A Bright New Day

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Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis "V" - "A Bright New Day" - Nov. 17, 2009Chad is reporting on the diplomatic visas being awarded to Visitors. Anna gets the first one. Lisa and Marcus are also on the list. Protests are taking place outside the New York Peace Ambassador center. Chad's assistant observes that he helped make this day happen. He realizes, ruefully, that he did. He and Anna eye each other as she heads up a glass elevator in the center.Father Jack hears confessions from many of his flock who are conflicted about the V. Some see it as a miracle, others have had their faith unmoored.It's Saturday at 9:15 a.m. and Erica is doing some work on files at home. She's half-watching the news and complains to an entering Tyler that a proper vetting process couldn't have taken place. Tyler says it must be hard thinking everyone's a terrorist. She doesn't want him going into the city but he says he's just giving Brandon a lift. She tells him to come right home and be careful.Father Jack comes to visit as Tyler leaves. He's come to vent his thoughts and chew over the sleeper cell concept. Erica says the Vs need humans for something and until they figure out what they'll fight them one step at a time. Erica meanwhile can't sleep and has been going over lists and plugging names into the FBI database from the big file she got. She gets a call to go protect the V ambassador center, there's been a death threat. She says if she has to be on their side maybe she can find out something to help. Jack stays to cross reference and tells her to be careful.Ryan is walking Val to work and telling her to be careful since things are crazy. Val says people fear change but that it will be cool and thinks any reason for him walking her to work is good. They're about to part and she asks why he seems secretive. He claims he wouldn't want to keep any secrets from her. She heads into her building.Ryan pivots and gets in a car that just pulled up. Georgie is driving. Ryan asks how many others survived the warehouse ambush. Georgie doesn't know, he's scared and doesn't know who to trust. Ryan says with the visas it will get worse and they need to mount a resistance. Georgie says they need cash and bodies. Ryan says they have both via a mythical man named John May, leader of the original resistance of V traitors known as the Fifth Column. Georgie says the Vs have sleeper cells. Ryan says the Fifth Column is down but not out and they can win with John May's help.Marcus informs another V, a doctor named Joshua, that Dale has regained consciousness. Apparently, Dale was a sleeper agent for almost 20 years. Marcus says they have to know if he was compromised and if so by whom. Joshua goes to visit Dale who's still on the white pod. Dale is confused. Joshua calls him a real hero. Dale wonders what he did. Joshua points out his wound and says whoever did it was going for his heart and if he were human they would've killed you. Dale has post traumatic amnesia but wants help to remember who did this to him.Chad continues to report on the V protest, it is being led by Mary Falkner, the widow of the pilot of the fighter jet we saw go down in the, er, pilot. She's on a hunger strike for him and the 642 other people who died as a result of the V arrival. Anna wants Marcus to find out more about Mary Falkner so they can stop her.Tyler shows up with Brandon at the peace ambassador center. Brandon is sad that Tyler is out. Tyler says he'll figure it out. He spies Lisa behind the barricade. He speed off just as his mom arrives to help manage the death threat issue, leveled by an unstable, maybe an ex-military dude, with a plan. They run down the situation with a strike team, trying to avoid a panicked mob. They'll be working with V security, each FBI person will get a V partner. Erica doesn't want one. Her partner understands, since humans are mistrustful.She and the partner go to the security center and realign security cameras. She's surprised by it's smallness. Her partner wants any V casualties treated by their own medical staff. As he tells her this his back is to the hallway and a door across the way opens revealing a much more elaborate security center. They take off.Back at the Evans homestead Father Jack is cross referencing names. He gets one hit from a guy who seems to know about the V. It's Georgie. He calls and leaves Erica a message.Ryan gives Georgie Cyrus's card, turns out he used to be Ryan's right hand in the resistance and he had killer Fifth Column contacts. George is too scared to recruit at the moment. Ryan says he has to do it, that there's strength in numbers. He goes to visit Cyrus, who is surprised and happy to see him.All 29 V captains have met on the New York mothership for a briefing via holographic video. Anna warns the captains to keep a close eye on their human hosts and shape the public opinion.Joshua explains to Dale about the warehouse ambush. Dale realizes whoever did this saw his true face.Marcus got the data on Mary Falkner for Anna. Anna explains that Falkner's bereaved behavior is contagious so they have to make an example of her so she doesn't infect others.Father Jack goes to visit Georgie. He walks right into his unlocked house and pokes around. He notices a photo and news clippings of a dead family. A woman comes in and says he doesn't live here anymore. She wonders if Father Jack is counseling Georgie over the murders of his family. She says he went crazy after that, saying aliens did it. Father Jack gives her his card and to tell him that he was at the warehouse.Cyrus says the Column isn't what it once was, as they have a drink. Ryan says they have to get the band back together. Cyrus offers only names and numbers, he