A Place in the World

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Drama, UK, 1975, 53 min.

Synopsis An eloquent letter James has written to the Times of London on the plight of unemployed men who fought valiantly in the war draws the attention of the Conservative Party. Sir Geoffrey Dillon tells Richard and Virginia that there's interest for James to run for MP in an upcoming bi-election. It's a rough, working-class district and Richard expresses his misgivings. One published letter to the Times editor does not make James a politician, Richard asserts. James, however, picks up the gauntlet and visits the constituency where he makes a speech to the few who are willing to listen to his ideas. In the meantime, Edward and Daisy, who have left service, are struggling to survive. Daisy has miscarried and though proud, they regret leaving their positions. Hudson and Edward engage in harsh words when they visit their old friends and the couple leave abruptly. His campaign floundering, Virginia urges James to go to his father, a seasoned politician, for advice. The Viscount and her Ladyship attend a rally where James speaks. A hostile crowd jeer him bitterly -- when the results are announced, it's no surprise that James has lost to the Labour candidate in large numbers. When the Barnes come to apologize to Hudson, Virginia offers them employment -- Edward will be their chauffeur and valet James and Daisy is now head house parlor maid. Though James was not given the chance to help the many displaced workers, a young couple are now gainfully employed under his roof.

Directed by Christopher Hodson  

Starring Gordon Jackson, Angela Baddeley, David Langton, Raymond Huntley, Hannah Gordon, more...

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