The Good Parts

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2011, 28 min.

Synopsis Open with Tara water boarding Bryce while telling her she deserves to be happy. Bryce makes reference to abusing her and she dunks him in, keeping him under long enough that looks like Bryce might drown. At this point Max shows up and pulls Tara away.We see that Max and Tara are outside the body of water Tara jumped into. They tell the local cop they were going for a swim. He doesn't buy it but is going to report their story. After the cop walks away Tara tells Max that if the authorities find out she jumped she'll be headed for the state hospital, a "Shutter Island" type of place. Tara wants to see the doctor Hattarras recommended in Boston and Max grudgingly agrees. They decide not to tell anyone that she jumped.Tara and Max tells the family that she's headed for a three-month outpatient program in Boston. She also tells them Bryce is dead. The plan is to take Marshall out of school. Tara also tells them she'd like to have one final "family supper" and asks Kate to bring Evan. Tara wants to serve as Marshall's sous-chef but he hates the idea and storms out.Max tells Neil he's barely keeping it together. Neil pulls out a bottle and they pass it back and forth while reliving some old memories. Neil offers to bring Marshall to Houston with them. Max seems to be up for it.Tara asks Marshall not to shut out her, thought she knows she probably deserves it. She tells him she loves him and promises that in the 36 hours she has left before they leave she'll get him back.A drunken Neil tells Charmaine about bringing Marshall with them. She says that if they're bringing Marshall they should perhaps stay put. It comes out that Charmaine does want to move to Texas and is scared of drug cartels. Neil says the decision has been made.Marshall tells Karen he's not enthusiastic about going to Houston. He says he's furious that Tara is trying to wipe away of years of chaos with a dinner and doesn't have time to care about anything anymore.Tara and Charmaine grill Evan about his ex when he arrives. While Tara talks to Evan about the future of the relationship with Kate he says that things would be easier if she came to St. Louis. Kate doesn't seem sure about the idea.In the kitchen Charmaine talks about the meaning of following men. She really just wants to tell Kate and Tara she doesn't want to be in Houston. Tara tells Charmaine that she should grow up and stick with Neil. Marshall walks in and his attitude still hasn't improved.Max, Neil, Evan and Ted watch football in the other room. Ted is chatting over the game and generally being annoying.During dinner Evan talks to Marshall about the relationship with his deceased father. There is a memorial for Lionel that Marshall hasn't been able to bring himself to visit. Evan gives him some good advice and Tara and Kate both notice. Tara tells everybody she going to graduate early. Max, who has been holding back his emotions all day, finally snaps and yells at God for crapping all over his family. He punches their turkey and tosses against a wall. Everyone is aghast, but Tara simply says she can't think of anything else to add and puts a hand on his shoulder.Tara tells Marshall that she never meant that everything could be fixed with the dinner. It will take time to fix what has happened, she says.That night Tara ends up driving Marshall to Lionel's memorial, which is a collection of candles and flowers at the accident site. Marshall says that from now on he's not going to holdback with how he feels about his mother. She's okay with that and the two sit on the curb together.Back at the house Max is playing a guitar riff in the driveway. It wakes up the neighbors, including Ted, Neil and Charmaine. Charmaine tells Neil Max deserves to do what he wants, then asks Neil to marry her. He says he will.Kate tells Evan she wants to spend as much time with him as she possibly can, but thinks that right now "the right thing to do" is move back home and take care of her brother. Evan responds with "I love you" and they begin to kiss.A neighbor yells at Max that it's midnight. Ted (in his bathrobe) screams at the man and asks Max to continue.Tara looks into the bathroom mirror, opening the cabinet doors to reveal three images of herself.Tara says goodbye to everybody. Marshall asks her to make sure the doctors in Boston don't "pull out the good parts." Tara tells Marshall and Kate that they are her good parts. Tara glances across the street and sees T, Alice and Buck, all three looking like they'd been beaten. Tara looks slightly shocked. She gets in the car with Max and they drive off.Max tells her he's activated the child lock on her door. She says "probably a good idea," then sticks her head out of the window and looks at the road. She smiles.

Directed by Craig Zisk  

Starring Toni Collette, John Corbett, Rosemarie DeWitt, Keir Gilchrist, Brie Larson, more...

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