Episode #6.18

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Comedy/Drama, 2002

Synopsis "Horse Hung Harry": Dana tells Jillian that Harry is huge, and Kevin overhears them. He tells Harry that Dana is willing to try it out, but it's not his package that is stopping him, it's is confidence. So they head back to Dana and Jillian where they are having some discussion on fruit and vegetables. "Animal Love": Saddie, Murray's roommate, puts down Brianne after seeing her, telling that Murray is a good guy, and that she should at least give it a try, since he did the whole fervent thing for her. Murray is surprised to see Brianne wearing latex underwear after showing up at his apartment. She then gives him a pair of latex underwear saying it's only fair. They had back to her apartment, where she puts on the squirrel tail and ears. He then goes back and reemerges with the panda costume, wearing the latex outside his suit, and they have sex. "There's Always Room For Jealousy": Max gets upset when Becca "hits" on Clint. Libby then tells Becca to hit on girls and see if Max gets upset. She then hits on Kylie and Max gets upset and he tells her that whatever she is doing is stupid and leaves. Kylie then tells Libby to leave, and Becca is surprised when Kylie hits on her back, without knowing that this just to make Max jealous.

Directed by Jamie Babbit, Arthur Borman, James Brett, Jonathan Buss, Charlie Call, Jim Donovan, David Fickas, Paula Goldberg, Chris Slater, George Verschoor, Adam Weissman  

Starring Joe Regelbrugge, Stéfanie Buxton, Portia Lee, Eleanor Noble, Ajay Fry, more...

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