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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 2009, 28 min.

Synopsis Open with a Tara voice-over talking about how, unlike most people (Charmaine, Kate, Max) who want to make changes to themselves, she desperately wants to be herself. We see Charmaine researching plastic surgeons.Max goes to Dr. Ocean's office unannounced to talk about the new alter he has recently spotted. He describes the alter as a "weird poncho goblin" that was "like an animal." Dr. Ocean says many people with DID have child-like alters and this new one may be the result of Tara looking for answers about her youth. They agree to bring it up with Tara together at the next session.Charmaine is going to have her breasts re-done and Tara has agreed to be her post-surgery "booby buddy."Marshall asks Kate for help with Jason who has been ignoring him. Kate suggests playing hard-to-get.Tara decides to remove the letters of the alphabet wallpaper in the kids' bathroom. Max asks her about any memories she has of her youth to "find out what made you." It irks Tara that he is making her his "home improvement project." We see Tara change into Buck.Max drives Charmaine to the doctor. He tells her he's going to meet Tara's former roommate Heidi. Charmaine emphasizes her belief that Tara's DID is nothing more than "weakness" rather than a legitimate disorder.At church we see Marshall give Jason the cold shoulder.Charmaine wakes up from surgery and is angry to see Buck there to pick her up. "This is so like you," Charmaine says.They arrive at Charmaine's place. Charmaine explains her surgery to Buck, who immediately turns MMA on the television. Calling Buck by Tara's name, Charmaine asks him to "stop." Buck pops a few of Charmaine's pain pills in his mouth.Heidi tells Max that she came home one night and found Tara looking as if she'd been roughed-up. Heidi's friends later told her that Tara had slept with her boyfriend at the time, Tripp, the very same night. Heidi and Tara never spoke again but over the years Heidi has come to the conclusion that Tripp may have done something to Tara that night. She tells Max Tripp's last name is Johanssen.Buck cleans his gun as the two talk about Marshall. While talking about the mural getting destroyed Charmaine seems to be figuring out that Buck is really not Tara. Buck explains that Tara is full of problems and the alters have to help "hold it down." Charmaine complains about Tara always landing better guys and asks Buck to help wash hair.Max looks through an old yearbook and finds a picture of Tripp.While Buck works on her hair Charmaine asks Buck if she can go shooting with him some day. Charmaine starts talking about a story from their youth when Tara had done her hair and Buck changes back to Tara. Tara apologizes for Buck having been there but Charmaine tell her Buck was a "pretty good booby-buddy."We see Jason call Marshall.Tara and Charmaine have coffee and talk about Buck.Marshall tells Kate about the phone call from Jason and says it seemed like Jason called for no real reason at all. Kate explains to Marshall that boys always want what they can't have.Tara comes home and gets caught up on the family's activities. Max doesn't tell Tara about his meeting with Heidi.On video Tara says that she didn't tell the kids about turning into Buck because she didn't want to give them any added stress. She says she told Max because "I know he would never keep anything from me."Max is looking up Tripp online when Tara comes to bed. She tells him about constantly being tired but Max does not mention the new alter. The camera focuses on the red poncho under the bed as the credits roll.

Directed by Tricia Brock  

Starring Toni Collette, John Corbett, Rosemarie DeWitt, Keir Gilchrist, Brie Larson, more...

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