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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2009, 47 min.

Synopsis "V" - "Pilot" - Nov. 3, 2009It's a seemingly normal Tuesday morning in New York City at 6:30 a.m. as we meet our cast of characters in a series of quick establishing scenes.-FBI agent Erica Evans is still asleep as the glass on her bedside table begins to quiver Jurassic Park-style. She gets up and goes to her son Tyler's room to discover he's not there. She calls his cell and finds out that he's in a clinic getting patched up after a fight the night before she tells him to stay put and that he's in big trouble. He's with his "dumbass" friend Brendan. Everything goes nutty and even though she says to stay where he is he takes off on his motorcycle.-Catholic priest Father Jack Landry is opening up the church for the day and appraising the series of homeless folks and others populating the steps. Later, when everything goes nutty a parishioner named Roy who uses a wheelchair almost gets crushed by a falling crucifix but Father Jack pushes him out of the way.-Ryan, some kind of businessman, is entering a jewelry store getting an engagement ring for his girl and is nervous about proposing. His girl, Val, is at their apartment when everything starts to shake and bookcases start to fall. When things go nutty, he's walking out of the jewelry store when a fighter plane crashes in the middle of the road, it's pilot's lifeless body follows by parachute. He looks up.-TV news anchor Chad Decker is in the shower getting ready for work as we also seem on a TV screen in an earlier report about home foreclosures. He gets to work only to be disappointed that a big story is being given to another reporter. When things start to shake at the station he heads to the roof with others to see what the commotion is about.Eventually everybody looks up and what they see is a big ole silver spaceship. We learn that 28 more of them have appeared all over the world over the major cities and they have yet to make contact.Tyler and Erica meet up after some hassles and Ryan and Val also gratefully meet up at home.Suddenly the spaceship facade starts to change. It turns out it's becoming a big old video screen on the undercarriage. A beautiful woman's face appears. She calmly informs the terrified populace that they come in peace and she apologizes for the turmoil their arrival has caused. They're psyched to discover intelligent life in the universe and they're in a bind because they really need water to survive. Her name is Anna and she promises that in return for the help from Earth, they will share their advanced technology and medical knowledge. She totally wants to become friends and will be coming down soon. Until then, she says, "we are of peace." The crowds across the world applaud this message.An elderly priest informs Father Jack that the Vatican is on board with the "Visitors" as they're being called since "we're all God's creatures." Jack is skeptical. They turn the corner into the church and are amazed to see a full house.Brandon and Tyler watch the news as Erica chats on the phone with her FBI partner Del at the office. He's understandably distracted by the spaceships but she's noticed a spike in terrorist cell chatter. She's noticed a big order for C-4 and wonders if that means an attack. Her partner says he'll check into it and sweetly asks after her and Tyler and says he's there for her.Anna comes on down to make a statement. Brandon and Tyler thinks she's hot. Anna says she's excited and inspired by this moment and will always cherish the friendship of earthlings. The press starts lobbing questions. Chad tells them to back off and show some respect. She asks if he has a question. He asks if there's such a thing as an ugly Visitor. She thanks him and says he's not so bad himself. They smile and laugh. Chad later reports on it and wonders if the press should be so tough on the "V"s as we now are calling them apparently. Anna watches from her ship and says to a toady "I want him."Chad reports that three weeks have passed since the visitor's arrival and they're allowing people to come visit their ships which is causing an economic boom for the host cities. Their medical facilities are also healing people right quick. Some people are protesting though.Erica tells Del that they've got a line on "their" cell with a shipment of C4 to an industrial location. They go to check it out but there's nothing to be seen. They go to check out a seemingly ramshackle shed and discover a secret er, hatch, that leads to a big underground warehouse type space with, unfortunately for him, a dead guy in it. There's also a buttload of C4 in crates.Ryan gets a call from a guy who says he needs his help because "they're here, it's starting." Val arrives and the phone rings again and he ignores it. She wonders it might be important. He says nothing's more important than her.Brandon and Tyler go for a rocket shuttle ride to the New York mothership. They're welcomed by a comely blonde V named Lisa and check out the massive view of the V "city" inside the ship. Tyler is smitten. With Lisa, not the city.Del and Erica go over the scene where they find the most awesome fake passports ever and not much else. It was like the folks there knew they were coming.Lisa tells the boys all about the V "peace ambassador" program, which is basically like a street team for the V's and includes a uniform! They're only 17 though and they need to be 18 to join. She says they can with a parental signature. They don't picture that going over well. Lisa's all flirty flirty, "that's too bad, I wanted to spend time with you."Father Jack preaches a sermon of caution of jumping on a bandwagon when it looks so sweet. He says let's make sure it's sturdy first and that the V's need to earn their trust. The congregation nods but the older priest doesn't care for this since the V's have driven people into the church. Jack argues that they're coming because they're scared and who wouldn't want a savior right now and worries that gratitude will turn into devotion. Roy wheels in and shows the priests that the V's healed them.Tyler comes in and Erica is looking at her computer. She calls him over and shows him that the principal sent her video of him and Brandon spray painting V's on things. She's worried about him becoming obsessed. She tells him to think for himself. He says he does and that the V's call the graffiti "spreading hope." She asks him to talk to her and wonders if his acting out is