Red Rain

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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2011

Synopsis "V" - "Red Rain" - January 4, 2010After the murder of her soldier eggs at the end of last season Anna has unleashed a "red sky."Apparently this incapacitated people, causing worldwide mayhem. Erica wakes up on a bridge screaming out Tyler's name as she walks through streets crowded with limp bodies and stopped traffic. She finds him sitting on a park bench, immobilized. He asks what she did to them and red rain falls on his face and starts burning his skin up. She sees Anna and asks why she did this and Anna says, "you killed my children so I killed yours." And then, of course, Erica wakes up at FBI HQ.It turns out the red sky is real but not the other stuff. Nobody can get a meeting with Anna as to why this has happened and it's causing civil unrest.On the ship, Marcus tells Anna the longer they wait to tell the humans about the meaning of red sky the more likely they will find out the truth on their own. Anna tells him to eliminate the one human doctor who appears to be getting closer. He tells her the captains of the 29 ships are worried she's showing human emotion with the unleashing of red sky. He assures he doesn't feel this way. He tells her the captains are en route to see her in person.Ryan, who is being held prisoner on the ship, runs into a room with several silver cylinders filled with green fluid, one contains his nutty human-V lizard baby. He tells it that he'll get it out of there. Anna and her soldiers arrive and she talks about how he disappoints her. She says they need to do experiments on his daughter since she's a miracle. He says the miracle is something she wouldn't understand, love. She says if he loves humans so much he should be with them, but his daughter stays with her. She has him thrown off the ship.During an expository Chad Decker report we learn it's been two months since the arrival of Anna and the Vs and that acceptance and gratitude for medical breakthroughs has been replaced by anger and civil unrest. Officials are scrambling to mobilize the military while looting has broken out in the streets.He says some folks are praying-- and we cut to to Father in the church-- others are stockpiling guns and ammo-- and we cut to Hobbs with weapons-- the Peace Ambassador center has become a powder keg-- we cut to Tyler on the ground at the center and Lisa on the ship. Chad asks if there is there anyone who can stand up to Anna and we cut to Erica at FBI HQ bemoaning their limited options. She begs off and leaves, muttering to herself that she's going to get it done her way.Back on the ship Anna explains to Marcus that she wants Ryan to join the Fifth Column so she can later use him to destroy them from within with leverage of his child.Ryan returns to the gang HQ. and explains about his imprisonment, Val's death, and his baby. Hobbs is skeptical about this "story." Erica gets a call from Tyler saying there's, ironically enough, a riot at the Peace Ambassador Center.The 29 captains show up to talk to Anna about the release of the red sky. She tells them it was part of her plan and no one-- human or visitor-- can comprehend the magnitude of what's coming. She also says she hasn't been infected by the human skin/emotions they're so worried about. She's still the same old mean Anna and lets her lethal tail prove it as she eviscerates and kills one of the captains. She walks out smiling at Marcus covered in blood.Things are hopping at the riot. Erica finds Tyler and tries to pull him out of the crowd, but not before he gets decked. She tries to get Tyler up on the ship for medical attention and gets a V to call Anna. They get clearance for the shuttle. Just then the sky starts thundering and red rain starts to fall, like blood. Tyler and Erica head to the shuttle.The Father counsels parishioners and Chad shows up. He says he came to pray. The father says he's not welcome after what he did. Chad says he wants redemption, he says he saw Anna torturing the "live-aboards," the program he promoted. He says he abused the trust of the people the way Anna wanted him to. The father says he's not sure if he can, or wants to, help Chad. Chad wants to fight for the Fifth Column. The father says only God can give Chad forgiveness and if it's trust he wants he'll have to earn it.Erica hands off Tyler for medical help. Lisa is worried and Erica asks what Anna is doing. Lisa says she doesn't know but that Marcus might. Erica asks her to find out what she can.Lisa goes to a computer screen and starts paging through. She stops on an image of a doctor, startled.Tyler's wounds are healed in seconds by a V medic and their technology. Erica thanks Anna but asks what's up with the red sky/rain and wants to know why Anna is hiding. Anna says she didn't come to answer questions and tries to leave now that Tyler is okay. Erica stops her. Anna says she will show her what red sky is right now.On the ground the red rain stops and Anna gives one of her bottom-o-the-ship addresses. She says not to fear the red sky. She says it's a gift to mankind, a gift of a new beginning, it will heal the oceans, make fertile barren lands, and reverse global warming, giving earth a new beginning. She says they are of peace, always. She turns and smirks at a skeptical Erica on the ship. She says she hopes the concerns have been addressed. Erica says they