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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2011

Synopsis "V" - "Siege" - Feb. 15, 2011Chad and his new partner Carrie report on Marcus's shooting. She editorializes that after this Anna won't be all "we are of of peace" anymore. Chad says instead of that kind of talk they should hope for a good outcome for Marcus and justice for the perpetrators.Anna tells Marcus' comatose body that his sacrifice will be avenged.At Fifth Column HQ Erica reports she's been benched because Marcus was shot on her watch. She plans to spend time with her family. She says they have to tell Eli and the FC to lay low. No one's heard from Ryan and Hobbes says when they find him he's gonna shoot him for selling them out. Erica says to find him but she wants to talk to him first.Ryan is holding his crying baby and Anna enters. She says her touch soothes her as if she were her own mother, but that the touch will only work for a moment, she needs her bliss. Ryan asks what she wants. She says to find Eli and kill him. He says they know he sold them out and won't be able to get close. Since he was once her best hunter she feels confident Ryan will find him.Father Travis delivers bad news to Father Jack: he has in fact been laicized. He has to skedaddle from the rectory by the end of the week. Jack asks for a final service, Father Travis declines this request and asks for his collar.Ryan does in fact get close to Cohen who was waiting for him with lots of armed henchman. They bind him and beat him to a bloody pulp.Erica goes to hang with Joe and Tyler but just as their about to depart on a motorcycle ride, a happy one at that, she gets a call from Cohen that they've got Ryan. She asks again to talk to him first before Cohen kills him.A V tracker finds Ryan in the building and reports back to Anna. Anna has her new number two guy Thomas tip of the FBI anonymously so they'll do the dirty work, eliminating FC leaders and a bunch of FBI folks in the bargain.Kendrick gets the tip at FBI and tells Chris, who wonders if they should call Erica. They figure if she's dirty they'll tip them off so they keep her out of the loop and head out to ambush the FC.Erica arrives at the FC HQ and asks the bloodied Ryan why he sold them out. He explains about his daughter and warns them that they better skedaddle because he could feel the V tracker scanning the building and they're all going to be toast soon.Before they can vamoose, the building is surrounded by FBI. Erica and Eli are confused since they were expecting V. Erica thinks her goose may be cooked -- she realizes she never got a call and they must suspect her-- until she works out a plan to pretend she's a hostage. She has Eli smack her around to make it look real and gives him her gun.Chad reports live from outside the siege. A masked man comes out holding Erica with a gun to her head.Thomas and Anna are surprised at this as they watch this coverage. He and Anna decide that both of Tyler's parents have to die in order to turn him back to the Vs, since he's vital to her plan. She calls in Lisa and asks her to do everything in her power to assure Tyler's cooperation with Concordia.Joe and Tyler watch football and cheer and bond. Lisa calls him and alerts him to the news. They turn it on and are horrified looking at Erica with a gun to her head. Joe says he'll figure something out and heads down to the scene and tells Tyler to stay put. He reassures him it's going to be alright.Father Jack is packing up his stuff at the church when he sees the news on a nearby laptop and he too heads to the scene.Chris calls Erica and she gives him Eli's demands, mostly regarding snipers and such. Eli is impressed. She tells him there's only two ways out for him, dead or in cuffs. He says there's a third way.Thomas gives the FBI some fancy technology that allows them to look inside the building and stuff to help give them an edge. Joe arrives and he's babysat by an agent named Ray Caldwell. Joe is freaked but Rick says Erica's a friend and they'll do everything they can to get Erica back safely. He leaves behind a binder with building blueprints in it.Erica looks at pics of Tyler and Joe on her phone. Eli shares pics of his wife and child. Two henchmen drag Joe over, he's bloodied. He came in through a tunnel in the basement.Erica pulls him aside. He says he had to come. She says it's complicated, she's actually with the FC, he's confused. He wonders why they're running then, if she's not a hostage. Because she's never heard of Ray Caldwell. The blueprints were a plant. Erica thinks a sleeper V wanted him inside ... to kill them!Tyler is freaking, Lisa is trying to calm him down. He heads down to the scene.Thomas reports that Joe is in the building as Anna requested. She's very happy about this. He thinks the FBI won't take aggressive action with Erica inside. She says she'll get Ryan to get Hobbes the mercenary to do it for them.From inside the siege Eli is confused by the FBI's actions, locking