doesn't want to re-enlist. He heads into another room. Ryan follows and Cyrus pulls a gun on Ryan. He then hits a button alerting the Vs to Ryan's presence. Cyrus says the leaders told him that they would "reconnect him" if he turned in enough Column peeps. Ryan says they won't, they will take all the traitors he's got and then they will skin him alive. Cyrus thinks they'll keep their word. Cyrus wonders if Ryan doesn't miss the bliss. Ryan says the bliss is how Anna controls them, like junkies, which is what Cyrus is. They struggle for the gun. Ryan gets it and points it at Cyrus' head saying you've got to be alive to be reconnected.Erica and her partner head to the roof for a vantage. They scan the crowd. Erica notices a missing guard. They go to investigate and discover a man down. Erica realizes the shooter is now wearing a V uniform. She is down on ground level now and scanning the crowd. She thinks she picks him up. She radios directions to others. The guy pulls a gun just as Marcus walks by. She disarms and cuffs him. She and her partner drag him off.Chad reports on the incident, Brandon and Tyler walk into a pizza place showing the news update. They see Lisa there. Brandon set it up. They are smiley and awkward. She says he's back in the ambassador program.Erica's V partner thanks her and says the Vs will take it from there. Her boss acquiesces to this, saying it's complicated. She says she'll meet him outside but goes to the security center instead and tries punching in numbers. She gets it right on the second try and enters. It's pretty snazzy with dozens of screens. She touches one and it gets bigger and includes sound. It's surveillance from all over the city. One is of her in the room. She tries to find teh camera and realizes it's in the V uniform jacket pocket. She hears a noise and takes off. In the empty room, among the many screens, we get a shot of Tyler looking at himself in a mirror, Lisa appears over his shoulder.A V shuttle heads to the mainland. Anna is practicing a speech to console humans who lost someone. She's even practicing crying. Mary Falkner is driven up to the V ambassador center. Anna meets her, apologizes for the surprise, and offers her condolences. Falkner follows her into the center.Erica's boss introduces her to Marcus, who thanks her for saving his life. He extends his hand, she says if there's anything else she can do. And, he says, vice versa.Joshua has brought Dale into a virtual construct - his office- based on his neural scan. Dale recognizes his desk. Joshua says it must've been amazing living with another species for 20 years. "If by amazing you mean smelly, crowded and disgusting then yeah." Dale remembers something and Joshua thinks that's a good sign and that what happened that night will come back to him. Dale says it was disgusting to wake up next to a human every day. Joshua reminds Dale of his wife and Erica. He remembers that it was Erica attacked him. He says he has to go back down and kill her.Father Jack is lighting candles and Georgie shows up with a gun. Father Jack explains about Erica, Dale, mounting a resistance. Georgie says every time they get together, they get crushed. Father Jack says he saw the pictures of his family and although he doesn't know what George has been through if he's anything like him he knows he feels alone and that they need to stick together, there's strength in numbers.Still in the construct, Joshua says he's not sending Dale back. Dale is confused. Joshua says if half of what Dale says is true, Erica will be an excellent ally. Dale tries to punch him but he's not real. The construct falls away and Dale wakes up as Joshua is injecting him with something. Dale calls him a traitor. As Joshua injects him he says, "The Fifth Column says hello."Mary Falkner emerges from her meeting with Anna a changed woman. At a podium in front of the press, she's all "I heart the V" now and other people who feel bad from loss also should heart them too and her husband didn't die in vain. Anna comes to the podium and holds her hand. Anna says the man who tried to kill one of her people today was really trying to kill peace and they won't let that happen.Marcus and a group of Vs show up at Cyrus', but they're too late, he's but dust on the floor. On the back of the swinging door someone has spray painted "John May Lives." If this is true, says Marcus, there will be no peace.Tyler and Lisa -- both in their V jackets -- are totally making out in his room when he hears his mom come home. He freaks and explains his mom doesn't like the Vs and tells Lisa to stay put. Erica hears a noise and asks if Tyler has company. She busts into his room and discovers Lisa in her underwear. Erica tells her to put her clothes on and tells Tyler to take her home and that they'll talk later. Lisa says she figured this was better than his mom seeing her V uniform.Anna watches as Chad reports on the PR win for the Vs today. There's been an outpouring of new support. She turns to the so-called "assassin" who was, of course, actually a V and tells him he did a nice job. Chad talks up his exclusive interview with Mary Falkner. This seems to annoy Anna, or does it please her? Hard to tell.Erica explains about the surveillance room to Father Jack at the church, who says they have to be careful. She tells him the same thing about going after Georgie. Georgie arrives, with a friend, Ryan. They all say hello and stare at each other.Lisa returns to the mothership and tells Anna that Tyler's "the one" and that they should use him. Anna says Lisa's doing an excellent job and she's proud of her. Lisa says "thank you mother."

Directed by Fred Toye  

Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedict, more...

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