The Fall

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Drama/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2014, 42 min.

Synopsis Big Jim tries to make sense of seeing his supposedly dead wife standing in his son's room. Then he gets angry, wondering if the dome sent her to torment him. She tells Jim that she faked her death of crashing into a tree using a cadaver with the help of Lester and Lyle. She explains she left to protect them because she thought the dome would follow her. He seethes at her for destroying her own son.Out on the street, Rebecca notices an oak's leaves are turning like it's fall -- but it's summer. Then Julia sees Barbie walking down the street and runs toward him.They go inside to talk because the temperature is dropping.At Angie's apartment, Norrie realizes Melanie hasn't been there in a day and goes to check the egg. They realize it's missing.Meanwhile, down in the fallout shelter, Melanie and Junior wake up and she thinks it's time to head back to Julia's. She jokes that if Julia asks where she was she'll tell her that Junior locked her up down there. She kisses him and leaves.Then Junior turns around and sees Angie standing in front of him. She warns him to think about what he's doing and not to follow his heart. He sees blood pouring from her face. Angie disappears when Melanie comes back to check on him.In Julia's house, Barbie tells Rebecca and Julia about falling off the cliff and waking up on the playground in Zenith. He mentions he had a memory on the way back. Barbie wants to use the cliff to get people out, but Julia isn't sure.Out on the street, Sam finds Melanie. He insists that Lyle pushed her into the crater the night she died. Sam tells her he's sorry and wants to make things right.In Pauline's old studio, Pauline tells Jim about the door on Barbie's property and that he, Sam, a student and Lyle came back, but Lyle didn't make it.Jim tells Pauline she was right about everything back then and he wasn't a good man, but now the dome is showing him a new way to be. He tells Pauline they can be a family again after he leads everyone out of the dome.Barbie tells Julia they should give his dad the egg. He suggests he'll go first, then the whole town, then Julia with the egg. But Julia thinks she should be the one to go first since they'll be rough on Barbie if he comes back.Melanie comes home, but she refuses to tell Julia where the egg is.At the high school, Norrie and Joe are trying to decide how to get the egg back from Melanie when they find Hunter surrounded by electronics trying to establish a link to the outside. He explains who he is and that he's there to help, then suggests a way to track the egg with a radar gun.Outside Julia's house, Barbie tries to convince Melanie to give up the egg. Then he asks her if she ever went to a big white house in Zenith with a red door on the root cell. She remembers playing all afternoon with a little boy. They had to leave in a hurry because Barbie's dad was yelling at a woman named Laura and apologizing.Barbie remembers that his parents used to fight about a woman named Laura because his father had a child with her before meeting Barbie's mom. Melanie is Barbie's sister.But she still doesn't want to give up the egg. He asks her to come to the café to talk about it.Back at the Rennie house, Jim shows Pauline photo albums of Junior. Jim promises her she'll be a part of the family going forward. Junior comes home and hugs his mom.Jim leaves for the sheriff station. Pauline immediately tells him she and Jim are no good for each other but that they can go along with Jim if it helps them get out.She tells Junior who else came back and Junior seethes again over Sam killing Angie.After Junior leaves for the station, Pauline makes herself some tea, but the egg starts vibrating and emitting a high whine from the fallout shelter. She shakes so badly she drops to her knees and grabs her head, pleading for the noise to stop.In the café, Julia tells Andrea and Tom about the cliff in the high school leading to Zenith. Julia wants to divide the town intro groups and get a leader for each group, but nobody will be required to go. Tom is in, but Andrea wants to talk to Tom first.Jim joins them and announces he's joining their plan.At the station, Hunter rigs a radar gun to pick up high pitched frequencies instead of movement. Joe flips it on but they tell Hunter he can't come with them.From down in the jail's basement, Phil hears Joe and Norrie talking about the cliff leading to Zenith.In the café, Jim suggests he'll be the first one to Zenith. Barbie agrees as long as Junior and Pauline stay behind. Melanie considers giving up the egg for the plan.Jim returns to Pauline in her studio where she's frantically painting a scene of her, Junior and Jim surrounded by fire with a giant crack in the dome overhead. The egg is still making a terrible whine in her head and she pleads for Jim's help. He responds by locking her in her studio and goes for help.But as he's going to his car he start to hear the whine, too. He follows the noise down to the fallout shelter, where he sees the egg. But when he reaches for it, it blasts him against the wall, knocking him out.In the café, Barbie tells Melanie she can carry the egg over and once their dad sees her alive again, that's all he'll care about.When Melanie goes to think it over, Julia decides it's time for the relationship talk with Barbie. He assures her he wants her in his life where ever they are. Melanie returns to take them to the egg.Joe and Norrie follow the radar gun to the fallout shelter. The egg stops screaming as soon as Norrie picks it up, but then Jim wakes up and demands the egg back. He draws on Joe, forcing them to go with him.Out at Sam's cabin, Junior busts in with his gun drawn, ready to take revenge for Angie. Sam doesn't fight back, even when Junior decides the gun is too quick. Junior wails on him and picks up an axe to kill Sam the way he killed Angie, when suddenly Junior has another vision of Angie telling him to stop.At the high school, Hunter is trying to get a message through about the root cellar being the entry point when he hears Jim marching Joe and Norrie to the locker to the cliff.Angie tells Junior that Sam still has a part to play and if he kills him everyone in the dome will suffer. When Junior insists to Angie that he loved her, she reminds him he locked her up -- "that's not love, that's possession." She begs him not to do it, for her.Junior picks up the axe and swings it down on Sam -- but plants it next to his head, sparing him.Down in the tunnel, the egg is whining again. Joe and Norrie think something bad will happen to the dome if they let Jim take it, but he's still holding them at gunpoint. They plead with him to think of all the people of Chester's Mill, but he says his wife is suffering. He knocks Joe's hand and sends the egg flying over the cliff.Nothing happens for a few seconds, then the ground starts shaking.Hunter tries to get a message through asking for help.Down in the cellar, Melanie, Barbie and Julia find the egg is gone. Melanie suddenly passes out.The earthquake rattles the bars on the ail holding cell and Phil gets free.Julia and Barbie bring Melanie to Sam, the EMT. He injects her to get her heart rate up. As soon as she wakes up she asks Junior if he took the egg. Barbie and Julia go to find Joe and Norrie.Norrie is climbing out of the locker when part of the wall gives way. She's about to fall, but Hunter grabs her. Joe follows her up. He thinks it's odd that Hunter is around since he said he was going to go take pictures.Phil sees the kids emerge from the locker.Jim returns to Pauline sitting, shaken, on the floor of her studio. She announces her visions stopped the second the earthquake stopped. He wants to get Junior and head to the cliff. When he tells her he threw the egg over the cliff, she says: "Oh Jim, no, what have you done?"In the high school, Barbie and Julia find Joe and Norrie, who tells them Jim made them throw the egg over. They're about to try to find him when they see Phil heading for the locker.Everyone takes off after Phil. When they reach the cliff they see that it has a bottom full of rocky spikes, and Phil is impaled on one of them. The passage closed. "We're stuck here," Julia says.

Directed by Eriq La Salle  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Eddie Cahill, Colin Ford, more...

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