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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2011

Synopsis "V" - "Concordia"- Feb. 8, 2011It's Tyler's birthday and he's got some choices to make.Still bummed out and freaked out about Tyler's role in trashing Father Jack's church Erica presents Tyler with a birthday cake. He's more interested in why his dad hasn't called and hooking up with Lisa though.Erica calls Joe and says they need to meet and talk about Tyler.Anna has a new "gift" for humanity. She's calling the project "Concordia" and unveils it to Chad and his viewers. The holographic representation basically looks like a "city of the future" with huge sleek buildings sitting in the middle of a more modest surroundings. Anna promises it will create jobs the world over as humans build them and will offer healing centers and technology training services.When Chad's boss thinks he's being too much of a mouthpiece for the V's and wants to appeal to those who have questions he decides it's time to have a counterpoint voice on "Prime Focus" and auditions and subsequently hires a skeptical co-anchor who wonders in her successful audition if the gifts the V's are offering are actually Trojan Horses. Chad seems on board with this idea.And of course they are. Concordia is actually an elaborate plan involving docking stations for the ships that will allow the red rain ready women of earth to be abducted by V soldiers to become breeders. Anna says the humans won't even realize they're digging their own graves until it's too late.When Erica realizes how much control the V's have over Tyler she conspires with his dad to keep her away from them. She shows Joe -- in her office at the FBI-- everything she knows about how evil they are and how they've been messing with Tyler since birth. He's flabbergasted. They concoct a plan involving the gift of a motorcycle and a cross-country trip -- plus the potential for a reunited family-- to keep Tyler out of Anna's clutches. Anna counter punches by giving him the gift of engineering/flight training school so he can be the first human to pilot a V shuttle. He is thrilled and of course accepts. Erica and Joe are freaked.Freaked enough that when Cohn proposes in a FC gang meeting at HQ that Anna must be assassinated that Erica goes along with the plan with a stipulation. Conveniently, the FBI has been tasked with providing security for a last minute gala Anna has decided to throw to introduce Concordia to the world. Instead of bombing it, like Cohn and Hobbes want to do,Erica convinces them to go sniper-style instead to minimize collateral damage. Even Father Jack signs on and they set up a plan by which Father Jack will create a rabble rousing protest disturbance so the FBI and security forces will be distracted and Anna can let Cohn and Hobbes in to the gala to take the shot.Meanwhile Anna has Ryan convinced the only time his daughter is not in pain is when she's receiving Anna's bliss. She asks him if FC is planning anything to disrupt the gala and he claims he hasn't gotten in deep enough to know. She tells him to get deeper than.At the party Chad's new co-anchor finagles an invitation and basically asks Anna what her real motives are. Anna says she has no idea what she's talking about because the V's are "of peace, always."The FC gang inacts its plan like clockwork until Ryan throws a wrench in the works. With Anna's voice ringing in his head he calls Marcus and warns him of the assassination plot right before Anna takes the stage ruining Hobbes' shot. Marcus takes the stage instead and after a little arguing everyone agrees to shoot him instead. But then Marcus brings Tyler out onto the stage, introducing to great fanfare that he will be the first human shuttle pilot. Erica bum rushes the stage to give Tyler a hug, which is really a cover to move him out of the way so Hobbes can take a clean shot at Marcus, which he does, spraying blood all over Erica's face in the process.These events have several effects:Hobbes and Cohn are livid their plan was foiled and vow to take Ryan down because of it, knowing he's the only one who could've snitched.Tyler decides to take a chance on the trip and his reuniting family instead of accepting the V's offer of flight training.Father Jack may have his collar taken away for defying the Vatican's instruction that no priests engage in anti-V rhetoric.Marcus might die- he's alive but in critical condition-- so Anna makes Thomas - the engineer of Concordia- her new right hand man.Erica's FBI partner realizes that something hinky is going on with her and Father Jack--new surveillance footage of the two of them together surfaces-- and he and her boss at the FBI Kendrick decide it's time to launch an investigation into her.

Directed by Jesse Warn  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, more...

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