on to targets they can't possibly see. Erica says they're going to storm the building, Anna must be helping them and to get his men-- snipers out on the roof-- to safety. Eli buys them time by having suicide bombers in the crowd grab people and unveil their bombs. The FBI stands down. Erica freaks on Eli and says taking hostages aren't part of the deal, those people are innocent. He tells her to take a look around, they might all die because of Anna and the V. He says the hostages are the only way that they might survive. He says he'll die for this cause if he has to but she and Joe must get out, along with his right hand man John who knows all the FC secrets and contacts. He says the battle against the Visitors is hers now. She wonders why he wants her to lead since they disagree on tactics. He says she knows that this fight is about the future and she can do it. He says to take his people to safety and come out a hero, protect her cover, and live to fight another day.Father Jack arrives on the scene. He calls Hobbes, who says it's too hot for him there and asks for updates. Thomas corners Hobbes and says he has a job for Hobbes on the orders of Anna. Hobbes says he'll pass. Thomas whips out a picture of Hobbes lost lady love and threatens her. Hobbes says she's already dead, five years in fact. Thomas says nuh-uh, the body was never found and she's alive and the V's have got her. Hobbes asks for proof of life and Thomas puts him on the phone, and he hears a frantic woman. Hobbes pulls his gun on Thomas and asks where she is. Thomas says he'll never find out if he shoots him. He hands Hobbes a gizmo and tells him to bring it within 100 yards of Eli's place and it will detonate the suicide bombers bombs. Do it, or Sarah dies.Back at the standoff Chris approaches Jack and yells at him about helping sow the seeds of this and his partner and friend is in there and if she doesn't come out of it alive, Chris is coming for the ex-priest.Erica goes to say goodbye to Ryan and yell at him for being a traitor. He says not to leave him and he had to protect his daughter and had no one. She said he had her, and he betrayed not only the FC but her, Jack, Hobbes, his friends. She says she'll do everything she can to help his daughter but she can't forgive him. He apologizes. She says it's too late and stalks off.Erica says goodbye to Eli and promises she'll have his guy John walk out with them and blend in with the hostages. They do a weird power handshake and he asks her to prove him right about her.Erica grabs Joe and apologizes saying he should've trusted her. (He's talking about Tyler). She says it's in the past. He says they have so much time to make up for. They share a nice kiss. (Which you just know that means he's dead.)Erica calls Chris and tells him Eli wants to release the hostages and surrenders. She wants assurance the hostages are safe. He gives it to her, but only if they don't get fired on.Thomas tells Anna Hobbes is in position.Erica leads the hostages out. Chad reports on this as Anna and Thomas watch and Father Jack and Hobbes watch from the crowd. Hobbes opens the gizmo and it starts beeping. Eli looks over at the suicide bomber vests as they begin to beep. The building explodes. Everybody starts shooting, the FBI and the FC people on the roof. Some of the hostages are hit. Including Joe. Erica races after him as his body is riddled with bullets. Many of the FC snipers are taken out. Erica falls on Joe's body in tears. Hobbes skedaddles. Chad and Jack look on in horror. Eli's guy John gets gone.Chad looks into the camera dazed and asks "what just happened here?" Anna watches his report on the mothership, pleased.Tyler finds his way to the scene and sees his mother cradling his father's dead body. Mother and son break down in tears. Chris looks onward and tells his boss they were wrong about her and Evans is clean. The boss agrees and calls off the investigation.Later, while Evans sits in silence on the kitchen floor, Tyler comes down the stairs bags packed. He changed his mind. He's going to live aboard with the V's. He blames humans, not the V's for the death of his father. Erica tries to reason with him as there is so many things that he (obviously) doesn't know. Tyler is not in a listening mood and in a moment of lost control, Erica slaps him. Tyler leaves, and Erica breaks down at losing her son too.Erica returns to FC hideout, where Jack, Chad, and Hobbes are waiting. She tells them that Eli Cohn transfered leadership to her before he died. And as her first action, she says they will no longer be on the defensive. They will attack first and show no mercy. Jack says he is ready to be a soldier again (as he is no longer allowed to be a priest), and Chad says he is in. Erica looks to Hobbes and says she kept him caged too long. No more."If Anna wants a war," she says, "We'll give her one."

Directed by John Behring  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, more...

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