The Fourth Hand

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 42 min.

Synopsis Julia takes Barbie to see the egg with the mini-dome around it out in the woods. Except when they get there, there's nothing but an empty hole.Linda radios Barbie to report shots were fired in town.Big Jim stops by the diner, jazzed over having negotiated a food deal for goods and services with the farmers. Angie wants to keep the diner open and asks him for the deed. He'll think about it.Barbie and Linda respond to the shooting, which was an accident as Ted Utleywas trying to get a crazy person off his porch. The crazy person turns out to be Larry, the town junkie, who's hearing voices on a drug called Rapture that Rev. Coggins sold him. It's every drug combined.Junior comes by the diner, and Angie tries to throw him out. He insists he only locked her up because the dome was making her sick. She's saying the dome has nothing to do with her when she collapses, having a seizure. She says: "The pink stars are falling in lines." The same thing Joe and Norrie said.Jim comes home to find a woman in his house waiting for him.Angie freaks out when she wakes up in the back of Junior's cruiser, but he's only bringing her home. Inside, Norrie tells her she and Joe have had the same seizure.Norrie notices Angie's tattoo, but Joe says monarchs are orange and her tattoo is blue and yellow.Joe suggests borrowing Dodee's device to try to track down the mini-dome.Jim talks to Max, the woman who was making Rapture with Jim's secret ingredient. She got trapped in town when she came to see him about it. He assures her Duke and Rev. Coggins aren't problems anymore.Linda and Barbie find Coggins' stash in one of the caskets, along with a formula that calls for liquid propane, which they notice the town has a lot of.Julia asks Dodee to borrow her device to find a power source, but Dodee tells her it stopped working after Norrie and Joe touched the dome. Dodee is still sketched out by the kids.Back at the station, Jim suggests they confiscate people's guns. He argues the dome means they're not part of America anymore, so the second amendment doesn't apply. He suggests going on the radio and proposing it as a voluntary program. Barbie agrees, but thinks Jim's up to something.Later, Jim goes on the radio with his proposal, emphasizing that it's totally voluntary and anyone who participates will get extra food and propane.When Julia comes back to Joe's house to report she doesn't have Dodee's device, Norrie suggests they use the dog to try to find it, since he growled when he was near it last time.Angie goes to see Junior at the station, wondering if him saying the dome is making her sick isn't just crazy ranting.At the diner, dozens of people turn in their guns, but Jim is disappointed that Ted Utley isn't among them. His wife and kid were killed when the dome came down and Jim says he's worried about him. He arms up and goes to see him, with Barbie following, suspicious.In the woods, Joe, Norrie and Julia follow Truman the dog.Linda goes to check on the town's propane supply. The local busybody comes over and tells Linda about all the suspicious trucks coming and going, like she mentioned to Duke. Linda wonders why he didn't say anything to her. Linda shoots the lock off and goes inside to see all the tanks.Jim and Barbie pull up to Ted's house and are formulating a plan when he shoots out their windshield.Angie follows Junior to his mom's art studio, which has been unused since she died nine years ago. He tells her a few months before she died, she had a dream about Junior and started painting frantically. In the dream, he was on a hill, looking up at pink stars.At Ted's house, Jim goes in the front door cautiously while Barbie creeps around back. Jim finds Ted in his bedroom, sitting on the bed, surrounded by rifles. Jim sits down to talk to him, with Barbie taking aim through a scope behind him. Jim blocks Barbie's shot intentionally as he tries to talk him down, but he sees Ted is holding a grenade.Ted is despondent over the loss of his family and ignores Jim's attempts to reason with him. He pulls the pin on the grenade. Jim throws himself on him and grabs the grenade and gets the pin back in before it goes off. With the situation diffused, Jim takes Ted to the clinic and asks Barbie to pack up his guns. He also thanks Barbie for not accidentally blowing his head off.At the propane storage, Linda scans through the surveillance footage and finds Duke taking an envelope of cash from Max.At his mother's studio, Junior is starting to sound less crazy. He thinks his mom knew something was coming. The painting shows him standing outside a house with pink stars in the sky. He thinks it's great that they're in it together.Jim and Barbie are packing up the guns at the diner when Max comes in, congratulating him on a job well done. Jim starts to introduce Max to Barbie when she strolls over and plants one on him. They know each other.Joe and Norrie return to the house after dark and Truman takes off for the barn barking. The mini-dome is inside.Barbie isn't happy isn't see Max. Max tells both men they're working for her now or she'll reveal their secrets. Rounding up the guns was the first part, spreading drugs is the second.When Jim leaves, Barbie tells Max he won't go along with her plan. She threatens to tell Julia he killed her husband; Max was the one he called and said Peter fought back.Angie joins Norrie and Joe in the barn. Norrie and Joe are wondering how it got there, when Angie says Joe brought it there. She saw him in the kitchen at 3 a.m. last night acting like a zombie and saying he was going out for a walk.Back at Julia's she's trying to convince herself to stop worrying about the mini-dome and be grateful for what she has, including Barbie. He's distracted listening to her, thinking about her dead husband.Junior sees the door to his dad's fall-out shelter open and goes to investigate. He sees his dad stockpiling the weapons the town turned in.Back in the barn, Norrie wonders if Joe brought the dome there because they're the only ones who are supposed to know about it. They decide not to tell Julia again.Angie touches it and it glows blue. When all three of them touch it, a fourth handprint appears on the dome. They need to find the fourth hand.

Directed by Roxann Dawson  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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