The Joy Ride

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Drama, USA, 1975, 51 min.

Synopsis James tells Richard that he's bought a small airplane. Richard, concerned at his son's aimless lifestyle, admonishes him to be careful. Virginia is thrilled at James' purchase -- it excites her because as, she puts it, 'it's something to do with the future and not the past.' Richard is stung at her remark and her impetuous behavior. He's to give a speech in the House of Lords on this glorious day and expects Virginia to be in the gallery. However, if she prefers to go flying with her stepson and forego her duty as his wife, she can do as she pleases. They depart and Richard calls upon the steadfast Lady Prudence. When evening comes and the pair have not returned to Eaton Place, Richard begins to worry. He calls down the authorities who did spot an aircraft that was lost in a fog. Prudence refuses to leave Richard, who is distraught, as is the entire household. Weary and irrational, Richard speculates that his son and wife may have been swept away across the Channel, engaged in some tryst as salacious newspaper accounts imply. However, it's quite possible they've been killed and Richard feels great shame. His remorse turns to fury when word comes that they are safe and headed back to London. At first blush, Richard scolds them vigorously. Virginia is chastened and mortified at the great fuss and the distress she has caused her husband. Richard reassures his wife that despite her defiance and attempt at independence, he's grateful for their safe return and expresses his great love for her.

Directed by Bill Bain  

Starring David Langton, Simon Williams, Hannah Gordon, Jean Marsh, Gordon Jackson, more...

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