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Directed by
Louis Leterrier

Luc Besson

Produced by
Luc Besson
Steve Chasman
Bernard Grenet
Jet Li
Mehdi Sayah
Pierre Spengler

Original Music by
Neil Davidge
Massive Attack

Pierre Morel

Jet Li Danny
Morgan Freeman Sam
Bob Hoskins Bart
Kerry Condon Victoria
Vincent Regan Raffles
Dylan Brown Lefty
Tamer Hassan Georgie
Michael Jenn Wyeth
Phyllida Law Distinguished Lady
Carole Ann Wilson Maddy
Mike Lambert The Stranger
Puthirith Chou Teen Danny
Tony Theng Little Danny
Owen Lay Baby Danny
Franck Xie Cheng Baby Danny
Georgina Chapman Floozy 1
Danielle Louise Harley Floozy 2
Andy Beckwith Righty
Michael Webber Boxing Boss
Jeff Rudom Boxing Giant
Laurence Ashley Shower Woman
Stuart Lawson Maddy's Market Fighter
Eric Mondoloni Maddy's Market Fighter
Vanessa Mateo Maddy's Market Cashier
Alain Figlarz Boss First Fight
Maurice Chan Tough Man
Affif Ben Badra Tough Man
Cyrille Hertel Tough Man
Santi Sudaros Swimming Pool Fighter
Scott Adkins Swimming Pool Fighter
Sedina Balde Swimming Pool Fighter
Christian Bergner Raffle's Thug
Patrick Médioni Raffle's Thug
Vincent Haquin Raffle's Thug
Joseph Beddelem Jewelry Security Man
Michel Bouis Jewelry Security Man
Alain Barbier Customer
Alain Grellier Customer
Gregory Loffredo Bart's Thug
Sylvain Gabet Bart's Thug
Pierre Rousselle Bart's Thug
Marc Hoang Bart's Thug
Sebastien Soudais Bart's Thug
Patrick Vo Bart's Thug
Tarick Hadouch Bart's Thug
Quentin Pierre Concert Announcer
Vincent Tulli Dead Fighter
Rebecca Hazan Fight Club Figure
Hyggins Sansa Fight Club Figure
Christian Gazio Paramedic
Matthieu Albertini Paramedic
Georges Benoît Doctor
Stéphane Gluck Bookmaker
Georges Bouchelagem Factory Security Man
Silvio Simac 1st fighter in underground pool fight

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