Untitled Beatle Boyin Project

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2008

AKAs Untitled Beatle Boyin Project

Synopsis A news magazine program (ala 48 Hours Mystery and America's Most Wanted) called Just The Facts details the account of the notorious case of "The People vs. Beatle Boyin". Through one on one interviews, video surveillance footage, and Just the Facts' Award Winning reenactments, the reporters piece together this bizarre story that has captivated the nation. Beatle Boyin, a beautiful, incorrigible loner who refused to bow to society's behavioral guidelines, was caught on tape dumping a body in Power Player/Businessman Kyle Sorensen's garage. Then, during the undercover sting operation set up to arrest her for the murder, she surprised everyone by confessing to another murder altogether. That of Athena Klendon; Sorensen's former employee, and the estranged daughter of multi-billionaire software tycoon Martin Klendon. The tape and the confession, along with Beatle's business cards, which read "Towing/Assassination", and her Hit Man Training Video, and Infomercial for said video, both of which had gone viral on the Internet, looked very bad for the defense. However, with Beatle herself having taken a vow of silence, the Prosecution was faced with the extraordinarily daunting task of uncovering as much information as possible about the enigmatic rebel with very little to go on. Beatle's only human contact had been with her psychiatrist, Dr. Vanderark, and Carla Garrett, the stripper/hooker she employed once a week... until the night she met a suicidal woman with a secret: Athena Klendon. That very night, the two struck a deal. Athena would change her life insurance policy to reflect Beatle as the beneficiary in exchange for her own execution. And, while they waited for the paperwork to come through, Beatle would provide room and board in exchange for a little help with her infomercial. All the while, they would have to evade Bruce Morley, the sado-masochistic henchman that Kyle Sorensen had put on their tail. Still, huge pieces of the puzzle were missing. The taped therapy sessions between Beatle and Dr. Vanderark seemed to raise more questions than answers, as did the general absurdity of the situation. Law enforcement had never encountered such an unconventional set of circumstances, and they needed help. That help came in the form of Private Investigator Merle Jackson, a good old' boy from the deep south. Hired by Martin Klendon years prior to keep tabs on Athena, he had done just that, and had in his possession hours of video and audio surveillance documenting the time that Beatle and Athena had spent together, all the way up to the alleged murders. Securing immunity for himself first, Merle handed over incontrovertible evidence of the minute-by-minute events that transpired during that time. Documentation of activities, conversations, plans, secrets revealed, and most significantly, a burgeoning love affair between Beatle Boyin and Athena Klendon. But whose side would benefit more from this new evidence? What conclusions would the jurors come to when they were faced with the facts about who Beatle Boyin really was? Would they believe that she could kill the woman she loved? Could she, or was she merely the victim of a delusional mind? What fate was actually in store for Beatle Boyin and Athena Klendon?

Directed by Donna Robinson  

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Tony Shalhoub, Ivana Milicevic, Sarah Shahi, Brooke Adams, more...

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