Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2011, 26 min.

Synopsis Open with Tara in Dr. Hattarras' office in search of his signature on a drop slip. He refuses, saying after analyzing the writing from the alters during the test he wants to use her as the subject of a paper for an academic journal. Hattarras thinks he's a good piece of work away from leaving the college and promises her an A if she helps. He sends her away with one of his books.Max is full ingrained in his new gig at Orgalawn. He's surprised when his boss tells him to get rid of a tree instead of adding an extra day to a job to re-plant it. Max is learning his new company isn't as green as it would have customers believe.Charmaine and Neil have brought baby Cassandra home and are in the early stages of learning how to take care of a newborn. Tara comes by to help when she hears Cassandra crying but Charmaine still doesn't want her near the kid and sends her away.Kate attends the first day of flight attendant school. She befriends another girl who is on her fourth attempt to make it. Their ball-busting instructor is named Bunny.Max brings the tree from the client home to plant in their yard. Tara tells Max about Hattarras wanting to work with her. She hates the idea and asks Max for some input. He doesn't seem interested. They hear Cassandra crying and Tara tells Max that Charmaine and Neil are struggling.Tara wakes up the next morning to the sounds of Cassandra crying. Cut to Alice heading over to Charmaine's place to help. Alice tells her about Tara's new contract with the alters and that she "gets the body" when Charmaine needs help. Charmaine tries to shove her out the door. When Neil walks in the room holding crying Cassandra Alice turns on the vacuum and the kid goes right to sleep.Marshall and his film group meet at Marshall's place. Lionel wants to enter their movie in a high school film festival in New York but Marshall and Noah thinks it's a bad idea. Marshall reads that David Lynch will be on the judging panel and thinks they need to come up with something more "original and personal." Lionel is convinced they should submit the film. When Lionel leaves Marshall holds back Noah and the two start kissing.With Tara not answering his calls, Hattarras stops by the house. He finds Max working outside and gives him a typed-out version of what Tara's various alters wrote during the test. Hattarras tells Max he thinks he can help Tara even though he doesn't believe in DID. The professor thinks he can offer a fresh perspective and promises to sign Tara's drop slip if that's what she wants.Kate works on role-playing scenarios in flight attendant class.Marshall and Noah discuss the film festival. We see Tara take back her bodyh smoothly from Alice.Max tells Tara about the conversation with Hattarras. She's looked over the text and says this is the first official arrangement she's ever had with the alters. Max thinks Tara should give Hattarras a shot in case he might be able to help. She wonders what happens if it turns out she can't be helped.Noah suggests something about living with Tara and her alters.Kat seems to be doing well in school and impresses Bunny during an exercise.Neil calls Tara for help with an inconsolable Cassandra, telling Charmaine it's his mother. Tara tells them to go outside and gives them advice by looking over the fence. Charmaine eventually realizes Tara is the one he's talking to but she still ends up trying Tara's technique for soothing the baby. It works.Lionel comes over to Marshall's and finds Noah there. Noah admits they have something going on romantically. Lionel is furious. He takes the camera and leaves.Tara tells Hattarras she'll work with him but she doesn't want a free grade. She lays down ground rules and he tells her that he's helped people more sick than her in the past. His plan is to explore Tara over a series of interviews and form that into a paper. He asks if anything has changed since her deal with the alters and she tells him about Alice handing over her body. They are both curious if this is a stop forward.Marshall meets Lionel in the film room at school. He tells Lionel all he and Noah have done is kissed and they seem to officially break up. They both share feelings that the other meant something to them.Kate gets a test run on actually flight which experiences dramatic turbulence.Charmaine comes over to Tara's place and lets her sister hold Cassandra. Tara couldn't be happier.

Directed by Tricia Brock  

Starring Toni Collette, John Corbett, Rosemarie DeWitt, Keir Gilchrist, Brie Larson, more...

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