because his dad left. He can't believe she's blaming him and that at least his dad has an excuse to be out of touch and that she's not "there" for him as often as she might believe and walks away.The toady arrives to let Chad know that he's been chosen to do a one-on-one interview with Anna.He's excited.Val notices Ryan's phone ringing and goes to answer. He stops her and says it's no one. She says he's been keeping secrets and wants to know what's up. He tells her not to "read things into things. "Erica and Del go over one of the passports they found of a creepy dude. She ID'ed the victim and got a search warrant for his house. They go there and discover it's been tossed. Again someone was tipped off. She calls the victim's cell phone and it rings in the other room. There's a text on his phone with info on a secret meeting where new members should be prepared for the "test" and where information will be shared about the "cell."A man, George, the one who was calling, approaches Ryan begging for his help with a new group. Ryan points out the people who were killed last time. George says they're being more careful. Ryan says he's not going to get involved because he wants to protect his soon fiance who doesn't know about his past. George gives him the info about the meeting if he changes his mind or grows a conscious.In the church Father Jack encounters a wounded parishioner who says he knows the real reason the V's are here: to obliterate us. He gives him a bloody envelope with imporant info inside that he makes Father Jack promise to take to the meeting tonight to share with the group.Chad sits down with Anna. They're about to go to air and he asks if she has any questions. She says no but tells him not to ask any questions that would portray the V's in a negative light. He says as a journalist it's his job to ask questions and some might make them uncomfortable. She pulls the plug two minutes to air. He says that's just how it's done. She points out that this interview will help his career and doesn't he want to to do that.Jack, out of his priest clothes, puts on his coat purposefully.Erica and Del sit in a car outside the meeting. He thinks she's crazy to go in but she points out they're expecting new folks and to send in the cavalry if she doesn't come out in 30 minutes. She doesn't want back-up in case of the mole.These next two interludes were intercut:She enters the meeting and a couple of dozen people are gathered. George, the leader says everyone should prepare for the test, which involves getting a slit cut in the side of their head to prove there is skullbone underneath their skin. George explains that the V's have covered their regular reptilian skin with human facades, they've actually been here for years infiltrating all levels of mankind, and they're about to open a can of whup-ass that will exterminate everyone on earth. He says the final stage of their plan began with the arrival of the spaceships and positioning themselves as saviors of mankind. But by the time folks figure it out, it will be too late. He knows that some of them think he's crazy. Erica asks if he has any proof. Just as she is about to leave the meeting Father Jack comes forward with his proof. It's a photo of the creepy guy Erica was tracking, Leclair and she puts it together with George's help, it's a "sleeper cell" of Visitors. Chad starts his interview with Anna and she says in an oily way that she's here to discuss all topics "without reserve." She says they come from a place of great beauty like earth. (Brandon and Val watch the interview at home). She says they don't divide themselves into countries though they're just one big happy family. She calls humanity a rare gift. She says they're happy to share their technology. She says they've evolved to expel negative feelings since happiness comes from tranquility. (Tyler pulls out his "peace ambassador" form and forges his mom's signature). She says they're going to expand their health centers and keep the healing coming for everybody, everywhere.At the end of the meeting she chats with Jack and calls him brave. He says he's scared. She says that makes him human. Just as they shake hand a little floating ball comes in. George sees it and yells at people to get down. The thing explodes sending out small knife-y things that kills a bunch of folks and intruders swarm in and start kicking ass. Jack fights with one. Erica is grabbed by another from behind. He slams her into the ground and it's.. Del! Who goes about trying to choke the life out of her. George is about to get sliced by another when Ryan shows up and saves him, not without getting cut first.Erica whacks Del partner upside the head exposing a part of his lizard head underneath. He comes to and tries to choke her some more and she impales him. She and Jack make a run for it. As do Ryan and George.In the post-mortem, George can't believe the V's brutality and calls them animals. Not all of them, says Ryan, who pulls back his slashed arm skin to show that he's a V. George freaks. Ryan says there are other traitor/deserters who will help them but now has to go break up with Val since he's rejoining the fight.The toady catches up with a mad Chad and tells him that he's Anna's media boy/bitch from now on, that she trusts him. He says he's not sure he trusts her. The toady says compromising his principles for the greater good is noble. Chad isn't sure. The toady wonders if he has an aversion to a worldwide audience. Chad stares at him and then exchanges a look with Anna.When Ryan gets home, Val is tearful. She says she was nervous about his weird behavior and was embarrassed to discover the engagement ring. She asks if he still loves her. Down on one knee, he says he does and hugs her.Father Jack and Erica sit on a rooftop and she talks about not being able to trust anyone given that she just impaled her partner. He wonders what they do now. As she begins to talk about gathering a resistance, bringing people into the fold and fighting, we see Tyler go to the V ship, slide on a V uniform, clasp hands with Lisa and be led to a platform. Erica says the V's have a head start and are arming themselves with the most powerful weapon out there: devotion. The V's toast the new peace ambassadors and the dawn of a new day.The last shot is of Anna gazing out a ship window and pulling back to show it hovering over New York.

Directed by Yves Simoneau  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedict, more...

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