Serpent's Tooth

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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2011

Synopsis Anna confronts her mother in the bowels of the ship, where she's been for 15 years in her human form. Anna's curious about the effects of long-term human emotion.Diana says inter-breeding doesn't work because they can't control human emotion, but Anna thinks she can. She says Lisa's just about fertile. She's the only one who can lay eggs and they don't have another planet option nearby.Erica answers the door for Lisa, who tells her Joshua is alive but says he doesnt remember anything. Erica wants her to find out if he remembers any experimentation done on pregnant women 18 years ago when she was pregnant.Tyler comes down with a piece of tissue on his neck where he cut himself shaving.Erica takes it to Sam for testing.Ryan attends Valeries funeral, where his mom blames Ryan for taking her to the Vs for treatment.A V approaches Ryan and gives him a pass to see his daughter.Chad gives a report recapping that the red sky was supposed to be a gift and people trust the Vs again.Marcus introduces Chad to Eileen, the first pregnant woman to have her baby with V technology. Off camera, Chad gently helps her second-guess her decision.Father Jack takes confession from a man who was struck by him saying it was a war for their souls, us versus the Vs. We see the man launching a two hour countdown on his laptop at home. Father Jack assures him its time to fight.The man walks up to a V Peace Ambassador Center. He reveals a bomb strapped to his chest. People scatter. He detonates the bomb.Erica and an FBI team investigate the scene. Bombs detonated around the world. The Fifth Column has claimed credit.They get an alert of another 2 hour countdown.Agent Malik takes a fragment from the evidence bin and gives it to Marcus. He takes it to Anna to trace. There were 29 bombings. Fifth column is proving to be a bigger threat than anticipated, Anna says.She says Ryan is just the V to handle it. She thinks she can control him through his daughter.Cut to Anna, holding Ryans kid as they put skin on it, to prey on Ryans loss.Anna sees shes hungry and devours a rat and regurgitates it back to the kid. She says she can use her bond with the kid to control Ryan.Anna appears as a hologram to Ryan. She says she put skin on her so he could maybe be with her on earth someday. She says all he has to do is protect his own kind.Erica and Father Jack tell Kyle about the new countdown. Ryan and Kyle think whoever is behind the bombings could help them, even if their methods arent good.Father Jack recognizes the bomber as the librarian whose confession he took that morning. Ryan and Jack go to get his address from the parish records.On the ship, Anna has Joshua in the memory chamber to find out who he was working with. Lisa watches anxiously as they search to see who might have helped him destroy Anna's eggs.Ericas face appears, shooting at him. The last thing he remembers is being taken down. A V says the memory loss isnt permanent and Anna orders him to keep working on it.At the church, Jack sends the librarians address to Erica. Ryan tells him not to waste time feeling guilty. Jack tries to encourage him not to hold onto his anger over Valerie and lose focus.At the bombers house, Kyle pockets his version of the Art of War. They find Mossad bomb technology and a map with targets. All are healing or peace centers and a random buildings.Erica wants to call it in. Kyle tries to stop her, but she says losing thousands of people isnt worth tracking the bombers.Anna watches Ryan at a memorial led by Father Jack as someone cries in the background.She storms down to her mother, guessing that human emotions are what give humans power. Diana says shell talk, but she wants something in return.With 4 minutes left, the FBI is on the building site. Its the location for WNT. Erica guesses that Chad is the target. She sees him a few yards away and watches as a woman in a poncho comes up behind him.She takes out a detonator but Erica runs and tackles her.Anna brings her mother the necklace she requested. It plays music.She tells Anna the music is the key to emotion, how the feeling goes down to the soul. Anna thinks the soul is the key.Ryan asks Father Jack if he has a soul. Jack assures him he does, since he wouldnt feel so angry if he didnt.Diana teaches Anna about the soul. Anna thinks she can find it in the lab and destroy it.Marcus learns that they traced a piece of fabric from the bomb fragment to a business named Five Brothers, code for Fifth Column, run by Eli Cohn, a former Mossad agent.Marcus wants Malik to bring Cohn to them. They text her.Erica and Kendrick go interview the would be suicide bomber, a secretary. She says the timer resets at dawn.Erica talks to the woman and as Paul turns his back Erica holds back her hair and shows the woman her V brand behind her ear. The woman explains how she was picked up and blindfolded and taken somewhere she could hear barges.Erica calls Kyle. Hes working on ex-Mossad names and gives Erica the one on the river: Eli Cohns. She heads out.Meanwhile, Malik arrives at Cohns.She creeps up on someone, but its Kyle. He knocks her down with his gun then sees who it is and runs.Malik gets up and adjusts her face from the inside she removes a long V tooth. Erica comes in the warehouse. She sees the blood trail. Kyle grabs her and tells her its Maliks blood. They leave.On the ship, Anna is frustrated that Ryan isnt caving. She tells the doctors to give the baby a chronic pain that only her bliss can cure.At the church, Ryan kneels to pray with Jack. Instead he sees a vision of Anna, telling him his baby is in pain. He gets up and leaves, saying the soul is a curse.At Cohns warehouse, agents are everywhere. Malik walks up and says she was across town. Theyve found suicide bombing vests and fake passports. They think it was ground zero for the bombing efforts.Kyle calls Erica, telling her he found the bombers car. He texts Erica the address of a place in Ossining. She tells Malik she has to go check on Tyler. But Kendrick finds something with an address in Ossining and sends Erica. He tells Malik to go with her.At his desk, Chad watches footage from after the bombing. He sees Marcus talking to Malik.Father Jack prays, saying he used the word of God to inspire violence. He wants to know where to go from here and asks for a sign. Instead, he gets Chad, who walks in the door.Chad wants to know why hes being targeted.He tells Chad he thinks Erica is in danger. He shows Jack the picture of Marcus with Malik and tells him to warn her.Erica drives to the site with Malik. They check each others stories suspiciously. Malik asks about Tyler and Erica asks what Malik was doing across town.Erica sees blood on Maliks shirt. Malik sees that she sees. They drive calmly for half a second until Malik draws her gun. Jack calls for Erica, who swerves wildly until her car flips over several times.It comes to a stop with both of them hanging belted upside-down. Malik comes to first and Vs out.Anna appears in front of Ryan with his daughter writhing. Anna tells him he has no soul and never will. She offers him her bliss if he joins them again.He agrees, for the sake of his daughter.Anna has the baby taken away without helping her.Anna tells Joshua about the soul. I will devote myself to rooting it out, so you can destroy it, he says.Anna goes to her mother, triumphantly, saying shell find the soul. Diana says shes running out of time and one day Anna will feel the sting of her own daughters betrayal, as she did.

Directed by Steve Shill  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, more...

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