Episode #6.1

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Comedy/Drama, 2002

Synopsis "Loose Lips": Annette is shocked to find that she grabbed the her brother's shirt instead of her gym uniform. The shirt is so small, so when she goes to put it on, her chest really sticks out. Her two best friends, Tanya and Kate, say that people were looking differently at her during gym class because they think she is a slut. Annette likes the attention, but wants to respect her friends' opinions. As she leaves class, she meets this guy she really likes named Rick. Rick basically only noticed her today after all that has happened. He asks her on a date. She accepts, but her friends tell her it's not such a great idea. Meanwhile, Rick talks with his friend Paul that he is going to get laid tonight. Paul asks with who and Rick tells him it is Annette. Paul laughs and says she'll never do anything with him since she is a geek. "Boy With The Hood": Brett seems like the perfect guy for Annie. Actually, that might be because of the fact that Annie's two friends, Cleo and Marissa, are telling Brett everything that turns Annie on and off. Basically, they consider themselves Annie's "fairy-godsisters" who have a mission to get her set-up with the right guy. "The Big Jerk": Chris is with this girl, named Sandy, in the hot tub. They are talking about things she wants to buy, or something like that, when his roommate Justin comes in. Chris leaves the hot tub to go to his place while Sandy goes shopping with Chris's credit card. When Justin and Chris get back upstairs, they look at the mail. They get their credit card bills and find out that Chris owes $7,000 basically because he spent it all on Sandy. He flips out realizing that he is pretty much just a sugar daddy to Sandy. Sandy comes back with lots of shopping bags and Chris is mentally freaking out. The guys rush to check the paper for ideas, and Chris winds up deciding to be a sperm donor since he will make $100 per session.

Directed by Jamie Babbit, Arthur Borman, James Brett, Jonathan Buss, Charlie Call, Jim Donovan, David Fickas, Paula Goldberg, Chris Slater, George Verschoor, Adam Weissman  

Starring Joe Regelbrugge, Stéfanie Buxton, Portia Lee, Eleanor Noble, Ajay Fry, more...

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