Laugh a Little Louder Please

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Drama, USA, 1975, 51 min.

Synopsis In a frenzy to forget her traumatic war experience, Georgina goes from party to party, all over London, arriving home at all hours. With the Viscount and her Ladyship abroad, Georgina asks James' permission to hold a costume party at Eaton Place. James consents, and the staff prepare for an evening of entertaining that would have been unthinkable before the war. An unemployed and mentally unstable young man, Robin Eliott, professes his great love for Georgina and wants to marry her. She tells him that she's not ready to commit to any man. She's lost four years of her youth to the war and she wants to enjoy herself and indulge her every whim. He threatens that he will kill himself, but she dismisses his melodramatic talk. Hudson is speechless at scantily clad guests wandering around the house and Miss Treadwell, newly engaged governess for the Hamilton children, arrives amid the revelry. She is introduced to the children and retires to her room for the night. Within minutes, she hears a gunshot and finds young Robin outside of her room, dead, his revolver at his side. James is summoned and Georgina gets a glimpse of her lifeless admirer. She goes to her room quite calmly. The staff tread very lightly the next morning, trying their best not to disturb her. However, she's in good spirits and fully dressed. She tells Daisy and Rose that she has a full day planned and will be home that evening to change for another round of soirées.

Directed by Derek Bennett  

Starring Lesley-Anne Down, Angela Baddeley, Gordon Jackson, Jean Marsh, Simon Williams, more...

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