have and thanks her. Tyler says he wants to stay awhile and hang with Lisa. Anna says he'll be fine so Erica leaves him. Lisa hugs Erica and whispers, in her ear, the name of the doctor who may be getting close to the truth about red sky. A Dr. Watts. As Erica leaves, Anna pulls Lisa aside and tells her that she is to to perform her duties with Tyler, "all of them."Erica and Ryan go to see Dr. Watts while Hobbs watches their backs. His young associate, Dr. Miller offers to help since Dr. Watts isn't there. Ryan notices a V tracker, who, if he reports back to Anna, will sink their cause. Anna and Ryan give chase to the confusion of Dr. Miller. They stop the tracker, beat him up, and then Ryan feeds him the merciless pill of burning death. Dr. Miller arrives and sees the end of the body burn and is confused. They say they need to see his boss but Dr. Miller thinks the tracker was after him.They head into a lab and Miller explains that he's been working on bodies he found at a dig site, V bones from over 50 years ago. He shows them the 50-year-old lizard-y skeleton and Ryan confirms "it's one of us." Dr. Miller continues to be confused. He takes a closer look at Ryan, who explains that the V's use human DNA to make their awesome human body cover-ups. Erica decides they need Miller for the war against the Vs. He is confused some more and freaked out. He says he's not a soldier. Hobbs says they don't need his fists, they need his brains and if he says no they'll kill him. Just kidding! Ryan says like it or not, Miller is one of "us" now.Meanwhile, Chad gives Father proof he can trust him. It's video of him interviewing "live aboards" explaining the torture/experimentation. He shows Father the torture device and says he's going to stop it by broadcasting the tape. He doesn't know what else to do. He slides the laptop toward the Father and tells him to use Chad in the fight.Lisa and Tyler are happily reunited. Very happily, if you know what I mean. Lisa performs her "duties" while Anna watches thanks to Tyler's perfectly placed jacket patch. She tells Marcus that Lisa will make an excellent queen one day. Marcus says everything is back on track. Only glitch is that the few soldier eggs that survived are now dying. Anna says it doesn't matter. The red sky may be gone but it's impact will endure.Back at the lab, Dr. Miller explains that his boss, Watts, probably showed up on the V's radar when he signed on using Watts' ID to look up a compound found in red sky that was also in the V bones he'd been examining. Ryan explains it's a compound found only their home planet, very high in phosphorous. He explains the V's need it to be reproduce, it forms a protective shell around the eggs. Val needed it to carry the baby. The red rain means it's in everything now: air, water, human bodies. They figure it's to prepare humans for breeding with Vs.Erica starts to freak and explains that back in the day when she was pregnant with Tyler her doctor ran some tests and found something she had never seen before: abnormally high amounts of phosphorous in her blood. Now that they know the V's have been on earth longer than they knew, she wonders if it's possible the V's experimented on her when she was pregnant. Miller says he'd have to run tests on her and Tyler's blood. She uses a scalpel on the lab table to cut her palm and says "do it."Lisa goes to see Anna, who tells her that she's pleased with Lisa's control over Tyler, and says he's essential to their future. She says no one should interfere with this plan. She also tells them that they've finally revived Joshua and the traitor will finally be able to talk.Father brings the video to the gang at Miller's lab. Erica says they should use Chad to stay close to Anna. But Father says Chad is scared of her. Ryan says he's willing to take any risk since his daughter is on the ship. Erica says they will do what it takes to find his daughter and bring her back. Ryan leaves with Dr. Miller. Father says he's worried about Ryan, about the possibility that Ryan will have to make a choice between his daughter or them at some point.Lisa goes to visit Joshua. She says she doesn't know that she can do this without him. He says her emotional behavior is not befitting a future queen. He doesn't know what "this" is she's talking about. His mind has been wiped and he is no longer a "traitor." Lisa turns and leaves.Chad returns to the church and the Father tells him to not broadcast the report. Chad doesn't want to sit back and do nothing. The Father says they need to be strategic and Chad needs to keep his relationship to Anna. Chad says he can't, not knowing what he knows. He realizes he's being asked to spy. The father asks if he's ready to be a part of the Fifth Column.Anna goes to visit the soldiers who survived Erica's attack, they're dying. Some will live, but they will be flawed, says Marcus. She says the attack on them caused her prior outburst of emotion and this will never happen again so she turns off their medical support monitors and leaves, essentially killing them all.She goes to a hall and takes a special light up elevator down to a temple of some kind in the ship. A regal woman in red steps out. Anna says to her "Hello, Mother." (Fans of the original "V" series will recognize Anna's mother.)

Directed by Bryan Spicer  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, more...

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