the guy ranting about the Visitors. The elder priest says the guy was loco and the FBI lady confirmed it. Jack says she wasn't just FBI but with the Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force. He tells Jack to tread carefully so as not to upset the applecart with regard to diplomatic negotiations. he assures him that he did the right thing.The FBI enters the warehouse which has been wiped clean. Paul asks again about why he didn't hear about the place. She explains about the mole. He wonders why Dale would come alone, didn't he trust her? She says she's had it with his tone and she's worried about Dale. He says to go find her.Marcus looks over a blurry video of the meeting and the people at it, asking another lackey if any of them are from the original resistance. The dude doesn't know but another scary dude interrogates a guy they grabbed from the meeting. The meeting guy is in his underwear on a white pod and the scary Visitor is making him think, somehow, that snakes are crawling all over him. He says he'll make the snakes go away if the guy gives him names of people at the meeting. The guy says he doesn't know. Marcus isn't pleased.Ryan goes to Al's Garage looking for Angelo Russo. The mechanic under the car says he's never heard of him. Ryan pulls him out from under the car and Angelo says he told him never to come back.Erica comes back to the office and is surprised to see Jack and that he's a priest. He's surprised to see her and that she's an FBI agent. Serena is all "you know each other?" Erica claims they just met. She asks what he's doing and he says "upsetting the apple cart." He's going to share the photo that the dead guy gave him and she tries, only with her eyes, to tell him to stop. She asks Serena why Jack is there and she says he has info on a murder.At the V center, Tyler flirts with Lisa as a protest brews outside. He offers to take her for pizza on his bike. She takes a picture of herself on his phone. A protester starts a fight with Brandon. Tyler goes and, of course, throws the first punch. Brandon pulls him off and turns back to Lisa, who is disgusted.Angelo says he heard about the fight at the warehouse in Brooklyn. He pulls out a V medical bag and fixes his scratch. Angelo can't believe Ryan has joined the resistance when he should be hiding. Angelo says that what the V will do to the humans won't compare to what they'll do to traitors like Ryan and himself. Ryan asks for names of others who might be willing to join. But as he does he starts getting woozy and realizes Angelo drugged him. Angelo apologizes saying he can't trust him.Erica grabs Jack as he leaves and asks what part of not trusting anyone didn't he understand. He thought he was helping, that maybe the photos would keep the government from getting in bed with the Visitors. She points out that Dale was the government. He complains that she walked away from his last night and he didn't know what to do and not trusting anyone from now on won't be a problem.She walks back into the office and Paul calls her into his office. He keeps wondering why Dale would go into the warehouse alone. He knows she's lying. She says she's not. He plays the 911 call with her voice on it. He asks her to tell him it's not her. She says it was her. He's mad she lied. She explains she thinks he's a traitor, working with the terrorist group, she saw him meet with them. He wonders why she didn't call for back-up. She didn't want to blow a legitimate investigation so she called 911 in case he needed help but then back-up never showed up. He says they didn't because the DEA has all those phones rigged and that's how he got her call. She realizes, for some reason, this helps make her case. He tells her to investigate but hopes she's wrong.Anna watches, not so happy, as Chad decides to have a panel discussion on the V's on "Prime Focus" with a pro-side and an anti-side.Erica goes to visit Father Jack and apologizes. She talks about all of the people Dale fooled, friends, family, and his wife. Jack wonders if she's a Visitor too. Erica doesn't know but thinks they need to talk to her. He says he's out, taking her advice to forget it and be normal. She says there is no normal anymore. She says he's the only person she can trust. He says no, she's FBI and he's a priest, he'll do his helping at the church thanks, and walks away.Erica goes to visit Dale's wife Jocelyn wondering why there were no calls to her. She says he had a personal phone, wanted to keep work and family separate. She shows the phone bill with two numbers only: hers and another number. Erica asks if Dale has been acting odd. Jocelyn says Dale often gets lost in work and can be distant. Erica asks if the Visitors arrival triggered it. Jocelyn says maybe since their arrival changed everyone in some way.Ryan wakes up in the garage alone and hotfoots it out of there.Back at FBI HQ Erica shows the bill to Paul. The number's untraceable but she's figured out that they were all tip off calls. Paul can't believe Dale's a traitor. He can't, asks Erica? She says they were joined at the hip for 7 years. Paul can't believe Dale's still in the wind.Ryan gets home and Val's not home. Angelo gives him a ring and tells him to stay away from Val if he really loves her and then runs down Valerie's entire personal history. Ryan asks if Angelo did something to her. He says no, but if he can find out everything about her so can the Visitors so he should reconsider marrying her and hangs up.Tyler goes back to the V center and tells Lisa, through the bars around the center that he isn't being allowed in. She says the counsel wants to kick him out for fighting in that jacket. She says she's already in trouble for recommending him and his fate is up to the counsel. She bids him adieu.Marcus bring Chad aboard the ship and chides him for biting the hand that feeds him. Chad points out that he actually helped. Sure there were cons he said but there was an uptick in V acceptance in the insta-polls after his show. He says he made the public more comfortable with them which might help influence the government. Marcus asks if he's done preening. Chad says no, this was a freebie and the next time they want his help it'll be on his terms. He walks off all cocksure.The next scene is Chad announcing that the U.S. is allowing some limited diplomatic relations with the Visitors. Anna does her underside video thingy and gives thanks.Father Jack and the older priest watch, and the older priest says it's a great blessing.Chad is walking out of the studio when Anna calls to thank him. He says you're welcom and as he starts to say more she hangs up on him.Erica leaves the office and runs into Jack who was waiting for her. He says the announcement made him ill. He says she knows they won't win this war picking them off one at a time. She says didn't realize he had re-enlisted. He says at first he was worried about what he'd have to do if he got involved but now he's worried about doing nothing. She says the diplomatic relations won't make things easier. Nor will giving the V task force those pictures, says Jack. She says there are probably Visitors on the task force since they can't tell who is one. She hands him the task force list of everyone who has ever contaced the FBI about aliens. It's thick. He's hopeful it has people on it they can recruit, maybe ones they met at the warehouse.Later that night at home Val says the Visitor's have created a boom in the therapy business. She wants to look at his arm. It's just a long scratch now, almost healed. She looks at the wall and is confused that a picture is upside down. She turns the frame right side up and a card falls out of it with a name (Cyrus) and an address (51509 Gibbs Ave). She asks who he is and he says "some guy I used to know" and she accepts this because he's kissing her.Erica goes to Tyler's room and thanks for keeping his promise about the V's. He clicks on his phone and looks at Lisa's picture.Down in the kitchen Erica looks at Dale's file. She pulls out his photo and shreds it.Back on the white pod on the mothership, Dale, with a big slash in his head, comes to.

Directed by Yves Simoneau  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedict, more...

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